Women entrepreneurs are contributing significant contributions to the business world. Their potential has come out of the shadows and the world is vowing down to their cognizance. BigShip is also stamping a major impact on the businesses it serves for. The entire team under the guidance of Ms. Swati Mittal: CEO of BigShip has demonstrated exemplary business astuteness, dedication, and performance. Ms. Mittal is one such women entrepreneur who is carving excellence with her knowledge. Our Prime Insights team had a conversation with the entrepreneur and she shared many lesser-known facts about her journey. We are glad to share the brand story and hope that all the readers will also cherish the same.

Overview of the Company

Ms. Swati Mittal: BigShip is an AI-based shipping aggregator that simplifies logistics by leveraging technology and creating the best customer support. We are on a mission to empower businesses with easy logistics solutions in domains like B2C. B2B. D2C and Cross Border. Our company is serving clients with gilt-edge technology and access to the magnificent services of verified carrier partners. In India, we are present across 29000+ pin codes. The horizons extend to 150 countries, with commercial and non-commercial shipments.
Talking about the major highlights of BigShip, I would like to talk about what creates our differentiation

  • BigShip is a leading face in B2B aggregation. We were the first to bring diverse carriers serving B2B shipments on our technology platform.
  • The expertise we have in simplifying the logistics via simplified software is our USP
  • We cater to Cross Border shipments which are quite a cumbersome class of logistics for a layman.
  • Offering insurance and making a safe space for logistics is our essential target because many people face many monetary losses in cases of shipment damage.

Inception Story of BigShip

Ms. Swati Mittal: “Your best teacher is your own experience”. I believe in the same. Having experience working in e-commerce websites and platforms, I understood that unmanaged logistics can cause major financial setbacks to businesses. This was one of the key factors that motivated the inception of BigShip. With the coalescence of good customer service and bringing chosen carriers across India on one platform, the foundation was laid. Today, we are a team of more than 50 experts in the house who know that change is the only constant. Understanding the need for a sustainable business model, studying the market, and bringing strategic solutions are BigShip’s interesting areas of work. Our company initiated the idea of e-commerce shipments. Service orientation was our supreme goal. With this goal, we could understand that clients have to go through unfavorable money losses on return shipments. To regulate this gap we knew that this needs to be monitored with the smallest TATs possible. We ensured a 2-hour turnaround time for our client replies thus making the supply chains more efficient and responsive.

The Bridge of Management Between Professional and Personal Fronts

Ms. Swati Mittal: During the whole process of building a business, all aspects of your personal and professional life come together. Time is quintessential while building startups. Profound time, money, and effort are required in this direction. So choosing one over the other becomes a task of consciousness. So, you have to choose single guilt at a time. The pleasure of having both is unimaginable. During the beginning of something fresh, keeping a balance is an out-of-the-box question. But the business does bless us with the opportunities to have a bridge in your personal life once all the operations settle down with automation. After you’re successful in building the core team, your ideas become the driving force for them.

Mandatory Struggles of a CEO

Ms. Swati Mittal: Every individual is motivated by some power that is completely different from the others. Even if the motivation is similar but the skills and way of performing the tasks create the bars of differentiation. My path wasn’t very clear and crisp. I can relate to how daring it is to dream big! Yet then it builds if you have the spirit to keep going. The key is to not stop early and see the endless possibilities coming your way. My learning from my past business inspired me to the need for BigShip. I knew the chance of simplifying the logistics for laymen was going to pick up the pace and so I followed my path.

Believing in Employee Empowerment

Ms. Swati Mittal: Today BigShip is a unified and multi-functional SaaS-based platform providing a deep-rooted space for online, social sellers to process, return, deliver or exchange their orders. The platform has so many young and innovative minds associated with it and are bringing more engagement with customers. Young minds have greater capabilities to harbor authenticity. Each employee puts in different elements of innovation, research, topics, problems, and target audience. At BigShip we have a smooth inter-disciplinary flow of management across all the hierarchies. Employees have the freedom to communicate in their comfort and share their valuable perspectives about marketing or innovation. We let them take initiative, learn, unlearn and implement. During our team building process, we fetch for people with the zeal of “Intrapreneurship”. We believe that- “A startup needs not the founders to have a vision, yet the team to have that undying spirit of giving their all in”.

Leading the Curve with Tenacity

Ms. Swati Mittal: Our motto is to simplify logistics and make it human-friendly among the nations. We aspire to expand to International grounds with a multilingual app launch. Technical advancements will get the work easy for e-commerce and online shoppers across the world to witness exceptional growth.

Achievements of BigShip

Ms. Swati Mittal: In 2022 we progressed at a lucrative pace. As a team of 50+ accomplishers, we have accelerated growth of 15X from the year 2021. With 10000+ clients already on our list, we aim for a bright future and double these figures. Our team is working wholeheartedly to launch worldwide services comprising cross-border services and a franchise network. We are setting our focus on improvised shipping services, increasing operations, business revenue, number of sellers, and quality of services across the globe.

Final Words from the Luminary

Ms. Swati Mittal: The world is full of opportunities and it won’t stop until you stop it for yourself. Live your life and keep dreaming because, in my opinion, dreamers are the only achievers I have seen.


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