Over time and with racing technology, India has gradually acquired a booming market in the field of electric cars. It is a wide vehicle market and has become more demanding with time. EV manufacturers like Mahindra, Tata Motors and Hyundai have experienced strong growth in the last two years, especially after the Covid pandemic. Electric vehicle sales are improving and problems with its chain supply have been resolved a lot. The Indian Government aims to go fully electric by 2030 and several other brands are rising from various sectors. They aim to make the EV sector more affordable, easier to use and environment friendly. Some of the newcomers are Ather Energy and Okinawa. Let us find out the top 5 best-selling electric car companies in India:

Tata Motor

It is now the top manufacturer in the passenger EV market that has so far sold around 3,845 electric vehicles in the last few months. There have been around 88% sales out of which the model Tata Nexon EV is the most popular electric vehicle. In the last two months, this Mumbai-based automotive maker has sold 47,166 passenger automobiles including ICE and EV. There has been a 276% year-on-year growth. It is one of the first automotive brands to hop into the EV bandwagon. Tigor EV was the first manufactured EV under this company in 2019. The company works with the Ziptron technology that ensures the smooth performance of the battery and motor for the long term.

Hyundai Electric

It started its electric vehicle campaign with the launch of the Kona SUV in 2019. In 2019, it was one of the first foreign brands to come up with an electric car for the Indian market despite the segment being at its early stages. It plans on making this possible with its sister brand Kia Motors to share the wide span of the audience with their demands. The Hyundai Kona Electric is one of the top-selling EVs in India today. By 2025, it wants to add 23 new models and with its new E-GMP design, it will cross the Ionic 5 electric crossover to serve as the next level for battery-level cars. The business of Hyundai has created an entry-level for European markets to invest in this business with its booming future endeavours.


It is a British yet India- based automotive company. MG that is Morris Garage has made its remarkable face in the Indian EV market. The company launched the best EV OEM in the country after TATA, worth 8.32 % market share. The company plans to bring its entry-level electric car to India by next year. The model name assigned MG ZS EV has already made over 500 sales in our country. It is actively working to increase the selection of a brand-new reasonable price EV in a cost range between 10 to 15 lakh INR. The updated model comes with a larger 50.3 kWh battery pack aiming to give coverage of about 461 km per charge. Its current market rate is around 22.5 lakh INR.

Hero Electric

It currently holds the topmost position in the electric two-wheeler segment and has been a well-known brand in this industry for the last 14 years. Consumers so far have built trust and fat in this brand. It can sell thousands of EVs per month and aims to manufacture around 1 trillion EVs by 2025. It has also planned to expand its plant and charging stations. Currently, it has over 2K charging stations across the country making it feasible for consumers to charge them now and then from various standpoints. Hero’s Electric’s e-scooters include Optima HX, Photon HX, Flash LX and Atria LX, the company has sold over 46, 260 units in the previous year. Some of the models in India are Hero Eddy, Velocity, Hero Electric NYX HX, etc.

Mahindra Electric

Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited is an electric vehicle venture under the Mahindra Group. It has various EV portfolios including commercial, personal and passenger vehicles. It has made fast progress in the last few years through learning and understanding consumers’ needs. Since the launch of Mahindra Reva back in 2001, it has been considered to be one of the world’s most well-designed EVs that was even sold in international markets like the UK, France, Germany, etc. apart from manufacturing popular units like eSupro, Treo Zor, eVerito, etc it also focuses on the manufacturing of batteries and enhancing the EV infrastructure in India.

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