Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and big MNCs that may or have cut jobs in India

As per Gadgets Now Bureau, from Times of India, 2023 seems to be brutal for the technological industry and according to current reports and surveys, over 2 lakh employees working in big tech MNCs have lost their jobs or are at risk of losing soon. From Big Tech firms to startups, there is a global job crisis. Almost all big IT companies have announced job cuts like Microsoft, Google, Facebook-parent Meta, Accenture and Vodaphone. Intel too has joined in these tech layoffs. These companies have announced their plans to lay off more employees in the coming months and as per data tracking site Layoffs. fyi, 695 tech companies have cut down their employee job base by 1.98 lakh so far. Let us take into those big firms that have already cut jobs and those that will be doing soon in the coming days:


In India, across different states, Amazon is reportedly laying off employees across different businesses and functions including human resources, support functions and Amazon Web services (AWS). The Seattle-based technology giant is letting down around 500 employees in India, and the process continues. This is a portion of the extra layoffs that Amazon CEO Andy Jassy previously announced in late March of this year, which will affect about 9000 people worldwide. There will be a second round of layoffs in the upcoming months and globally the tech giant aims to cut down around 27,000 jobs.

Microsoft-owner GitHub

The top code-hosting platform for software development in the world has let go 85% of its Indian employees. 183 employees have been reportedly asked to leave out of 216 employees, including the entire engineering team responsible for building GitHub for the world. Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub is around $7.5 billion since October 2018, the company has been focusing on India. Thomas Dohmke, CEO of GitHub, wrote an email to the company’s staff in which he explained job cutbacks and discussed resource realignment.


Around 12000 jobs or 6% of its global workforce being eliminated by Google‘s parent, as told by its chief executive, Sundar Pichai to his employees in an email last year in December. He also added that the job cuts will be across companies operating globally. According to reports, the corporation terminated about 450 employees across India.


The manpower of this tech giant has been reduced from a lot to less. It has been done massively after Elon Musk acquired the company. Reports say that the company’s workforce is down by almost 605. The job cuts at Twitter have impacted the company’s Indian operations too; however, the exact number is still unknown.


Intel will be cutting down its workforce to reduce costs. The chipmaker has not yet provided a specific figure but has stated that there would be general layoffs. The company cited its need to layoff is to accelerate its strategy in a challenging macro environment while still investing in areas core to its business, like its U.S.-based manufacturing operations for long-term growth. Through a variety of efforts, including certain labour cutbacks throughout the corporation for particular businesses and functions, they are concentrated on finding cost savings and efficiency benefits.

LinkedIn also joined hands with the long list of tech companies firing employees. Over 700 employees of the Microsoft-owned company were recently let go, and the company even plans to shut down its job-search app with a China-specific focus.


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