Lords Automative: Transforming the Dynamics of the EV Industry with a Revolutionary Approach


Lords Automative

Today, hazards of pollution, both to human existence and the environment are unavoidable. As responsible descendants of our future generations, we need to inculcate imperative sustainable choices to reduce the footprint of pollution. The scenario of eco-friendly vehicles has gained immense limelight with the invasion of technology and automation in the transportation industry. To make the planet more sustainable and promote the adoption of eco-friendly green technology, Lords Automative Pvt. Ltd has brought the best to the table. Transforming the future of EV, Lords Automative is bringing an evolution of consciousness. We invited the charismatic leadership panel of Lord Automative, Dr. Sachidanand Upadhyay- Managing Director and Dr. Veer Singh- CEO to join us for a virtual interaction with our editorial team. The conversation made us recognize the company for its mindfully curated diverse range of eco-friendly transportation services. Their vision for a greener future mesmerized us inside and out. Acknowledging the inevitability of eco-friendly transportation made it mandatory for us to feature the brand’s story under this exclusive segment.

Lords Automative Pvt. Ltd. is a kingpin in the Indian manufacturing industry of avant-garde eco-friendly 2-Wheelers and 3-Wheelers. The vehicles designed by the brand are an emblem of sustainability, cost-efficiency, energy intelligence, exemplary quality, and comfort. The exclusive products are establishing Lords Automative as a reliable Indian brand that delivers the best electric vehicles to the nation with strong “After Sales Service” and “Spare Support”. The journey began in February 2020 to counter the problem of pollution and spread a manufacturing revolution to tackle the current environmental degradation. The brand started with a belief of providing every Indian with an affordable electric vehicle so that every individual can play their part in conserving nature.

Evolving in the Industry

Lords Automative started with a remarkable concoction of grit and vision. The leading entrepreneurial duo knew the game-changing potential of their brand. Just a month after its inception, the brand encountered the COVID-19 lockdown. But when there is an iron will and passion in your spirit, then nothing can stop the wonders from happening. They leaped and continued designing electric vehicles for India. To fulfill and stand strong to the dream of eco-friendly transportation in India, Lords Automative came out of that phase with flying colors. Being truly made in India, the values of integrity and persistence stayed with the team and today their legacy is commendably inspiring.

“We believe that indigenous products are far better and more affordable. Our wide range of products adheres to diverse customer expectations on grounds of reliability and availability. We designed our vehicles keeping in mind our nation’s demand. Our vehicles are durable, stylish, fast charged yet affordable. Our wide range of products comes with zero tolerance in quality and compliance set by Govt of India. As India is expanding by all lengths and breadths on a global level, then why should our vehicles come at the cost of deteriorating our mother nature? We are also planning to launch high-speed stylish vehicles this year. Our upcoming projects include- A high-speed electric 2-wheeler/ loader, and a Cargo L5 Auto/Loader to cater different needs of our nation. We will promote it all over social media and also use auto expos to showcase our new products”, exalts Dr. Veer .

Impact Scale on Customers

To provide clients with end-to-end services, the brand believes in imparting the required knowledge. The team examines a plethora of queries from its clients and dealers and brings the best-fit solutions. The pivotal USP lies in maintaining high levels of transparency with the clients and bringing high returns with low investment.

Dr. Upadhyay asserts, “We stand with customers like a rock. We are 24/7 available for our clients and leave no opportunity to provide them the best in class services like customer support, parts replacement, vehicle delivery, DIY videos to keep the vehicle up and running in all kinds of weather, helping them in taking care of the batteries, etc. We also offer convenient doorstep after-sales service, business promotion, and lead generation. Our vision aligns with all our clients i.e. to keep our environment healthy, without affecting our transportation needs. As we stand as a flag-bearer of “Make In India”, our customer’s trust is secured with the team’s prompt assistance. It is important to remember that customers give more attention than what is just listed on the price tag. They have vigilance to time costs, energy costs, and emotional costs. These factors have a significant weightage in their decision of purchasing products. Concerning all these things, we try to keep our customers happy by entertaining even the smallest of their queries and helping them grow with our products that are made to sustain a long life at affordable prices. Customers are the ambassadors of our products as they help us improve with their feedback. We meticulously keep on taking feedback from our clients to understand their pain points. We try our level best to quickly adapt to those suggestions to make our products future-ready. In recent times we have started giving impressive offers on the purchase of our Vehicles and Dealerships as a part of our simple marketing strategies. We also provide good after-sales support and RSA (Road Side Assistance). This sums up our algorithms to curate stronger alliances with our clients and keep them glued to us for the future.”

Wisdom to Take Way

“It is our collective responsibility to adopt environmental sustainability with astute determination. After marking an eminent presence in the EV industry, we are considerate of the fact that our future is big. For us, work ethics are as essential as intelligence. In COVID-19 when the world ceased to move, we started our journey. We never doubted our abilities. We knew “to create a change, we need to become that change” and that was our fuel of motivation. The entire team is all set to deliver more excellent solutions in this space.”






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