LASER Power & Infra Pvt. Ltd: A Resolute Aspiration to Bring About Disruptive Revolutions in India’s Wire and Cable Industry


LASER Power & Infra Pvt. Ltd.

“When an organization commits itself to the sole empowerment of the country and its people, challenges fuel the motivation burning inside.”

The above-mentioned lines have inspired our editorial team to present the story of a brand that has brought these words true to reality.
Laser Power & Infra’s eminent legacy built in the past five decades is nothing short of awe-inspiring to witness! The humble beginning started in an electrical store on Ezra Street in Kolkata, India. Five decades later, Laser Power & Infra stands as a symbol of India’s power resurgence, crafting top-tier power transmission and distribution products. At present, the company is growing with flying colors under the leadership of Mr. Devesh Goel, who is currently serving as Laser Power & Infra’s Director. We are grateful for the fact that Mr. Devesh Goel joined us for the conversation and shared with us commendable insights about the company’s business model, achievements, corporate values, and much more. So let’s dive straight into the narrative to explore what the company’s story and services are about.

The Chronicle of Inception

The foundation of Laser Power & Infra was laid by the visionary leader, Shri P.D. Goel, whose vision was to revolutionize the power and infrastructure sectors of the country. Sowing the seeds for impactful transformations, the company progressed by magnificent leaps and bounds to reach where it is today. With its dedication to precision, efficiency, and state-of-the-art technology, Laser Power & Infra has become a dominant force in India’s wire and cable sector. Their extensive product spectrum has garnered accreditation from esteemed national and international laboratories. Accreditations like Safety Measures (OHSAS 18001:2015) and Quality Control (ISO 9001:2015) validate Laser Power & Infra’s unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional, compliant, and dependable products.

The Core Services

  • Laser Power & Infra has closely worked on expansive electrification projects, playing a pivotal role in government-backed social initiatives nationwide.
  • The company provides a diverse array of products, spanning Medium Voltage (MV) and Low Voltage (LV) Power Cables, HT cables ranging up to 33KV, Aerial Bunched Cables, Conductors, Control Cables, Instrumentation Cables, Aluminium Rods, Aluminium Alloy Rods, and Armour Rods. These offerings cater to both the retail and institutional sectors.
  • Laser Power & Infra is also a prominent supplier of signalling, control, quad, and power cables to the Indian Railways.
  • With backward integration strategies, they have also ventured into additional verticals such as GI wires, PVC and XLPE compounding, valves, and water distribution and sewage systems.

Emerging as a Torchbearer

There are very few leaders in India’s wire and cable industry that have managed to embrace dynamic market demands and industry trends. Laser Power & Infra has succeeded in embracing both of them, as they understand that today’s times are all about innovation, sustainability, and implementing technology. Despite being a five-decade-old company, their swift agility to leverage technology have kept them ahead in the journey.
The research team is always on the hunt to grab opportunities to explore new verticals and technologies. This proactive mindset to evolve as per industry trends makes it the most preferred choice in the Indian wire and cable market. A fact worth mentioning here is that Laser Power & Infra encapsulates the essence of the ‘Make in India’ initiative, aiming to fulfill global demands with quality Indian products. Their ultimate goal is to “illuminate every household across the nation through the synergy of its resources.”

Establishing a Mark of Excellence

  • Laser Power & Infra has poured in its contribution across nationwide EPC projects. Its distinguished clientele encompasses central as well as state government power distribution entities. They hold the esteemed recognition of being the most trusted supplier for major power distributions, both domestically and internationally.
  • A testament to their excellence is the list of awards that highlights the company’s impactful contributions to date. These include the “NBPDCL Excellence Award for Widespread Rural Electrification, recognition for surpassing targets in the “Har Ghar Bijli” initiative by BSHPCL, and the “India 5000 Best Brand Award of 2021”. Additionally, the company has also garnered accolades for its role in the “Digilec Bharat Exhibition by IEEMA”.
  • The leadership at Laser garners acclaim, receiving awards such as the “Young Business Leader” award from Zee TV’s Dare to Dream Awards in 2019, alongside the esteemed “TQV Presents: India 5000 CEO Awards in 2021”.
  • Acknowledgment of the company’s commitment extends beyond awards, with recognitions such as the “2019 Godrej Outstanding Business Commitment” award and recognition as a “Great Place to Work in Infrastructure” by HRD India in 2021, highlighting the company’s dedication to empowering employees and building a robust work environment for their well-being.

Alliances with the Clients Are Unshakeable

Laser Power & Infra has positioned itself as the premier choice in the power industry. Its Dhulagarh facility, equipped with cutting-edge technology, serves as the cornerstone for delivering cables and conductors that have earned accolades on a global scale.
Compliant with esteemed international standards such as the International Electro-technical Commission, Underwriters Laboratories, British Standard, French Standard, German Institute for Standardization, and American Society for Testing & Materials, among others, the wires and cables manufactured meet the highest benchmarks of quality and reliability.
Collaborations with esteemed entities such as the Indian Railway, BHEL, NTPC, SAIL, Powergrid, WBSEDCL, Assam Power Distribution, KPTCL, and others exemplify the ‘Make in India’ initiative profoundly.
Furthermore, partnerships endorsed with tycoons like L&T, TATA, Siemens, CESC, Voltas, Bajaj, and others signify the trust that has been built over the years. Internationally, the company’s projects span across regions like Nepal, Bhutan, Ethiopia, Senegal, Bangladesh, and several Power DISCOM authorities. Having such extensive engagement on the international level gives us a clear picture of Laser’s superior product quality, dedicated workforce, and seasoned engineering division.

From Now to Five Years Later

Culminating the read with Laser Power & Infra’s manifestations for the next five years, we asked Mr. Devesh Goel to give us a brisk overview of the same. We are enthralled to see what new milestones the company will achieve and wishes to see Laser Power & Infra propagate India’s potential relentlessly in the future.

  • Over the next five years, Laser Power & Infra Pvt. Ltd. aims to significantly contribute to making India self-reliant on sustainable ways of power generation. This involves an undivided focus on harnessing wind, solar, and renewable energy sources.
  • With a commitment to growth through evolution, the team intends to explore new verticals and categories. The emphasis will be on constant improvement in product innovation and social responsibility initiatives.
  • They will also focus on meeting the growing global demands while lighting up every household within the nation. The strategy involves geographical expansion into new markets while aligning the company’s trajectory towards becoming a carbon-neutral entity.
  • Additionally, the company envisions technology becoming an integral part of its operations, aiming for 100% automation under human supervision, making technology a cornerstone of its functioning.
  • These strategic targets and plans align with Laser’s overarching goal of fostering growth, innovation, sustainability, and global reach while contributing positively to India’s energy independence and global environmental concerns.

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