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A broad-spectrum web presence is a quintessential need of every business venture. A strong online portfolio and smooth web presence directly impact business-consumer alliances and experiences. Web Hosting is such a lucrative industry where businesses can enjoy all the facilities to create and manage their websites with perfection. HostNetIndia is one such proficient company that defines paradigms of trust to meet web presence needs. With more than 15 years of experience in Web Hosting, the brand is eminent in every aspect.
To elaborate this brand story further, we have the enigmatic women entrepreneur Ms. Jyotika Singh- CEO and Founder of HostNetIndia with us today. She has unfurled the stately flag of women’s entrepreneurship and inspired numerous people out there. Our editorial team had an informative discussion session with Ms. Jyotika where she spilled the beans about her brand’s journey so far and we were left awe-struck by her vision and mission. So will our readers! Catch us till the end to know more about HostNetIndia.

Prime Insights: What motivated you to initiate your entrepreneurial stint?

Ms. Jyotika Singh: The web hosting industry has resonance with a battleground. Amongst all the countries, India has a highly competitive market for web hosting. It is seen that Indian users oftentimes are inclined towards International web hosts to Indian providers. To offer small businesses an unbiased chance in the online market was the major driving force behind the inception of HostNetIndia. We are the only web hosting company that has its roots in India that has managed to thrive and shine high in the Indian market.

Prime Insights: What were the initial challenges faced by your company?

Ms. Jyotika Singh: When it comes to being a first-gen entrepreneur getting financial support and raising funds from your savings was one of the main issues. But with the whole process of implementing strategic plans, selecting the astute candidates for team building and effective marketing within our budgets, we have surpassed the challenges with excellence. Our policy of staying positive through adversity and getting the confidence of the customers in our services has brought the ball into our court!

Prime Insights: How is your brand establishing the bars of trust in the market? What are the USPs of HostNetIndia?

Ms. Jyotika Singh: As talked above, we have always worked to give small businesses a fair chance in the online market. To achieve that goal we have down-poured imperative hosting technology and comprehensive guidance at minimum costs. We have managed to lower the prices of our hosting services without compromising upon the quality. HostNetIndia has adhered to its objectives since its inception to create wholesome hosting services at the best prices for small and medium businesses.

Prime Insights: Kindly tell us about your company’s offerings/services.

Ms. Jyotika Singh: Our Company provides services like-

  • Managed Dedicated Servers
  • Managed cloud services
  • Web Hosting
  • Shared Hosting
  • Domain Naming
  • WordPress
  • Site Builder
  • VPS
  • SSL
  • G-Suite and many more.

Prime Insights: How are you seeing an evolution in customers’ trust patterns?

Ms. Jyotika Singh: We had a perception that people will never opt for a startup company. They will always choose a reliable web hosting provider trusted by many others and with a remarkable reputation in the industry. Our company has made its mark by catering to thousands of clients to help them launch their businesses online. All things considered, it has helped us grow as our clients have shared their experiences with our teams as well as their acquaintances that led many others to us. Our pivotal investment has been in enhancing customer service to assist all clients in the best way possible at any hour. Having direct communication with our clients has opened the paths to understanding their issues better and resolving them at the earliest. HostNetIndia has a system that allows our customers to interact with our team directly at their comfort. Transparency and honesty have always been in our work culture and we value our customer’s trust.

Prime Insights: How have you created your mark of trust in the heart of customers?

Ms. Jyotika Singh: HostNetIndia is still on the path of making a place in customers’ hearts by understanding what they exactly anticipate from a web hosting service provider. We were never interested in disrupting the Indian market to sell our services. We have always wished for long-term and meaningful relationships with our users. From hosting our client’s websites to starting their online journey, we have always held their hands. To further strengthen the alliances, HostNetIndia has lowered the financial barrier to entry and supported new users every step of the way. People always appreciate our way of paying attention to the details. Our success is a testimonial to our client’s trust in us. Another component we added was introducing a local payment method. This method eliminated all the trust issues and hesitation of the customers while buying our services.

Prime Insights: What is the true value of a customer for you?

Ms. Jyotika Singh: We believe that businesses can’t exist without customers. Their problems are our inspiration to do something new. Their fulfillment is profoundly important to us. To say that happy customers lead to growth, sustainability and more business is an understatement. As I said, our company offers the most affordable packages available on both Linux and Windows-based hosting platforms. HostNetIndia has streamlined its focus on providing an uptime of 99.95% which keeps us ahead of our competitors. We have ensured to keep up the pace in the industry on gilt-edge quality, feature-rich services, and cooperative customer support.

Prime Insights: Please enlighten our readership panel with a few words of motivation.

Ms. Jyotika Singh: “Believe in yourself”. The first thing you need to do is analyze the gap in the market and try to fulfill that. Keep yourself in the customer’s shoes and evaluate their preferences and needs. Only after intricately understanding this will you be able to resolve their problems and stay competitive in the market. Be audacious enough to face the failures and learn along with your journey. In my opinion, an entrepreneur always has to be foresighted. Have a backup plan while starting a business. Always remember, you won’t get success in a single try, you must keep trying and be innovative.

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