Top Business Magazines That You Must Read

Top Business Magazines That You Must Read

Do you know what is the most enjoyable habit for your sunny mornings? How about flipping through the pages of a versatile business magazine and cherishing the adrenaline rush of motivation? Doesn’t it sound aesthetic yet astute? Sure it does! So today, our team has brought a list of the top business magazines that you must read and know about. These magazines have been providing the best business acumen for decades and decades. Make sure to read some of these magazines because the real sea of motivation lies here.

The Economist

The most ancient of all, The Economist is a British weekly newspaper and digital magazine publisher that focuses on international business, international politics, and cross-cultural affairs. Founded in 1843 by Scottish economist James Wilson, it was the first to expand its layout and format by incorporating opinion columns, special reports, political cartoons, art stories, reader letters, and book reviews amongst other verticals. The editorial team is known for its perspectives on social and economic liberalism.

India Today Magazine

India Today Magazine is one of the Top Business Magazines, it is a weekly Indian news magazine that was established back in 1975. With a whopping readership count of more than 8 million, it is the trusted choice of the people of India for its transparency and accurate reporting on concerns related to politics, development, news, and current affairs. The monthly magazine editions bring out a lot about economic decisions, lifestyle trends, and major happenings in the entertainment sector.

Business India

To begin with we have Business India which is an eminent face in media information and communications. Established in 1978, Business India boasts a respectable vision of pioneering the business journalism domain. It has an exceptional reputation for publishing the stories of the strongest brands prevailing in the market. Top Business Magazines

Business Today

Established in 1992, Business Today is regarded as the most circulated and foremost choice of the revolutionizing corporate bubble. They are known for bringing up content that sweeps businesses with glory. Their fields of expertise are management theories and business reporting.

Fortune India

Fortune is a prestigious business magazine across the globe. It is known for its alliances with the world’s most powerful leaders, VIPs, and entrepreneurs. In India, Fortune was launched in 2010 and has the spirit of caring for a legacy in business journalism. Their USP is evaluated insights, intricate reporting, and interesting ways of story-telling.

Forbes India

Forbes India is the Indian branch of Forbes magazine managed by Reliance Industries’ own media conglomerate- Network 18. Founded in 2008, Forbes India is revolutionizing the realms of modern media. The best of Indian short news is created here and the magazine throws light on building realms of the startup ecosystem. Forbes India is also one of the Top Business Magazines

Time Magazine India

Time Magazine was founded in 1923 with a vision to engage with people via stories and create conversations that change the world. Their deep understanding of media’s influence and gilt-edge event reporting defines their excellence. Through magnificent reporting and photography in digital magazines, TIME translates the latest business news with authenticity.

Outlook Business

Outlook Business Magazine is a platform where exemplary executives and top business leaders of modern India share their experiences and the challenges they faced in their entrepreneurial stints. The magazine is popular for featuring the latest technology trends of the startup ecosystem and ways to leverage these trends for achieving business objectives.


Next, we have Entrepreneur Magazine which brings out the stories of small business leaders taking the huge leap into the corporate bubble. The first edition was published in 1997 and they come out with 10 issues annually. It is forthrightly focused on entrepreneurship. However, they also feature celebrities with business interests.

Prime Insights 

To finish off this list, we have Prime Insights Magazine which is a monthly business magazine. It has a wide readership panel comprising reputed entrepreneurs, business owners, CEOs, and high-grade executives who are an immense source of motivation for many across the globe. The magazine brings forward the success stories of various business leaders, digital business news, lifestyle articles, and other vibrant corporate content. High-quality articles, emerging trends, tips for better business strategies, and revamping lifestyle through knowledge, are some of their captivating qualities worth admiring.

Top Business Magazines



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