ICFAI University Tripura: Building Trust through Excellence, Commitment to Transparency, Quality, and Supportive Education

Iconic Brands of the Year 2024

ICFAI University Tripura

Good universities not only prioritize academic excellence but also aim to create local and global leaders, instill strong ethics in their students, and encourage forward-thinking. Today, we are delighted to welcome Dr. Biplab Halder, the Vice-Chancellor of ICFAI University in Tripura, to share his valuable insights. We are proud to recognize ICFAI University in Tripura as one of the “Iconic Brands of the Year 2024.”

Prime insights: Could you provide us with a summary of the University?

ICFAI University Tripura was established in 2004 through an Act of the State Legislature (Tripura Act 8 of 2004). It has been approved, recognized, and listed by the University Grants Commission (UGC) under Section 2(f) of the UGC Act, 1956, and is also recognized by the Bar Council of India (BCI), the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), the National Council of Teachers Education (NCTE), and the Rehabilitation Council of India.
ICFAI University Tripura will complete 20 years of its journey of providing professional education on June 15, 2024 and is planning to celebrate two decades of excellence in Professional Education. Its establishment of a “Nodal Centre for ISRO START Program,” recognized by ISRO, underscores the university’s commitment to space research and education. University has established Institute Innovation Council (IIC) under Ministry of Education Govt. of India. The university has achieved exceptional rankings in various areas, including recognition in the ARIIA and ranked as Band “BEGINNER” under the category “University & Deemed to be University for innovation, ranking first among engineering colleges of excellence in 2022, and earning an A++ rating for its law school. Consistently ranked highly in MDRA India Today’s rankings, ICFAI University Tripura has been shaping the educational landscape by offering a diverse range of programs across various disciplines. With its unwavering commitment to excellence, it has become a beacon of quality education in the region.

ICFAI University TripuraPrime insights: What initial challenges did your University successfully eliminate?

Like any pioneering venture, our university faced challenges in infrastructure development, faculty recruitment, and establishing credibility. However, through unwavering commitment and strategic planning, we overcame these hurdles and built a strong foundation.

ICFAI University TripuraPrime insights: What is the brand way of defining the “trust factor” in the market?

Trust is the bedrock of any successful brand. At ICFAI University Tripura, we emphasize transparency, quality education, faculty expertise, student-centric policies, and student success stories to build strong trust among our stakeholders. By consistently delivering quality education, upholding ethical standards, and fostering a supportive environment, we have earned the trust of our students, their parents, and the community..

Prime insights: What sets apart the University as a beacon of innovation and success in the Education industry?

The university’s business model focuses on personalized learning, an industry-relevant curriculum, and holistic development. Additionally, it emphasizes leadership skills, strategic perspectives, and industry relevance across various programs. The university promotes values and morals while integrating theory with practice, fostering innovation, and providing internships and placement opportunities, all to prepare students for successful careers.

ICFAI University TripuraPrime insights: What cutting-edge Programs does the University offer, driving transformative success for its Students?

We offer an extensive range of educational services, encompassing over 54 undergraduate and postgraduate programs across various fields:

  • Engineering: B.Tech (CE, ME, ECE, EE, CSE) both Regular & Lateral Entry.
  • Computer Applications: BCA, MCA, Integrated MCA.
  • Advanced Engineering: M.Tech in CEin Water Resource&Structural Engineering, M.Tech in CSE.
  • Basic Sciences: Chemistry, Physics, Math.
  • Management & Commerce: BBA, MBA, B.Com, M.Com.
  • English: B.A. English (H), M.A. English.
  • Psychology: BA Psychology (H), B.Sc Psychology (H), M.A Psychology, MSc Psychology
  • Education: B.Ed, M.Ed, M.A. Education.
  • Special Education: B.Ed.Spl, M.Ed. Spl, D.Ed.Spl, Integrated B.A. B.Ed.Spl, Integrated B.Com. B.Ed.Spl, Integrated B.ScB.Ed.Spl.
  • Paramedical Science: Health Information Management, Cardiac Care Technology, Diabetic Therapy Technology, Emergency Medical Technology, Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Technology, Master in Medical Laboratory Technology, Master in Hospital Administration.
  • Nursing: ANM, GNM.
  • Library Science: B.Lib.Sc, M.Lib.Sc, Integrated M.Lib.Sc.
  • Physical Education: BPES, MPES, DPED, BPED.
  • Yoga & Naturopathy: PGDiploma in Yoga Therapy, B.Sc in Yoga, B.Ain Yoga.
  • Clinical Psychology: M.Phil.
  • PhD Programs

ICFAI University TripuraPrime insights: How did the brand achieve industry recognition and captivate its customers?

The success of ICFAI University Tripura stems from its unwavering commitment to industry-aligned education, demonstrated through a robust curriculum and a focus on practical skills. The institution has earned the trust and respect of its supporters by prioritizing student-centric initiatives and fostering a welcoming learning environment.

Prime insights: How does the brand assess the significance of each customer’s contribution?

ICFAI University Tripura assesses the value of its stakeholders through various measures, including their academic performance, engagement with the institution, feedback, and contributions to the university community. Additionally, factors such as alumni success and their ongoing association with the university are considered when evaluating the long-term value and impact of each stakeholder..

ICFAI University TripuraPrime insights: What is the depth of the students engagement with the brand?

Our university fosters robust connections with its students, alumni, and industry partners. Through regular interactions, alumni networks, various events such as the annual techno-cultural festival (ICARIA), engagement on social media platforms, and feedback mechanisms, we ensure continuous involvement. Moreover, the Student Service Center, personalized assistance, and collaborative opportunities enhance the relationship between stakeholders and the university

Prime insights: What standout marketing strategies has the Universities implemented to propel the visibility and uptake of its initiatives, offerings, and services?

In addition to focused digital campaigns, we actively engage in educational events and form partnerships with industry leaders. ICFAI University in Tripura is involved in adopting various villages and undertaking extension activities in the surrounding villages involving villagers and providing Computer education, coaching in Mathematics and teaching English to the surrounding village Children. The achievements of alumni and faculty members serve as compelling narratives for our marketing endeavours. These initiatives not only benefit society but also bolster the brand’s standing, demonstrating our dedication to social impact alongside academic distinction.

ICFAI University TripuraPrime insights: Can you provide insights into any forthcoming strategic modifications slated for introduction this year?

The university is dedicated to moulding not only academic credentials but also significant career paths for its students. It introduces initiatives such as the NCC program to foster potential armed forces personnel. Furthermore, specialized coaching for exams like GATE, JAM, TET, and NET equips students for various career opportunities. Prioritizing the development of essential soft skills and proficiency in foreign languages such as French also amplifies their employability and global competitiveness.

Prime insights: What initial impression does your University evoke in the minds of students upon their first encounter?

Upon their first encounter, ICFAI University Tripura evokes a sense of academic excellence, innovation, and a commitment to holistic development. Students are likely to perceive the university as a dynamic institution that prioritizes industry-aligned education, practical skills, and personalized support. The vibrant campus atmosphere, strong connections with industry partners, and emphasis on social responsibility may also leave a lasting impression, instilling confidence in students about the quality of education and opportunities available at ICFAI University Tripura..

ICFAI University TripuraPrime insights: What strategic targets and initiatives does the brand aim to accomplish in the forthcoming years?

ICFAI University, Tripura, has established an ambitious mission and vision for its future advancement. This encompasses sustaining academic excellence, cultivating a culture of research and innovation, fortifying collaborations with industries, bolstering skill development opportunities for students, investing in infrastructure, fostering student engagement, actively engaging in community outreach, and upholding quality assurance standards. Through a concerted focus on these aspects, the university strives to offer a comprehensive and rewarding educational journey for its students while making significant contributions to the progress of the region and beyond. Additionally, it seeks to enhance collaboration with foreign universities from USA and Europe to further enrich its academic offerings and global outreach& working strategically towards internationalisation of Education in the University.

Prime insights: What empowering message does the company convey to aspiring young entrepreneurs who may be reviewing this draft?

To all the aspiring young entrepreneurs, ICFAI University Tripura wants to convey, “Dream big, persevere, and innovate fearlessly. Entrepreneurship is not just about profits; it’s about creating value, solving real-world problems, and leaving a positive impact. Embrace failure as a stepping stone to success, surround yourself with mentors, and build a resilient mindset. Remember, every challenge is an opportunity in disguise.”

Prime insights: We highly value your feedback and insights, as they help us shape our journey to excellence.

We are grateful for the chance to provide insights into the journey and initiatives of ICFAI University Tripura. Your keen interest in learning about our brand’s narrative and principles is highly appreciated. Should you have any further inquiries or require additional details, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Your feedback is immensely valuable to us as we endeavour to continually improve our offerings. Thank you for your ongoing support.


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