ZUCI CHOCOLATES LLP- Serving Paradigmatic Blend of Chocolates Dressed with Top-Notch Quality and Exquisite Taste

A Nimble Rundown of the Company and its Services

ZUCI, pronounced as “Suchi” carves the meaning of purity in Sanskrit. Aparna Gorrepati, the Co-Founder at ZUCI CHOCOLATES LLP says that the brand ZUCI is a destination chocolate place. They aim at bringing the surreal experiences of world’s finest ingredients picked specifically with creamiest craftsmanship coalesced in scrumptious chocolates. Being one of the few efficient and trained certified chocolatiers in India, the brand wants to curate a marvelous world of chocolates adhering to Indian patrons and taste palette.

Thumbnail of Company’s Founding

Gorrepati says that ZUCI has been the brainchild for many years. From her expertise and formal education in the field of chocolates, their team finally took the audacious decision to establish and launch their brainchild in February 2020. However the challenging situations struck their way within a month of the brand’s launch with the COVID pandemic. Having the confidence in the quality of product, skillset and unmatchable services to the customers, the brand managed to overcome the crisis and build a stronger sustainable brand. Now their brand is synonymous with Artisanal Chocolates in Hyderabad.

Checks and Balances between Personal and Professional Life

Gorrepati says that there is a minimal bridge between the professional and personal space especially when you build something out of your passion. It becomes even tougher to balance with changing priorities. But one can sail through this by being available to dedicate your time and efforts to exactly what is required at the moment. Building an independent with diligent members to handle things with minimum supervision is always a win-win situation.

Unequivocal Saga of Surpassing Hurdles

Obstacles are an indispensable part of every colossal success and they come in some of the other ways in terms of the vision a brand is taking ahead. Being in the food industry, their challenges are one of a kind. As quoted above about the adversity in the initial stages, the additional challenge was to deal with specialized and profoundly sensitive products. To back this up, a lot of R&D skillset is required. Moreover they have thoroughly educated the customer about the benefits of their products, for example pure chocolate vs. off the shelf compound.

Company’s Targeted Niches of Client’s

Aparna Gorrepati further says that there is a differentiation in the niche of customers they deal with. Both B2C and the B2b markets are what they target with vision. Adding to that, the brand also shakes hands with organizers, event planners, weddings organizers. Basically every individual who walks in stores or purchases a product of ZUCI is a valuable potential customer for the brand. They are also impeccable specialists in corporate and event based gifting.

Maintaining the Dash of Affluence with Fluctuating Market trends

The scenario of chocolate being the go to favorite for any event is the influencing factor for the brand, says Gorrepati. They work with the concoction of R&D and market research in terms of analyzing the taste profiles, curating exceptional chocolate and its allied products, adding continuous flavors and evaluating the customer contentment. The brand ensures that the ingredients and the equipment used are of avant-garde quality and so the words of customer’s mouth outshine the potential of the brand.

The Quintessential Incorporation of R&D

Aparna quotes that R&D is a pivotal aspect for a company’s growth trajectory. The investment in carving out new products, innovating glimmering chocolate products and vibrant variety of flavors is of utmost importance. For this, R&D comes foremost as it helps to accelerate the existing quality of their products and meticulously work each day on continuous improvement.

Coequal Aspect of CEO’s Competition in Modish Times

Being a CEO herself, Aparna says that the buck pauses with your inner-self. You’re the one who is accountable for the success of the company and so you must have bodacious leadership qualities to do the same. As a CEO, your responsibility is to involve yourself over and over in establishing new pedestals of success along with the employees of the brand. Learning from the community competition is also a healthy exercise from an entrepreneurial point of view.

Fortifying the Employees with Efficacious Work Environment

Aparna further says that one needs to be extremely careful during the hiring process. Having the right attitude to contribute to a company’s growth and having the demanded skillset is a must. Also being in the industry of zero tolerance, making errors can cost the brand more.
The brand puts dedicated efforts in providing training and a plethora of opportunities to showcase their efforts. Giving their employees the freedom to express their creativity and execute things encompassing different expertise is their shining star quality. The brand believes in flexibility and imbibing the right set of values in their employees.

Future Goals of the Company

As per Aparna Gorrepati, the brand is now gearing up to become synonymous with national chocolate brands. The brand is already a staple and acknowledged chocolate brand in Hyderabad and looks forward to expanding its horizons to every corner of the country.
Feathers of Achievements in the Hat of Persistent Hard Work
ZUCI is one such colossal brand which resonates with the fashion of acing every occasion with surreal taste of chocolates.

Aparna talks about the achievements of the brand’s distinctions as it has been honoured with multifarious accolades like-

  • Best Chocolatier by the Times Food Awards for the year 2022 and 2021
  • Best Restaurant and Best Cafe by the Times Food Awards for the year 2021
  • Women’s Achievement Award by HYBIZ TVw
  • 10 Most Influential Business Leaders of 2021 by CXO Outlook
  • Top 10 People in the Food and Confectionary India by CEO Insights Magazine

Inestimable Words of Enlightenment

Wrapping up with some magnificent words of wisdom for all the aspiring entrepreneurs and readers, Aparna Gorrepati says that confidence and deep-rooted fundamentals are the key to serenity in any entrepreneurial journey. Investing in legitimate team members and agility to introduce necessary modifications must be carried out with utmost perfection. Furthermore ensuring customers satisfaction and giving ears to their feedback will make the game more easy to crack.






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