XIPHIAS Immigration: Pursuing Excellence In The Billion-Dollar Immigration Sector

XIPHIAS Immigration

India has historically been a land of plenty, and economic opportunities have driven immigration. Globalization, which helps businesses thrive in new international markets, blurs the nation’s geographic borders as the global mobility of resources and people is rising. The increased movement of Indians into the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other nations has shaped India’s immigration and visa requirements in the past decade. This is where XIPHIAS Immigration has made its mark!

XIPHIAS is a one-stop consultancy for all immigration-investment related services. It is an Indian immigration firm specializing in Canadian immigration. Right from initial assessment to post landing services, XIPHIAS ensures a smooth migration for all clients. Varun Singh, Managing Director and business maven who has achieved immense success in this billion-dollar sector leads it.

Come, let’s take a look at his company, entrepreneurial outlook, his views regarding the immigration sector and more.

Overview of XIPHIAS Immigration and its offerings

Based in the heart of Toronto, Canada, XIPHIAS works with Canadian embassies and consulates across the globe. The company has helped umpteen clients obtain landed immigrant (permanent resident) status and temporary status by representing them effectively. It has offices in Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, the UK, USA, Europe, UAE and India.

 XIPHIAS aims at being the most recognized advisory firm in the Immigration industry by enabling clients in the entire process of becoming global citizens. The company’s bouquet of services includes:

  • Business immigration, investor-entrepreneur immigration
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Start-up Visa
  • Skilled migration
  • Study abroad permit
  • Corporate migration
  • Investment immigration
  • Sponsorship

The company also offers post landing assistance, which smoothes the settling down period in a foreign land.

Expertise in Immigration services

XIPHIAS Immigration has pioneered immigration, residency, citizenship and global resettlement. In its decade of service towards legitimate representation resettlement for skilled workers, businesses, HNIs and families, it has worked with government officials, immigration lawyers and solicitors, consultants, counsellors, investors, property developers,  financial institutions and trade & investment firms.

The company has represented thousands of applications to date. Rarely does a case get rejected, thanks to their strong case preparation and representation.

The company’s approach to handling cases demonstrates clear understanding, evaluation, and dynamic roadmaps to achieve the milestones within clearly defined timelines and expectations. Its services suffice clients’ requirements through professional collaborations, solid digital connections, indigenous service delivery and perpetual support.

Inception Story

In 2002, Mr. Rohit Kumar founded XIPHIAS, the Group Company. This was followed by the registration of XIPHIAS Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd in 2005. Three years later, looking to the the potential and need for a good consultancy in the immigration sector and formed XIPHIAS Immigration in 2009. Thus began his mission to provide opportunities to those who dream to work and settle abroad.

They started with a small office in Banashankari with five people and hundreds of clients. The industry was relatively new and needed organized players like them, with everything having a legal binding. Over the years, XIPHIAS has expanded from Banashankari to Koramangala, with 5 to 200+ employees and served hundreds to thousands of clients.

Entrepreneurial Journey

Like any other successful entrepreneur, Varun, too, faced many obstacles along the way. He started afresh and, with hard work and dedication, led his team towards excellence. This has earned XIPHIAS the coveted position of being amongst the Top 5 Immigration Consultants in India.

Varun believes challenges are a necessary component to the growth of any company or individual. But, there are no challenges XIPHIAS faced that were or will be difficult to deal with.

Mr. Singh attributes his company’ success to well-trained employees, perseverance and cooperative clients.For us, there is no employer-employee relationship but only the XIPHIAS family that lends us the strength to keep innovating and succeed into new verticals”, shares the gentleman. 

Awards & Achievements 

A member of the Investment Migration Council, Varun Singh and his company has won many awards, including:

  • Most Promising Immigration Consultancy Company of the Year
  • Business & Leadership Excellence Award
  • Global Business Leadership Award
  • The APJ Abdul Kalam Excellence Award.

“However, our biggest award is the positive client testimonials and the bond we share with them”, humbly acknowledges the businessman.

Trust Is The Key To XIPHIAS’ Success

According to Varun Singh, the biggest challenge in the immigration Industry is the wrong sales. Rather than understanding clients’ dreams and guiding them, most consultants these days take invoices only for profit. This is something Varun has avoided since the beginning.

XIPHIAS follows the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. It shares a transparent relationship with clients and does not give false assessments and hopes. Before accepting a case, the company thoroughly reviews credentials to ensure a reasonable chance of acceptance by the Government of Canada. If an application is unsuccessful, the company informs clients honestly and promptly to avoid wasting their time and hard-earned money.

Social Media is another area where Varun Singh focuses on staying ahead of the market trend. XIPHIAS gets most of its clients through social shoutouts, online testimonials and references. More than 80% of its business happens through positive word of mouth.

Future Plans

Immigration is a fast-growing sector. Nobody wants to be a local citizen; people are keener on becoming global citizens. Everybody wants to improve their standard of living, and immigration assures a better life for individuals and their families.

Expansion is inevitable, and XIPHIAS has grown multi-fold since its inception. When he started, Varun had a team of 4-5 employees, and now, his company has offices all across India and abroad.

The entrepreneur has lofty dreams; XIPHIAS aims to become the world’s best immigration company by serving clients with integrity, honesty and professionalism.

It has partnered with more than 300 colleges worldwide and provide free services to them. Similarly, it also aims to help students with end-to-end career opportunities.

But above all, Varun Singh envisions a future where he maintains XIPHIAS’s track record of neat and clean processes and a strong reputation in the market.

Advice for young entrepreneurs

There’s one word of advice Varun Singh would like to give to young professionals – that they should focus on building trust and making ethical sales. “Do not misguide the client and play with their dreams,” says the gentleman.



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