William Ding Lei – The gaming billionaire.

William Ding Lei

William Ding Lei – The gaming billionaire.

  • William Ding Lei is a man who had always dreamt of being an excellent mechanical engineer became the richest person in China in 2018. He is better known to the world as the founder of NetEase Inc., a leading provider of internet-based online services operating mainly in advertising, email services, online PC and mobile games and eCommerce platforms in China.
  • Ding aimed at making a remarkable revolution for China, keeping money as his second target. He was born in Ningbo, China on 1st October 1971. From an early age of 13, he was keenly interested in electronics. When he was 16, he could assemble electronic parts to make 6 transistor radios. Just after graduating from the Chengdu College of Electronic Science and Technology, Ding took a job as an engineer in the local state department. Soon after this, he joined Sybase in Guangzhou. After having worked under other leaders, Ding wanted to start something of his own and lead it to an extraordinary level.
  • In 1997, finally Ding accomplished his dreams by starting off his venture with dozen other employees. In the beginning, the company focused on development of Internet applied software, a bilingual email system that never developed in China before. It earned so much popularity that the entire town was talking about it. Ding’s next concept was to transform his company into a platform of hosting a new search engine and microblogging on NetEase.
  • NetEase gradually became the largest internet portal in China and came up with its most profitable launch of multiplayer gaming. The gaming portal hosted thousands of widely popular games, one of which is World of Warcraft. Players around the world visited NetEase website to play this multiplayer games.
  • Slowly, the success of NetEase earned Ding with billions of network and he came to be known as the “video game billionaire”. He was always smart to seize any opportunity that boasted gaming platforms. He always focused on reading as many IT books as possible. So as to gain core knowledge on electronics. His constant reading and practicing, led him to write an entore software code that later came to world through the face of NetEase.
  • Ding always considered his responsibility towards users, clients, investors, employees. He always believed that personal talent combined with patience can upgrade one’s skill through training. In 2004, he was awarded as the Technology Change Agent for Innovative Use of Technology.
  • Ding’s current worth as of June 2019 is $15.3. He has made significant contributions in the networks of computer development in the mainland of China. Today, along with being a video game designer, Lei insists other video game developers that not only a plan and purpose but also the desire to pursue them is necessary. One of his famous course “Life is life chocolates with liquor”. You never know what’s inside. Other than the World of Warcraft, he has also bought Marvel Comics into the world.

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