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Why you need WhatsApp for your multi-level marketing


  • Multi-level marketing is one of the most common and popular methods of marketing in the current time. Virtually all firms in the world have recognized its significance, bypassing conventional marketing methods like advertisements and referrals. So many top firms have emerged in the market like Herbalife, Amway has emerged, which rely purely on network marketing and have amassed fortunes and have been recognized on the New York Stock Exchange. In the past, MLM firms generally used cellular messages and email as the primary method of communication. If you are a network marketing individual, you will be able to connect with your MLM people and also the customer. But since direct selling businesses are rapidly growing, new forms of communication like Whatsapp have rapidly emerged and being put into practice.
  • For the rapid expansion of your business, online communication channels like Whatsapp are the perfect void for business applications in the MLM business. Once, you combine Whatsapp Business API, the MLM firm will be able to rapidly scale up its business. Let us examine the exact reasons, why this is so.

1)  Salespeople and brands are connected.

  • When you combine Whatsapp Business API with Multi-Level Marketing software, you will able to acquire benefits that are provided by the biggest messaging platform globally. Brand relationships are greatly enhanced and the salespeople of the MLM firm will be easily able to connect their brands to customers. Using Whatsapp, a closed and private communications environment will be established along with the Multi-Level Marketing network. MLM professionals will be able to interact with each other using group chats or one to one. 
  • Users will be able to create branded identities and business profiles. Using online interactions, your brand will become very famous with customers. Another exciting feature of Whatsapp is that of verified business accounts, which give trust to your customers.

2)  Customer relations are enhanced

  • MLM software-enabled using Whatsapp sends instant digital notifications. Thereafter, MLM firms will be able to enhance the productivity of operations using their salespersons. Right from the stage of launching the product to that of sales, customers will be notified instantly. The customer experience is greatly enhanced, once users start sending important info to customers. Once, Whatsapp messaging is done, it supports sharing files using multimedia and enhance the quality of Multi-Level Marketing’s customer service.

3)  Having a worldwide customer engagement

  • Since MLM is used worldwide, so Whatsapp enables network marketing individuals to become global. Whatsapp is used by more than 1.5 billion people globally. Smartphone users have a very high penetration of Whatsapp Business API. There are no regional and nationalistic limitations. Once, a firm has Whatsapp, then MLM firm can create business and personal conversations throughout the world. 
  • Since customers are global, MLM firm can manage their employees across all nations present in different countries like North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Australia, Africa, and Asia respectively. Therefore, your business transactions are much more optimum and very lucrative commercially.

4)  Business communications is done both ways.

  • You require two-way communication, for doing things in the Multi-Level Marketing business model. Using Whatsapp, customers interact two way directly with the salesmen of Multi-Level Marketing. Users can build real and direct interaction with customers vice versa. 
  • Customers will be able to approach you and have your real-time responses. With the help of a proper internet connection, users will be able to obtain two-messaging service, worldwide.
  • Whatsapp permits Multi-Level Marketing firm gives notifications to the mobile apps used in Multi-Level Marketing, by salespersons. Companies can conduct virtually every kind of business transaction using Whatsapp, for example like purchase confirmations, alerts for product delivery, customer refunds, etc. Customers also get engaged by using interactive conversations, for creating honest feedback, unlike other messaging apps. 

5) WhatsApp is highly secure and private.

  • Whenever you do any MLM business, then there is an end to end communication solution, which is reliable. The service has data encryption by protecting your files, messages, and other shared formats with the assistance of IP security. Once, you have Whatsapp, then you will be able to remove shared data for making your finances secure. Whatsapp Business API has a high degree of compliance with the balancing factor of two-factor authentication. 

6)  Very affordable and within the reach of most businesses.

  • Unlike other messaging services, Whatsapp is very affordable and within the reach of most of the users. It is very easy to install and has a low cost of setup. No, wonder it is one of the most sought-after services in the world and is on the must-do list of every company, be it any field like manufacturing, services, FMCG, chemicals, renewable energy, etc.


  • In this blog, readers will come to know immediately, the immense role which WhatsApp plays in the field of Multi-Level Marketing and all its benefits. 

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