Why do people choose WordPress major reasons


  • Time and again, WordPress has proved to be the most CMS Platform. It is the first choice for creating blogs and websites, by all kinds of developers and programmers. More than developers and programmers, even big companies like CNN and TechCrunch are also extensively using this tool, for fulfilling their requirements. If you are new to the world of blogging, then let me give you a brief introduction to this tool.
  • WordPress is the most famous publishing platform, which is used for creating websites and blogs. WordPress is used to make a very customizable GUI, which strengthens lots of websites globally. This theme has a huge list of customers, and even big ones like People Magazine, CNN, and New York Times Blogs. Surveys indicate that approximately thirty percent of global websites use WordPress, with their numbers increasing day by day. The transition has been spectacular from a blogging platform to CMS. Now, let us list the major factors, by which WordPress is the most popular platform.

1)  Longevity

  • WordPress commenced in 2003 when CMS was completely new. What started as a very widespread blogging tool, has metamorphosed into a first go-to tool, for all kinds of businessmen and programmers. Every day, five hundred new websites are created.

2)  Open Source Content Management System.

  • One of the biggest advantages of using WordPress as a Content Management System is that the building code is free and it can be accessed by all kinds of users. Once, you use open source CMS, then your online domain is exposed to risks. Users can easily change and download the WordPress code. But not all changes will be accepted by the WordPress code. Currently, there are two thousand six hundred WordPress themes and thirty-one thousand WordPress plugins, over the internet.

3)  Very friendly to SEO

  • Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a crucial aspect of all websites. WordPress is extremely SEO friendly and the user can download WordPress to strengthen this function and enhance your domain’s optimization. Once, you use WordPress, then the website becomes very friendly to SEO. The primary reason is that the platform is written using a commonly compiled and high-class code. Due to the responsive local design, search engines have WordPress preference. WordPress platform gives all posts and pages, using unique Meta tag keywords, having more SEO.

4)  Very easy customization

  • Once, you use WordPress, customization becomes easy. WordPress theme system is used to implement designs that are attractive in very little time. The user needs to buy a one-time license for a premium theme. Besides full-time professionals, freelance developers actively use WordPress. Once, you customize the site, the cost of making the website is reduced and time is also very less.

5)  Very active community support.

  • Unlike other Content Management Systems, throughout the world, there is a huge and active community of developers and other support staff, for WordPress developers, which makes it so popular. Users will be surprised to know that there is active support, which is also available outside WordPress. Many websites and blogs with articles like WPBeginner.com, which contain complete information about this theme like theme installation and plugin reviews. The WordPress community has the right mixture of customizability, extensions, and simplicity and is also a frontrunner in the field of innovation.

6) Themes and plugins

  • WordPress has a very diverse range of plugins, which is both free and paid. All the themes are a design or layout, which has a front end for the website and is exhibited in the WordPress gallery. This will help the user to know its reviews and also when it was last updated. However, you will be delighted to know that certain plugins can work only under specific themes like BuddyPress. 
  • BuddyPress is a very active community / social networking plugin. For better returns, it is advisable to invest in a unique and premium theme for the site.

7) Elementary host

  • WordPress can be established virtually on both kinds of web hosts and sixty percent of the entire web is handled by WordPress. The hosting plans consists for single click CMS installation or comes with pre installed. Users also have the freedom , in which location is to host your WordPress website. Users also fthe ind fastest or the cheapest hosting provider. Customers can also establish a local installation on their desktops for testing and development purposes.

8)  Very high security access.

  • WordPress is the biggest blogging and website platform globally, so it is essential for you to protect your country from attacks by spam. The sites designed using WordPress are mostly targeted. Content Management System is very secure and safe. There is a good backup service like VaultPress, or other backup plugin which is related to security. There are free and paid options and always check out the reviews, before it is installed.

9)  Very affordable experts.

  • WordPress developers are among the most affordable in the world, since it is the most commonly used among the whole world. Since, there are lots of developers, there is a huge competition among them, bidding for projects. In countries like India, WordPress developers are available as low as 200 USD a month. Besides, there are lots of design companies, which specialize in creating better knowledge and making Word Press websites.


  • In this article, readers will definitely come to know the major reasons, why it is the most popular CMS platform among young users and developers.

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