Which one is useful: Instagram Ads or Adwords?

Which one is useful: Instagram Ads or Adwords?

  • In the world of digital marketing, the two most prominent online advertising systems that come into account are Instagram Ads and Google Adwords. Both of these systems fall under the paid advertising category and have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Instagram offers features like New Feed Ads and Story Ads, whereas Google Adwords offers outlets like Mobile App advertising, Display, Youtube, etc.
  • To get an in-depth analysis of which advertising system is better, let’s weigh out the strengths of the two-

#1 Instagram Ads-

  •  One of the main reasons why Instagram Ads are so effective is because of its integration with Facebook. Through this, brands gain access to the massive wealth of Facebook’s user database and can connect directly to their target audience.
  • Statistics show that about 75% of users on Instagram engage with the ads, one way or the other (e.g. visiting the brand’s website, making a purchase, etc). Also, about 35% of Americans use Instagram, which gives brands a great outlet to promote their products/services.
  • The cost of each Instagram ad is different, however, the average cost-per-click ranges between $0.70- $0.80.


  • Users on Instagram are more active and hence, are more likely to interact with brands. This ensures high engagement and improved brand identity.
  • Offers a wide brand reach and a plethora of targeting options like age, regions, interests, gender, etc.
  • It’s visually pleasing appeal attracts a young audience, which can prove to be beneficial to certain brands (depending on the target audience.)
  • Suitable for small businesses concerned with niche markets and brand awareness.
  • Instagram Ads offer niche-specific categories like Travel, Entertainment, Shopping, Food, Beauty & Wellness, etc.

#2 Google Adwords-

  • Google Adwords helps brands directly connect to customers who are specifically interested in their products. This advertising platform has over time become interchangeable with the term “paid search”. Paid searches mainly focus on text-based advertisements and key-words (decided-upon words and phrases entered by Google users in search queries). For example- If someone looks up any of these key-words, the ads of these Google users pop up alongside the search results.
  • The average cost-per-click on Google Adwords is $1-$2.


  • Offers a wide brand reach and generates an instant influx of traffic.
  • Helps brands gain immediate access to contacts or leads with no minimum obligatory investment.
  • Advertisers have total control over the daily budget and maximum cost-per-click.
  • Advertisers can choose which websites to promote their products on.
  • Advertisers are free to modify their advertisements/ budgets as and when required.
  • Offers features such as advertising extensions, website links, activation of more than one link, etc.
  • It is the only advertising platform that is used by both B2C and B2B.

Which one is better?

  • Which out of the two is better solely depends on factors such as campaign objective, audience affinity, and the size of the concerned business. If the business/advertiser is clear on these objectives, it will be easier to pick the best suitable option out of the two.
  •  Instagram Ads and Google Adwords have their respective set of audiences. While Instagram is more interest-driven, Adwords is intent-driven. Adwords help businesses specifically increase their sales, whereas Instagram Ads are more concerned with bringing about brand awareness. Adwords are more suited for larger businesses wanting to optimize their sales and revenue and Instagram Ads is suitable for small businesses that are just venturing out in the market.
  • In conclusion, small businesses should stick to Instagram Ads as it offers more awareness, engagement, social proof, and traffic. Big businesses, on the other hand, Google Ads, should opt for Google Ads as it’s a sure-shot way of increasing sales at a premium-cost.

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