We360.ai: Helping Businesses #WorkFromAnywhere

The last decade has witnessed a surge of dynamic technologies that’ve redefined the operations of several industries. In this the last few years especially, this change has been the most palpable with the remarkable rise of work-from-home and remote operations for businesses.

A few companies have been particularly adept at adapting to the evolving demands of this new market. Their novel technologies have paved the way for breakthrough concepts that’ve collectively raised the innovation standards of their industry.

In this article, we’ll be covering one such esteemed company, We360.ai, which is a pioneer in providing efficient employee monitoring software to businesses. The company has ushered new standards of excellence in its niche technology, thereby maximizing the employee productivity of clients.

From ingenious tech to empathetic customer care, there are various defining elements that have shaped a robust growth trajectory for the company. 

The Inspiration That Conceived the Brand

We360.ai was conceived by young entrepreneur Arnav Gupta in 2020 along with his co-founders Swapnil and Sandeep, in response to the remote working trend that gained momentum amid COVID-19.  His vision was to help businesses optimize the productivity of their workforce, which saw a conspicuous decline owing to the new home-working environment.

Arnav was furthermore spurred by an intrinsic drive to create his own startup and provide value for SMBs, who are generally neglected. He also attributes his entrepreneurial drive to genetic inheritance; his father too is an entrepreneur who has his own company. Arnav’s foremost belief is that if you create value and solve problems, it will have a definite impact on the world.

Speaking of his initial entrepreneurial struggles, Arnav recalls how he had a hard time on the recruitment front. Being in a Tier-2 City, it was always difficult for him to find people with relevant skills and experience to build a startup. His team eventually started skill development of the people they hired and it helped a lot. Over time, he was able to develop a strong workforce with a broad array of abilities & competencies.

As of 2022, We360 has created a palpable impact in the market, redefining the productivity standards of several clients from both national & international backgrounds. Its success can be largely attributed to the extensiveness of its service portfolio.

We360’s Multifaceted Services

As a value-driven professional, Arnav believes that intent and integrity is always superior to intellect. He aims to serve clients in the most optimal manner by creating a unique ecosystem of services for SMBs in India. This would solve their problem of acquiring 5 different software by syncing them all in one place. 

Given below are the different facets encompassed by We360:

  • Automated Attendance.
  • Productivity Monitoring.
  • HR Tech.
  • Project & Task Management.

In addition to its services, the company is also characterized by an integral emphasis on its customer care and marketing fronts.

Integral Customer Care & Marketing

The We360 Brand stands for the motto #WorkFromAnywhere. The first thing that the company conveys through its brand is that clients can be relieved and trust its software to help their employees work from anywhere in the world, and still be productive and in sync. 

So as to ensure holistic care, the company has created a customer success team to personally talk to all clients via email or phone. This helps them better resolve their problems and educate them better to use their software with best practices.

On the marketing front, the company refrains from using inauthentic, mass-scale tactics and prefers a more conscious approach. It leverages account-based and intent-based marketing to reach companies around the world in a cost-effective manner.

Reinventing The Industry

Going forward, We360 has some ambitious plans which it’ll systematically execute in the coming time. 

Speaking of its goals for 2022, the company plans to bring in Health360, which will be a powerful aid for managers and business owners. It will effectively help them know the overall health of their organization with respect to burn-outs, underutilization, etc.

Another foremost objective of the company is to make its software more ‘employee-friendly’. In essence, they want it to act as a self-help tool for employees to check their own productivity.

Arnav also hopes to secure his first round of funding for his startup in these years. Being from a Tier-2 city, he strongly believes that startups tend to lose focus over the long run. He strives to be strongly focused on his journey and create a better product for his consumers every day.

Arnav’s Rich Entrepreneurial Insights

The years of arduousness fazed by Arnav in entrepreneurship has taught him some invaluable lessons. Being a college dropout, things were way more difficult for him than he first imagined. He believes constantly upskilling himself has helped a lot in this regard. Furthermore, he feels finding a good mentor early on in the journey proved to be very powerful. Dr. Nilesh played this role in his life.  He quotes Gary Vaynerchuk saying “If anybody ever did it, then you can do it too!”

Lastly, Arnav sums up his entrepreneurial wisdom in two key takeaways that were greatly attributed to his supportive peers. They go as follows:


The most practical way to succeed is to surround yourself with people who are more intelligent than you and show them a common vision. Finding a good mentor early in the journey is a game-changer.

The more you sweat , the luckier you get. As rightly said by Elon Musk – Being an entrepreneur is like eating glass and starting into the abyss of death. If you feel like you are up for that , then only start a company.








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