Know how to watch today’s rare hybrid solar eclipse safely:

The first of 2023 and a rare solar eclipse that has happened after a long span is today’s hybrid solar eclipse. The Indian Express has published details on this event, with live streaming, timings, places and types. The Ningaloo solar eclipse will be best viewed from Exmouth in Western Australia, as per the images from NASA claim.

Today, on Thursday 20th April, some parts of the globe will enjoy the visual treat of this rare hybrid solar eclipse, especially from parts of Western Australia, east Timor and eastern Indonesia. It will go from annual to total eclipse and then back to annular again. Now it’s easier to watch the eclipse by streaming it live from anywhere possible.

As per the astronomy website In the Sky, the timings have been marked from 7:06 AM IST on April 20th, 2023 to 12:29 PM IST. Unfortunately, Indians won’t be able to view it and only people from the above-mentioned parts of the world can enjoy its view. This hybrid eclipse will be back to its partial phase with a semi ‘ring of fire’.

The Moon will pass in front of the Sun and the Earth during the eclipse. A total solar eclipse will be visible in the regions of the world that are under the Moon’s shadow. The Moon can occasionally be too far from the Sun to entirely obscure it, though. This is when it is called an annular eclipse. As our Earth’s surface is curved, eclipses can go from an annular total and vice versa. The hybrid eclipse that will occur tomorrow is an illustration of this.

Through live streams, people from any part of the world can watch the eclipse, whether total, partial or annular. As per NASA’s solar eclipse live stream, starting at 8 AM IST on April 20, it will be sharing telescope views of the eclipse along with commentary from NASA experts. YouTube links will be given to do so. The time and date of the eclipse are partnering with Perth Observatory to live to stream the ‘Ningaloo’ eclipse. will also have live coverage when it happens. The coverage will commence at 6:30 AM IST with the properly given links. This rare hybrid solar eclipse will occur over the South Pacific today and won’t be seen anymore until 2031. Hybrid solar eclipses are considered rare as they look different from different locations based on the position of the Earth concerning the Sun in the sky.

While some regions will enjoy a complete blackout, others will see a ‘ring of fire’ as earlier mentioned encircling a shadowy moon. This is indeed a historical moment to witness and thanks to a variety of online live streams for letting everyone enjoy its view. NASA’s broadcast will begin at 9:36 PM EDT on YouTube. Other places or sites from where the live streaming can be watched are,, The Gravity Discovery Centre & Observatory in Australia, etc. Hybrid eclipses occur rarely as the Moon must cross in front of the Sun at just the right distance for all parts of its shadow to hit Earth. There will be only 7 hybrid solar eclipses in the 21st century, as per NASA’s eclipse catalogue. However, nobody can witness all three varieties of this eclipse all at once. It will only be visible through live streaming.

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