Vishal Mahtani: Achieving Entrepreneurial Success Amidst India’s Evolving Media Landscape

Vishal Mahtani | Younoh Media Pvt. Ltd.

India’s media industry is on the cusp of a magnanimous paradigm shift. Newer and more sophisticated technological methods are being introduced to the market each day, some of which have engendered drastic reforms. There’s also an increasing emphasis on digital presence and social media engagement, as the industry is reshaping to serve the 24×7 connected culture growing globally.

Keeping pace with such changing industry dynamics, Younoh Media Pvt. Ltd, an illustrious company, has come forth with numerous marketing solutions that are heavily customer-centric. Its CEO, Mr. Vishal Mahtani, is driven by a passion for relentless advancement, especially evident from its avant-garde offerings. The company has helped redefine the Media advertising scene with its creative processes and quality performance.

Come, let’s take a deeper look at Vishal’s company, experience, professional journey, and advice for new entrepreneurs.

Overview & offerings of the company

Younoh Media Pvt. Ltd is a 360-degree agency delivering pragmatic and innovative solutions to businesses looking for integrated advertising, marketing, public relations, talent management and more. Its services cover the entire gamut of branding services – brand naming, development, re-branding and sustenance. The company has a team of creative professionals specialising in every aspect – strategy, execution, improvement, management, marketing & media – focusing on practical outcomes that help clients add value, build revenues, and improve brand presence.

In just six months, Vishal Mahtani’s brainchild has garnered success for its execution-based services, where it serves clients with a single-window approach that streamlines all their branding problems.

The company started as an advertising company, but today it has expanded into new and existing categories:

  • Talent management: Younoh now manages actors, models, singers, artists and Emcees – not only from India but worldwide.
  • PR: This has become one of Younoh’s key services where it promotes clients on leading newspapers & industry-relevant media platforms. In just three months, the company has effortlessly handled the overall media presence of some well-reckoned personalities like— Shibani Kashyap, Mahesh Thakur, Kaajal Vashisht, Aakash Prabhakar and Kuljeet Singh.
  • Social Media Management and Video/Photo Production.

Inception to inspiration: The company’s approach thus far

Vishal recalls how he was always advised to do what he was good at, do what was fun and what he loved. This actually led to him starting Younoh Media. The entrepreneur believes the secret to success lies in loving what you do and giving 100 percent to it. And this is also evident from his company’s intrinsic work ethic. 

Younoh Media strongly believes in the power of brand transformation for exponential growth. Clients undergo comprehensive consultation to identify gaps & potential opportunities. Each client receives a comprehensive project report plan with time frames & cost analysis. Realising every business is unique, Younoh’s offers customised plans monitored for quality to ensure a smooth & time-efficient process.

Lessons learned in entrepreneurship

Looking back, Vishal Mahtani’s shares that his entrepreneurial journey started with small enterprises. He always perceived challenges as an opportunity. “I aim to convert every hurdle into a chance to do better and work hard on the projects we get.”

In his experience, change in trends is a challenge every entrepreneur must be prepared for when starting any business, which can make and break success. Slight industrial changes and trends have wiped out profitable businesses. Entrepreneurs know that trend is a friend and are always willing to swiftly adjust their business to the current trend”, Vishal adds.

Using technology to clients’ advantage

Today, it’s a new era where a vast expansion of human communication profoundly influences culture everywhere, especially in the Media industry. Revolutionary technological changes, have changed the way we behave online, resulted in unified interactions on social media and turned the Web into what is now a global village.

Fortunately, this means there’s lots of room for today’s more advanced communication technologies to find their footing on the marketing landscape – and plenty of time for businesses to leverage them before falling behind the curve. Accordingly, Younoh Media anticipates and leverages tech-enhanced experiences to empower clients. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn & YouTube play a critical role in promoting Younoh’s services.

The Company’s ardent customer-centrism

Younoh Media’s clientele is built purely on referrals. It delivers quality services and charges a fair price which has garnered rave reviews from all customers.

Customers are entities that trust us to develop their brand, that too with creative liberty. So for us, success means going above and beyond to keep them happy, whether that means answering any questions or resolving issues with a positive attitude. Being an advertising agency, the first thing we work on is building customer relationships”, reveals Mr. Mahtani.

The media professional believes his company’s earnest testimonials gained only within months of service speak volumes.

A zealous team & positive work culture

Like any other successful brand, Younoh is driven by a team of competent, creative and highly-experienced professionals working relentlessly to advance the brand to ever-greater heights while making an industry impact. We work cohesively and focus on brainstorming, feedback and innovation. Processes are more casual, but team projects are still results-oriented.

Each employee is recruited on exceptional merit and work experience. The team’s harmonious functioning has made it a collective force that effectively sets and achieves its goals. Employees treat each other with kindness and mutual respect, and the company culture encourages meaningful interactions between colleagues. 

Staying connected with clients

Vishal Mahtani emphasises three Cs – communication, clarity and consistency. Purpose leads to profit. Understanding and aligning your firm’s and your client’s overarching goals allows one to easily view and openly address underlying issues.

Shares the entrepreneur, “With a mutual understanding of your shared purpose, you can be transparent and communicate with clients without fear of damaging your relationship. A shared purpose and open relationship will soften the blow of any error, enabling your firm to maintain your clients. The bad times will seem less bad, and the good times even better.”

Future Plans

Being a fast-growing company with long-term strategies, Younoh Media is quite ambitious for the coming years. It has devised some strategic plans to go about its execution systematically.

Within six months, the company has successfully established a gamut of clients in two of the most prominent cities in India. Now, by 2022, Mr. Mahtani would like to expand it over 6-7 cities with at least 70-100 trusted clients. In the future, he aims to become the most trustworthy Media brand.

A message to budding professionals

Even today, Vishal Mahtani maintains and even recommends a fun-filled approach to entrepreneurship. To his young counterparts, the businessman has only one piece of advice, “Do what you love and have an awesome time doing it. Give nothing but your utmost best to every aspect of business. Success will surely come.”


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