Vikas Verma: A Visionary Entrepreneur Who’s Set to Metamorphose India’s Architecture and Design Landscape

In today’s advancing India, design ingenuity is of unequivocal importance to brands. The demands of the time are such that people are gravitating towards practical, avant-garde models. Be it product design, industrial design, or architectural design, this trend is evident across all fronts in the field, irrespective of the nature and scale of their market.

Vikas Verma is an Indian entrepreneur who has been especially successful in meeting the demands of changing times. His brand, Nilvarna Design, and Consultants (OPC) Pvt. Ltd., has been instrumental in spurring several innovations in modern architecture and urban planning.

Vikas’s USP Lies in his remarkable ability to understand and adapt to market patterns. He has intuitively dissected the several factors that govern change in the architecture/design landscape.

Let’s have an overview of Vikas and his brand. We’ll also unravel the various elements that’ve shaped their success.

The Services and Processes Driving Vikas’s Brand

Nilvarna provides an array of skilled Architectural, Design & Planning Solutions to its clients. It constantly scales its solutions with new edge technological designs & structures, so that it can meet modern design challenges and also better carry out and improve its services through the implementation of the sigma six like process. By applying all such technology and processes, the brand strives to consistently better its product quality and provide a transformative experience to customers.

The brand, through its multifarious operations, aims at promoting the following objectives:

  • Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Startups through incubation of new ventures and business and mentoring support from experts.
  • Research and Development Partnership through joint application for government grants to enable projects.
  • IP & Licensing, including creating joint IPs/ Publications and other opportunities for learning and enhancing skillsets.
  • Development of dedicated, fully-furnished office spaces, lab resources, prototyping lab for fabrication, shared facilities.
  • Facilitation of government grants.

Nilvarna also provides End-to-End High Tech Training to employees, which helps them better perform their jobs and spur innovation for its products while working onboard. Thanks to this emphasis on growth, the brand has been ahead of the curve in multiple facets.

His Mission and Vision

Like any other ambitious entrepreneur, Vikas is driven by a strong “why”. This manifests itself as a powerful vision and mission statement for his brand, which is as follows:

Vision: To foster industry collaboration by developing/co-developing knowledge-based innovative ventures, leveraging the core competencies of Nilvarna Design and Consultants (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.


  • Contribute to the development of human settlements in the nation through innovations in the fields of Architecture, Design, Planning, and Management with social, economic, and environmental benefits.
  • Leverage core competencies of Nilvarna Design and Consultants (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. so as to become a hub of Research & Development that’ll foster a robust innovation ecosystem. In addition, this will promote female participation and generate employment opportunities for them.
  • Create and support innovation and knowledge-based innovative ideas by addressing current and future challenges of the society or by identifying key thrust areas and intensively working upon them.
  • Foster and strengthen collaboration/linkages with the government, industry/business, and community to become a successful venture.
  • Enable commercialization of IP generated through entrepreneurial initiatives.

Vikas’s staunch driving ideals have helped him carve a niche for his brand in the market space. They’ve also raised the industry’s standards, on the whole, inspiring other brands to meet rigorous quality and innovation benchmarks.

His Emphasis on Problem-solving

In today’s fast-paced world, there’s an overwhelming abundance of information. New and innovative ideas are transmitted across people in different geographies and backgrounds each day. This in turn has given rise to a problem-solving culture, which is especially evident in startups.

Vikas takes inspiration from this cultural trend and adopts the same problem-solving approach for numerous causes. A few such causes, which his brand actively works towards, have been listed below:

  • Solving unemployment issues in women, skilled and unskilled workers.
  • Working towards the vision of “Aatmanirbhar Bharat” by providing a practical training platform to newly passed specialized graduates, also endowing them benefits of the “Earn While You Learn” program.
  • Generating large-scale employment in Real Estate, Design and Construction sectors, etc.
  • Providing New-Age Design Solutions on economic scalability.
  • Resolving Waste Management issues in cities by drafting their town planning management.
  • Providing upgraded living solutions to citizens that come with green energy, smart housing, a fresh environment, etc.

In line with his employment generation initiatives, Vikas is relentlessly advancing the “Har Haath Ko Kaam” cause. He is working towards generating cash flow in the weaker sections of society so that they can improve their livelihood and educate their children. He’s also working towards initiatives to stop child labour.

The Work Ideals That Drive Nilvarna

To ensure the utmost satisfaction of both employees and customers, the team at Nilvarna adheres to a set of staunch work ideals. These have been given below:

Quality: The team ensures that their service quality is on par with industrial standards.

Creativity: They creatively design services based on real-time problems.

Superior Customer Service: Customers are provided top-notch service to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.

Supervision & Guidance: Employees are provided minute-to-minute strict supervision by highly trained seniors and professionals.

Vikas believes that in order to outperform the competition, a brand must consider the objective assessment of several factors, such as the competitor’s strengths and shortcomings, product benefits and limitations, target market strategy, product strategy, distribution strategy, and price strategy. The net result of this detailed thinking should be presented in a simple table, which differentiates into two columns: a) “What we do better than they do” and b) “What they do better than we do”. This comprehensive yet simplistic approach has helped Nilvarna tick all the boxes in terms of client requirements. It’s banging on in economic feasibility, quality standards, as well as need-specificity of the clients.

Nilvarna’s Advertising/Marketing Strategies

Nilvarna generates revenue from its customers and business clients. It furthers revenue and brand growth by consistently bettering the services offered to them. In addition to this, Nilvarna sells products & services of other companies on platforms like Google ad-word and collaborates with companies in the same field. The brand makes an affiliate income Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) individual lead generation program. As always, with all these processes, the brand gives utmost importance to quality standards and reasonable pricing.

The Brand’s Focus on R & D

Vikas places a strong emphasis on R & D with his brand. He believes that R & D is absolutely essential for the growth of a startup, as it widens the scope of research activities and creates a robust innovation ecosystem for employees and entrepreneurs. This not only helps them come up with new ideas but also collaboratively create and innovate solutions that could surmount future challenges. Furthermore, it promotes inter-disciplinary design-focused innovation and creativity, problem-solving through design-based education, and knowledge-sharing among industries, academia, governments, research laboratories, etc.

Nilvarna’s purpose with R & D is to work and develop products and prototypes, toolkits, websites, and mobile applications that cover diverse fronts in the fields of architecture, design, planning, and management. The various typologies of the company projects would be based on Product, Process, Research, and Innovation.

Vikas’s Thoughts on Leadership

According to Vikas, there are umpteen ways to define a leader. In his view, somebody who leads a team by example and motivates them to work for a mutual goal is one such definition. As a leader, it’s important to consider your strengths, for they’ll help you in discovering your weaknesses. This, according to him, will help you in converting all weaknesses into strengths and ultimately becoming a successful leader.

A Message To Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Championing the indomitable entrepreneurial spirit, Vikas urges all newbies to courageously grow and proceed towards their dreams. Here’s what he has to say: “I will encourage young entrepreneurs to set goals for themselves and learn new things on a regular basis. Doing work that you genuinely believe in is the only way to be fulfilled in life. Never be afraid to take a gamble because we’ll never know until we try. Simply believe in yourself. Remember, whether you believe you can or cannot, you’re right, either way.”



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