Incorporated in 2016, VENTURE WOLF offers key competence in guiding new-edge startups, SMEs, MSMEs, and growth-stage companies in raising equity and debt capital from its widespread network of 5000+ investors in India, the United States, the Middle East, Israel, Singapore, Europe, Hong Kong, Australia, China, and Japan. The foremost objective of the brand is to support and assist businesses at all stages to fulfill their funding needs. The brand also offers trustworthy services like Equity Funding, Secured & Unsecured Debt, Working Capital, Revenue Based Funding, Growth Funding Requirements, Mortgage Loans, SME Funding, Export Bill Discounting, Construction, Real Estate, Builder Funding, and SME IPOs.
As the editorial team of Prime Insights Magazine sat down to have a conversation with Mr. Devang Raja-Founder of VENTURE WOLF, we discussed so many important facts and features about the brand. We had a bunch of questions to be asked from the seasoned entrepreneur. We can assure you that his words carry the epitome of excellent business acumen and understanding of the evolving business ecosystem. He also gave us a sneak-peak at the company’s upcoming projects and expansion strategy. We present this brand article as a reflection of the company’s supreme legacy.

The Inspiring Inception Tale

Company’s Founder Mr. Devang Raja was working on building his venture. It was during this time he realized that there is an unfulfilled gap in a comprehensive platform that would provide all kinds of services, proper guidance, support, and mentorship to the bussing entrepreneurs. In addition to it, he also knew that startups can also leverage seamless investor connections to help startups and businesses raise funds if provided at one-stop. Hence, to simplify the fund-raising process for businesses and empower the passion of future entrepreneurs, the idea of VENTURE WOLF was born.

Obstacles are Inevitable for Building Something Grand

As a colossal entrepreneur and one who empowers other entrepreneurs, Mr. Devang Raja believes that challenges are an essential part and parcel of any business. Just like any other business, VENTURE WOLF saw its share of ups and downs. Getting the right people on board to get clients and delivering them what was promised and building a network of 5000+ investors was a tough yet optimistic journey for the brand. Furthermore, the economic setbacks that came up during demonetization, GST implementation, and COVID Lockdown made the road even harder. Every day brought something even more challenging but the team stood cohesive with their persistence and common vision. Today VENTURE WOLF is expanding by leaps and bounds through the support of its channel partners across the country.

Structuring an Epitome of Irrefutable Corporate Trust

“VENTURE WOLF believes that trust is not a defining factor but an achieving one. When we balance the right value proposition to our investor – Investee communities equally, we make successful, sustainable, and sensible deals. This notion spreads through word-of-mouth and enhances the brand equity of our work done which in turn becomes the main theme for brand trust. At VENTURE WOLF, we strive to provide clarity and confidence in the present to create a better tomorrow. Our values go beyond language. A strong entrepreneurial focus, an emphasis on cooperation, unflinching integrity, transparency, clear, fair, and non-misleading discourse, mutual respect, and a continual desire to ‘Creating Entrepreneurs’ are at the core of the business. Being in this line of activity since 2016, VENTURE WOLF has received immaculate support from the ecosystem. This could be because we stood by our clients even during tough times like the recession and pandemic. In a nutshell, VENTURE WOLF prefers to slog along no matter how the circumstances are with our nurturing services. This drives the mistrust away and builds the brand equity”, says the proactive founder, Mr. Devang Raja.

Establishing Fervent Alliances with Business Associates

Investors trust VENTURE WOLF because the team brings well-curated startups with a proper plan of action. It helps the investors to increase their respective revenues and enhance their successful portfolios. On the other hand, the founders are honored with practical and strategic growth hacks. Whether it is witnessing strong connectivity with ecosystem players or building other strategic connections, every resource in terms of both monetary support and knowledge is provided to give wings to the dreams of passionate entrepreneurs. VENTURE WOLF has differentiated itself from its competitors in all perspectives and established a fond bond with its customers through the effective delivery of services. The corporate culture has never been unilateral; the team always welcomes productive solutions that are cordially acceptable to both sides of the client’s table like the investing communities and the startup founders.

Strategy and Road Forward

VENTURE WOLF plans to leap into developing a 3D model of the situation in which the third dimension is the end user of the product/service of the investee entity. Considering all three segments the team will have the agility to scrutinize and synchronize all the deals and bring success to everyone involved in them. Efforts are already in action to launch the brand’s in-house built flagship program, “WOLF DEN”. This program would be aired on a premium channel where startups meet investors and grab their interests. This goal is aligned with fulfilling the splurging demands of advancing fields like health, education, and Artificial Intelligence, as these sectors are quintessential for the 360-degree benefit of the nation. Both Investors and Investees must realize the importance of bringing more influx of funds into these segments and this program will try to bridge the gap between the dreamers and the catalysts of the ecosystem.

Words of Wisdom from the Luminary

VENTURE WOLF is in every aspect, like a dream come true for entrepreneurs as every inch of corporate guidance comes under one roof. To all the aspiring entrepreneurs, Mr. Devang Raja tells that this is the best time to bring the idea into reality.
“Give your best to the idea. Think out of the box. Ups and downs will come in life. Be optimistic and make use of every opportunity you are getting and promise what you can deliver. Be honest in your operations as problems and market opportunities are abundant. The atmosphere is well set due to the mode set in by the Government. This is the right time to embark on a new initiative. Do not work solely for commercial gains because money is just a byproduct of success. You have the expertise of people around you, take the knowledge from these guys and put it into your efforts. Come up with a product or service that the world needs. The next 10-15 years it’s going to be for INDIA so make the best use of it. When you have a niche idea, you should be working on it. Get professional help whenever required. Most issues can be resolved when you have a clear thought process and open communication with your team. Ask for assistance and concentrate on your core competencies.”

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