United Artlogistics India Private Limited : Aim To Provide Top-Notch Relocation and Fragile Freight Handling Services

  • Logistics Management is important to gain a better operational insight of a company’s supply chain. Moreover, it helps the company increase revenue, improve customer service, reduce overall transportation costs, and ameliorate the operating cost structure.
  • United Artlogistics India Private limited is the leading logistics company which specializes in delivering the finest relocation and fragile freight handling services. UAPL is widely known for providing safe, economical and convenient packing and moving services in the international arena.
  • United Artlogistics India Private Limited was founded by Annurag Sharma back in 2008. Since its conception, the company has provided logistics solutions to hundreds of clients, both on the national and international level. By providing top-notch, reliable solutions and the brand aims to reform the condition of fragile freight handling services in India.

United Artlogistics India private limited: An All-Encompassing Logistics Brand

  • United Artlogistics India Private Limited offers an array of logistics services like Sea Freight, Air Freight, Time Critical Solutions, Sea Freight, Antiquities, Sensitive Freight, Rail, Freight, Customs Dedicated Transport Solutions, Heavy Haulage Bulk Freight Events and Exhibitions Art, etc. The company ensures that it meets every requirement of the customer, from handling normal freights to specialized fragile freights.
  • The company has a multi-domestic network that covers the entire Indian sub-continent, with offices in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kolkata. The staff at UAPL are highly trained and have over 20 years of experience in handling Fragile freights.
  • UAPL believes in supplying a unique amalgamation of global agency network access, service, and an operational structure, which helps the customer grow his/her business substantially. The company also has vast experience in providing global solutions for all kinds of TV/ broadcasting, Art Events & Fairs, International Event activities, apart from general cargo movements.
  • The brand makes use of Direct Emailers to reach clients. Along with this, it also organises seminars and training workshops to inform clients about the services, features and discounts that it offers to make budget-friendly business. Its training workshop helps the staff members become more skilled and experienced. 

UAPL’s Inspiring Entrepreneurship Journey

  • UAPL was established 12 years ago byn Annurag Sharma when he started analysing the freight patterns of various packing and moving companies. Doing so made him realise that not all kinds of freights were compatible with every kind of moving pattern. “Fragile freight and some other items are not appropriately safe with General Freight. This struck me with a better idea and motivation to start a specialist pick-up and delivery service enabling line haul fleet with a special network for fragile freight, to ensure protection of your fragile freight from the non-compatible ones.”
  • Driven by the innovation, he conceived United Artlogistics India Private Limited with the intent to provide better logistics solution to clients seeking the safe relocation of fragile items. Such fragile items usually included fine arts pieces, which needed extra caution while moving due to their delicate nature.
  • Since its conception, UAPL has catered to the logistics needs of hundreds of clients. The brand’s specialized nature is its USP, as there aren’t many logistics companies that take care of the unique safety measures needed for fragile freight transportation.

Overcoming Challenges As A Fragile Freight Handling Services Company

  • Every business has to face certain challenges in the initial stages. With the increasingly competative market it can be difficult for any new business to pitch their ideas to the client. The company’s stream of business itself involves a series of operations that requires technical skills and specialized training and hence, there are times when they experience manpower shortage. Despite the inconveniences, UAPL compromises on no grounds, it offers generous compensation packages and flexible working arrangements, which also raises another challenge of higher investment level.
  • Today, UAPL has successfully handled numerous major events like the “Sharjah Museum Exhibition (Trajectories: 19th – 21st century printmaking in Pakistan & India)” in 2014, the “United Art Fair” in India in 2013 & 2014, the “ICC Champions Trophy” in India in 2013, etc. It attributes all the success to its relentless commitment towards customer satisfaction. UAPL has strived to provide the best-in-class services to clients at affordable rates and also cater to their needs on a timely basis.
  • The brand attributes its consistent success-streak to its top-notch service quality: So far, UAPL has been able to acquire client confidence quite well. The clients who have been in business with it for a long time know the brand inside out and prefer it for its premium service-quality. Not only does UAPL delivers the best-in-class performance but it also caters to the clients’ diverse needs from time to time. As a result, clients have a long-term secure relationship with the brand. Many brands deliver great service in the initial phases, but afterwards, their performance starts to plummet. To maintain its stronghold in the market and further expand its client-base, UAPL is focused on consistent performance-delivery and fulfilling all its commitments.
United Artlogistics India Private Limited

Why UAPL Gives Great Importance To Quality Upgrades

  • UAPL has spent 12 years of its existence working hard towards consistently improving the quality of their services. The company firmly believes in establishing a relationship of trust with its customers. Over the years, the customers have reached a stage where they know they can trust the brand implicitly.
  • UAPL understands that measuring a business’s success in monetary terms does not say much about its progress. What matters is the level of trust the clients have in the brand. Clients who have been in touch with UAPL for regular business have been very relying and trusting towards it. They’ve also given the brand good marketing through word of mouth referrals. The effect is such that when new clients connect with the brand, goodwill and mutual trust is spontaneously generated.
  • UAPL believes that its emphasis on trust-building has brought it this far. Creating value for customers and building long term relations with them is paramount to the long-term success of any brand. While chasing monetary objectives might help in generating some sales, it is a short-sighted approach that fails to look at the bigger picture.
  • The company’s first ever consignment was a huge challenge. A million-dollar project was at stake and almost everyone in the industry was hesitant towards handling such a high-profile project, involving such a high level of risk. UAPL, however, was insistent on handling the project. By applying their in-depth knowledge and persistent efforts, the company managed to successfully finish it within the given timeline. This huge step got the brand on the map; not only were they acknowledged for their efforts by various companies but they also acquired many new and long-term customers.

UAPL’s Three Pillars Of Customer Satisfaction

  • UAPL’s services are based on Convenience, Safety, and Sustainability. The sole motive of the company is to operate on these three objectives at all times. By delivering the same, the company has been able to establish permanent business relationships with customers across the globe.
  • In an era of dying trust, UAPL has managed to prove its potential and capabilities by consistently executing high risk projects successfully. UAPL understands that the customers always expect quality service for the value that they invest, which is why it focuses on delivering exactly what is expected of them. The brand firmly believes in the adage “Trust is a two-way street”. By fulfilling their promises time and again, the clients will be contented with the brand’s services, which will be conducive to establishing a long-term relationship with them.
  • When asked about what makes customers choose UAPL over others, Sharma said, “The answer is quite simple. We offered what we promised! To begin with, when I planned to start the company, I was motivated by the thought of creating a disparity amongst the wide range of homogeneousness. It was certainly slow initially, but as and when we kept expanding our work and efficiency, people started recognising us. We were being referred and preferred all over the place. On some days it was difficult, we also faced failures and downfalls in terms of functioning and client responses. But we kept moving and kept upgrading, we didn’t refrain from taking risks. The reward for all the risk and hard work was fruitful and here we are, well known and well established.”
  • For UAPL, a customer serves as an inspiration as well as a goal. An inspiration because the needs and requirements of the customer inspires the business to improve, and a goal as the inspiration motivates the business to put its actions into execution.
  • The customer-centric approach adopted by UAPL has also been a source of motivation for other logistics brands. It has emerged as a game-changer in an industry where customer satisfaction was always treated as a secondary focus.

UAPL’s Vision For The Future

  • UAPL plans on upgrading their services and making significant innovations in the coming future. Plans of launching services in the line of Airlines, Air Freight, Import-Export Neutral Carrier, Export Packaging & Moving are also in the pipeline. The brand has the goal to completely transform the logistics industry. Apart from expanding and providing its services across numerous countries, it also aspires to become a flag bearer of handling and relocation services.
  • The company also plans on launching several other services that would cater to the unique needs of every customer. By providing newer and better services, the company aims at accomplishing honest rewards and building a foundation of trust with its clients. It also plans on bringing a series of connected service provider brands under one roof to serve its consumers and establish a global presence.
  • On the personal front, Sharma said that he is keen on growing and expanding his abilities. He wishes to increase his ability to learn and come up with out-of-the-box solutions. He says, “Personally, I want to accomplish increase in growth, experience and ability to learn and innovate. There might be failures and setbacks too, but I want that with every setback I am able to take a better lesson and rise even higher the next time.”
United Artlogistics India Private Limited

Sharma’s Message To Aspiring Entrepreneurs

  • Holding entrepreneurship in very high regard, Sharma says that entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship are fundamental in sustaining the economy and society. Despite the daunting challenges, he encourages young entrepreneurs to hold their ground and persevere until they succeed.

Sharma’s message to the readers of Prime Insights magazine:

  • “The world needs new entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs create jobs, lift the standard of living, usher new technology into society, and keep the competition alive in the marketplace. It’s the best profession, being your boss, defining your own terms, but only if you are ready to face failures and willing to take risks. No business is built in just a day or two. It may take months or even years to get to somewhere but that’s the challenge, you need to hold your ground strong enough to keep trying till the end.
  • Starting a business is difficult, and it’s crucial that the next generation has as much ammunition as possible. But once you achieve your first tomb of success, you’ll realize there’s no stopping you now. We are all relying on you to carry on the proud tradition of innovation.”

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