Twitter Bans Spam Accounts

In a boldly decisive move by social media giant Twitter, all social media accounts – which were created solely for the purpose of promotion on the platform – would be not allowed on the site owing to its recent uptight regulations.

On Sunday, Twitter in an official statement shared that it would remove all accounts created solely for the purpose of promoting other social media.

This predominantly covers media like Meta’s Facebook, Instagram, along with a host of other platforms like Mastodon, Truth Social, Tribel, Nostr, and Post.

While the multi-million follower platform would still allow cross-sharing between these media handles, it would restrict the sharing of links or usernames via such accounts.

Some Digital Media Experts – who have over the years studied the maneuvers of Twitter – are skeptical of the giant’s unforeseen move to halt the usage of the accounts. Which is purely owing to the reason of strategic growth considering the mass volume of shares fostered by an otherwise free platform.

Cross-sharing in itself is a great avenue for a free exchange environment.

That being said, a certain relaxation of the account norms – which at times are not reliable criterion for deciding whether an account is purely promotional – ought to be implemented in order to have an objective decision herein.

The decision has generated polarizing views – for and against- from authorities in the digital & tech space.

While most feel it’s a leap ahead in the way of creating a platform with solid boundaries, the others like in the case above feel it’s somewhat imperfect.

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, a recent &  powerful investor in social media platform Nostr, replied to the Twitter Support Post with one word: “Why?” He followed with a response to another user posting about the Nostr promotion ban, saying: “doesn’t make sense.”

A glaring exception from the list was China’s famous music-video sharing app, TikTok. The exact reason for this exemption, as far as our knowledge goes, is unclear.

The policy change at Twitter is however is a whack-a-wild add-on in an already frantic series of decisions made at the company recently.

Ever since the reign of Musk, there has been a massive upheaval of the processes – along with the management of the taskforce.

Last week, the company fired its Trust Council, a volunteer group which was a powerhouse for its decision process since 2016.

Musk was also reported to fire the uppermost management at the organization owing to practical operational purposes.

In addition, he has ushered a major shift in the handling of the workforce in an abrasive  manner.

The year ahead beholds many more bold and globally impactful moves for the company. Some of which might be evident starting January itself.

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