Tushar Shah: A Customer-Centric CEO Empowering Businesses With Innovative Technology & Solutions

Tushar Shah | Richa Infosystems Pvt. Ltd.

Whether it’s startups or corporations, government entities or NGOs, any organization that wishes to excel in today’s technologically-dependent world requires, well, reliable and robust technology. With an increasing consumer base, businesses are often challenged to their limits for using not one but multiple IT solutions to function, and this is where technology is needed at the core. Anticipating this and fulfilling this industry demand well in advance is why Tushar Shah, a rising techpreneur, stands out from the crowd of his competitors.
Tushar Shah is the Founder & CEO of Gandhinagar-based Richa Infosystems that provides its customers with innovative tech products and solutions, helping them overcome hundreds of real-world challenges that enable a digitally-powered consumer experience.
Let’s take a deeper look at the various elements that have shaped RIPL’s success – its inception, product portfolio, initial struggles, future plans and more.

Overview of his company and offerings

Gandhinagar-based Richa Infosystems Pvt. Ltd is a leading manufacturer of Interactive Flat Panel, Education technology, security & surveillance, digital signage &interactive displays, video conferencing, IT products and healthcare. This ISO-certified brand is trusted and relied upon by customers pan India for its advanced technology, seamless installation and integration, reliable maintenance, 24/7 monitoring, insightful analytics and efficient after-sales service.
RIPL is guided by a vision of building safer, healthier and more efficient environments with the purpose of helping the world progress. Its core philosophy emphasizes providing ideal products at the right time with seamless service. The brand focuses on catering to the entire value chain of product and business, encompassing R&D, manufacturing, quality check, marketing, supply chain and domestic leadership. RIPL also has a presence in the Government e-marketplace.
The vast business is over ten years old and managed by a motivated and reliable team of professionals providing high-quality, value-added products at affordable rates across the country.

Envisioning a self-reliant India

The most successful brands worldwide once started as small businesses. Local communities who kept buying their products and services acted as catalysts for their global success. Keeping this in mind, Tushar Shah emphasizes the need for India to recognize its talent pool and support local businesses, local markets and local supply chains. Aligning his strategies to strengthen the “Vocal for Local” message, he is strongly committed to helping homegrown businesses, MSEs and local communities with high-quality, high-performance products that meet all climatic and performance expectations. The businessman is a strong advocate of using local labour in all his turnkey projects.
Additionally, Richa Infosystems has launched its own brand, “Techno Technikknow”, under which it has developed neoteric edu-tech products. Making current operations efficient & cost-effective, these products offer a competitive advantage to government PSUs, educational institutes & all organizations across the country, making them self-reliant. But that’s not all!
Among the many products under Techno Technikknow is an interactive, tablet-based e-learning application that aligns with the “Make In India” initiative. It features a flurry of online courses that Class I to XII students can access from home and progress at their own pace. This is something the education sector needs most given the current pandemic.

RIPL’s inception & initial struggles

Tushar Shah has found common ground with many world leaders who came from humble backgrounds and achieved success from scratch. Their pursuit of fulfilling lofty ambitions with a long-term vision, strategic mindset and extraordinary determination made a lasting impact on his mind, invoking a sense of self-enhancement and responsibility towards his community. This, eventually, inspired him to start Richa Infosystems.
But no matter how resolute the entrepreneurial spirit is, beginnings are always the hardest. Mr Shah, too, has had his fair share of struggles. A major challenge was creating a strong brand identity that draws crowds from its well-established competitors. Developing distribution channels was also tricky; being a new entrant in the market, it needed to come across as a trustworthy brand.
But, the biggest challenge was arranging the finance. But slowly and steadily, the CEO invested in best-in-class infrastructure and facilities, which helped this brand sail smoothly in many rough weathers where most businesses struggled to scale up.
Looking back, Mr Shah has fond memories of a fantastic entrepreneurial journey where he has enjoyed every moment. “Whenever there were ups, we celebrated. and when there were downs, we did more hard work with motivation to pass that phase. Our journey continues”, says the business leader.

A sound strategy for positive customer experience

The techpreneur has used his years of experience in Manufacturing & Design to ensure his company’s end-to-end services render a one-stop-shop experience to customers. A flexible approach and the competency to manage any volume of services makes Richa Infosystems a unique firm. The firm’s TÜV SÜD and ISO 9001:2015 certification is a jewel added to the crown. Moreover, it has maintained the cost of services to a reasonable level compared to competitors. But that’s just the beginning!
The company solidifies customer trust by anticipating & fulfilling their key demands, followed by efficient after-sales services PAN India. The secret lies in not just selling the product but also being a solution provider for all needs.
Tushar Shah has also put great efforts into marketing exercises. The most effective initiatives – technical seminars and exhibitions have promoted the brand’s technological advancement in the industry. While roadshows, webinars, emailers, technical brochures and social media marketing have drawn customers from untapped segments.
All this and more has resulted in Richa Infosystems being a customer-centric company – something Mr Shah has focused on since Day 1. Today, more than 80% of its clients are repeat customers.

Catering to a wide clientele

Richa Infosystems has provided state-of-the-art products & solutions to a wide range of clients, including PSUs, defence agencies, Paramilitary forces, NGOs, startups & MSEs, colleges & universities and MNCs across the country. The brand also has a strong presence in the Government eMarketplace.
Its client list would be incomplete without mentioning all medical colleges in Gujarat and Sharda University -Noida, IIT Delhi, Guru Ghasidas University -Bilaspur and Pandit Ravishankar Shukla University -Raipur.

The road ahead

Tushar Shah’s future plans include taking his company to new heights by providing high-quality services, both in appearance and content, that establish the brand as a market leader. To clients, he aims to offer a wider gamut of products & solutions that drive their business.
But the customer-centric CEO’s long-term goal here is to make Richa Infosystems known as the one firm where personal attention will never become obsolete. This he aims to achieve by employing people who go the extra mile for clients and nurturing a work culture of growth, profitability and enthusiasm.
Mr Shah also has altruistic ambitions of upskilling talent, especially the youth, in the education sector by providing quality products and solutions. Currently, RIPL is focused on equipping the healthcare sector with state-of-the-art healthcare products as it is the need of the hour. Given the immediate need for social distancing & self-imposed lockdown, the company has provided solutions like remote video conferencing tools and robots that can deliver medicines and supplies to patients.

Message for aspiring entrepreneurs

“Power without principle is barren, but principle without power is futile.” – Tony Blair.

Tushar Shah has always admired this quote and believes that power and principles are two sides of the same coin. One needs both to grow professionally or personally. This belief is boldly reflected in RIPL’s company culture, where every employee is fully empowered to take decisive actions beneficial to the organization.
On a broader note, Mr Shah offers insightful advice to eager-beavers trying to make it big. “There is no shortcut to success. You all have to use stairs to go up. Just follow your passion, focus on the next step and build day by day. Patience and consistency is the key to accomplish any business undertaking”.






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