Tricks on Google Maps that are a must-try:

An app with the potential to help people across the globe search for their required destinations, restaurants, hospitals, nearest ATMs, railway stations or PO and many more, Google Maps is a platform of hidden navigation, geospatial search and customization tools. Let us find out some tricks that will help us unlock the full usage of the app.

Customize Your Vehicle Icon

This lets you choose what car is available on your navigation in the iOS and Android apps. Simply plug in your destination and start up with your driving directions.

Access maps offline

Google Maps supports offline access so as to help us navigate anywhere without the hassle of being online connected.

Plot numerous locations

After entering your start and finish stop on Google Maps, simple click on ‘Add stop’ to get a pop-over menu and add as such destinations or stops that you want to add up in your journey.

Single click direction access

Add your destination and right click on it to get access or location to anywhere from there or any route you want to.

‘Hey Google, Where Am I Going?’

It is like a voice assistant to let you know where you are driving, or how far or whether you are on shortage of fuel and so on.

Drag and Drop to change directions

Just click and drag any part of your direction route to move around and drop where you want to get full location access.

The ‘Peg Man’

It is a little yellow person at the bottom right corner to orient him with the current view in the embedded map window in the bottom left-hand corner.

Let other people drive

It adds up ride share options from Uber and Lyft to this app and one can be easily presented with any nearby ride share option if available around him.

Measure any distance

Using the right-click tool, measure the distance between any two points on Earth to calculate trip distance.

AR walking directions

It gives directional prompts across Street View imagery to help you know which way you should walk or run.

Find accessible routes

People with mobility issues can easily find routes to use a wheelchair or any accessible route to the nearest train or bus service.

Look at your history

One can find his detailed record of digital travelling and search activities on the page.

Remember your parking plot

Tap the blue dot on Android and select ‘Save your parking’ to add a label to the Maps app and locate where you parked.

Parking Stich

It provides turn-by-turn directions based on live traffic data and provides you with a glimpse of your parking situation.

Auto deletion of location history

Click on ‘Location History’ and then ‘Auto delete’ to periodically auto-delete your navigation history.

Go Incognito

It lets you use the app for necessary navigation or information without keeping a record or saving it in the browser.

Add own Street View images

Android users can now add their pics to the street-level mapping feature using this feature.

Find an electric vehicle charging station

Search ‘EV charging’ in Google Maps to locate the nearest locations to charge up your vehicle.

Time travel

Look how Street View has changed over time using this virtual time machine option and have a 4-D cartographic experience.

Add music

Add music to your trip without exiting the app from the ‘Settings’ menu-then ‘Navigation’- then ‘Music Playback Controls’.

Share your location

Share your current location with people for specific time periods from the top left option ‘Location sharing’.

Share your laces of choice

Share your favourite locations with friends and relatives using Google Maps via text, mail or app of your choice.

Become a local guide

Google Maps act as a local guide when people leave reviews and tips about any navigational route.

Locate safe drug disposal spots

Fight the opioid crisis with the Google Map search tool using the ‘drug disposal near me’ option in the search bar.

Take a glance at ‘Mars on Earth’

Get a more immersive Street View to close-up views of breathtaking landscapes including the deserted Devon Island in Northern Canada near the north pole, which is closest to Mars found on Earth.

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