Top Ten YouTubers who thrived in India 2020

Top Ten YouTubers

Top Ten YouTubers who thrived in India 2020

  • YouTube is a TV spree platform that attracts today’s techie generation to get entertained and also fulfill their educational needs. Most YouTubers initiated their journey just to share their knowledge and skills to the audience. Their channel got enormous fame and the number of subscribers defeated all other channels on YouTube taking their popularity to the next level. These YouTubers are now blessed with a huge fan following. You might be thrilled to know their names. Have a look over top 10 YouTubers who have created a revolution on the YouTube platform-
  1. Ajey Nagar (CarryMinati)-The popular name of Ajey Nagar is Carryminati. He is based on Faridabad in the Delhi NCR region. There is a minute difference between his approach and other YouTubers. He keeps his thoughts over one of the most trending topics are prevailing across the internet. His latest reaction was on the topic “Tiktok VS YouTube” which was a big hit on this video platform. He immediately acquired 4 million subscribers within a very short period soon after he uploaded this video. It met with huge controversy and later the video was removed by YouTube itself. He has now a family of 16.9 million subscribers on the YouTube platform.
  2. ASHISH CHANCHALANI (ASHISH CHANCHLANI VINES)-Ashish Chanchalani is a great comedian based on Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra. He is basically from an engineering background and is known for his wide-ranging video contents creating laughter which is hard to control. He has an unbelievable count of subscribers of 18.2 million.
  3. Amit Badhana-Amit Badhana is Delhi based YouTuber who is currently ruling this platform with having 19.4 million subscribers. His contents are unique in themselves and quite different from other YouTubers that attracts most viewers. It can be seen just with his profile that reads ‘master bhi kehde isse na padhna, naam hai iska Amit Bhadana”.
  4. Bhuvan Bam (BB Ki Vines)- Bhuvan Bam, popularly named as BB, is a popular singer based on Delhi. He is also a songwriter and a YouTuber. His famous YouTube channel named ‘BB ki wines’ does not miss any chance for making its audience laugh till their stomach feels pain. An interesting feature of his channel is that he plays the role of numerous characters like Titu mama, Banchoodas, Mr. Bola, and many more. His vast fan following with 17.5 million subscribers on YouTube is a big achievement that made him the first Indian individual YouTuber to exceed 10 million subscribers.
  5. GAURAV CHAUDHARY (TECHNICAL GURUJI- Gaurav Chaudhary (popularly called Technical Guruji) is a popular YouTuber who is known for creating videos on technology-related topics like recent mobile launch and others. He is based in UAE. He has a large network of subscribers with the number 16.4 million as topics related to technological innovation interest most people. He was also included under the 30 Forbes list.
  1. TSMADAAN-TS Madaan is a YouTuber and a motivational speaker. He is known for his remarkable performance on YouTube with winning 8.6 million subscribers on YouTube. His videos are usually on topics like selling skills, life skills, motivation, and inspiration.
  2. SANDEEP MAHESHWARI-Sandeep Maheshwari (founder and CEO of ImagesBazaar) is a motivational speaker and is known for his inspirational talks and videos. He started sharing his motivational videos through his YouTube channel to enlighten the mind of a large number of people who are facing a troublesome period in their life or career seekers and students as well. Although, seeking a large number of subscribers was not his motive, as he confessed many times that he works for the non-profit motive. He has currently 14.7 million subscribers on YouTube.
  3. NISHA MADHULIKA-Nisha Madhulika is an Indian chef, YouTuber, and consultant for restaurants. She is specialized in Indian cuisine. She is known for her easy cooking tactics and is quite popular among Indian housewives. Her videos usually meet with 1.3 billion views. She also gets food columns on various websites and currently has 9.13 subscribers.
  4. SANAM-Sanam is an Indian pop-rock band based on Mumbai. His rock band is popular for creating original music and making a new version of Bollywood classic songs. Sanam Puri is the most famous name of the band and is known for his popular songs like Ishq Bulaava and Fakira. He possesses currently 7.34 million subscribers.
  5. HARSH BENIWAL-Harsh Beniwal is a comedian and also an actor. He recently got fame for his film debut in the movie ‘Student of the year 2’. He is popular for creating hilarious videos with his friends that makes the audience laugh. His YouTube channel currently bear 8.13 million subscribers.

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