Throughout the whole world, companies are racing to make the latest app. Be it by using new technology, a new workforce, a new environment, firms are in a race to create your favorite on-demand app quickly. Several companies have made many interesting moves in this respect, like Google launching Flutter, for creating cross hybrid apps, which are both Android and IOS. Other firms have also launched incredible products like Xamarin, ReactNative, etc. All these developments require extensive support which is much superior to conventional techniques like the drag and drop approach. Now, let us list the best mobile app development technologies for creating an app faster.


AppGyver Composer 2 is an amazing mobile app development tech, which is a hosting service and web-based builder for Android and IOS apps. This mobile app development tech provides native UI elements, like modals, page transitions, drawers, navigation bars, tab bars to obtain a native look in a hybrid app. Apps can be created from approximately fifteen templates, or components and modules. For coding, the user must create custom modules. The app will be able to receive a text and numeric data from different sources. Once, the app is ready, you must deploy and build it in the AppGyver Cloud. Companion app can test and preview your work on IOS or Android m/c. There are three pricing plans for this hosting service like 499 euros/month for a single app, 899 euros/month for 2 or 3 apps, or 1999 GBP per month for up to 10 apps, in the Business category.

Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce developers have plenty of options, for creating mobile apps, based on their website. At the elementary level, the user can configure field specific actions and global actions for SalesForce mobile app. At the advanced level, there are Salesforce Mobile SDK’s enable accessing SalesForce data from hybrid and native apps. SalesForce’s Lightning App Builder, Design System, and Components create enterprise apps for tablets, mobile devices, and desktops. The Salesforce Platform is priced at 25 dollars per user per app every month.

 Microsoft Power Apps

Another amazing tool known as Microsoft Power Apps, is a very easy tool that is used to create apps, the best Dynamics 365 data, and SharePoint Online and publishing them to IOS, web, Windows 10, or Android. PowerApp provides two techniques for app design. In, the first model, apps are created automatically, by analyzing the data through Common Data Service for all the apps. The user can customize the design and publish the app. Microsoft Power Apps is more time consuming than canvas apps. Microsoft Power Apps is combined with Dynamics 365 and Office plans.


Outsystems10 is a very good hosting service, which provides a delivery platform and low-code rapid application development, which creates responsive web apps. This service accesses mobile devices’ native capabilities, using Outsystems Now. This service is a hybrid app that combines all of a firm’s mobile apps in the native app. On the server-side, Outsystems 10 generates Java code and .NET code. Outsystems environment runs on Windows and it is compatible with IIS or Windows or Linux and a JAVA app server. This hosting service combines with SOAP
web services, SAP, major databases, REST API’s and cloud systems like Twitter, Linkedin, DropBox, Facebook and Google Drive. OutSystems identifies learning to use the system is a tough task. There are lots of courses, webinars online, guided paths, classroom training, and webinars online. For increasing the speed of app development, there is a repository of connectors and components, Outsystems Forge, and reusable application modules.

Alpha Anywhere

Alpha Anywhere is an incredible hosting server, which is a DB oriented, rapid app tool used for development, for making hybrid and web mobile apps, for working offline. Programmers are assisted to make the client and parallel back end elements. This service has its database engine but also consists of drivers for back ends like Access, MS SQL Server, Excel, DB2, and Oracle. Regarding SQL DB, the user must let its SQL code make the code for CRUD. Alpha’s support concerning offline operation, in HTML5 mobile apps, makes the development very easy. Alpha Anywhere costs 995 USD annually, for the development environment, or 4995 USD per year for a self-built and deploy system.

 Kony App Platform

KonyAppPlatform provides a way to create hybrid, native, and web apps in a single IDE, using JavaScript skills. Programmers can drag reusable components into the single IDE, Kony Visualizer, from their library. In the back end, Kony Fabric delivers access to sync services, orchestration, and identity. This utilizes a microservices model, for making service delivery easier. This platform is available in two editions like a free one which is suitable for hundred users and one app, with no automatic support and backups. There is an Enterprise edition, which is priced at 2500 USD per month for around two hundred and fifty users.

Another exceptional hosting service is the visual editor in which programmers can integrate Ionic, jQueryMobile, BootStrap, Angular JS, and HTML 5 components, for creating responsive web apps and hybrid apps, for Android and IOS based on Apache Cordova. This IDE which is web-based consists of integrated back-end services like cloud DB, push notifications, file management, and user registration and management, with support for social names from Google, Facebook, and Twitter.


From this article, readers will get awareness regarding the top mobile app development technologies, for developing an app much more quickly.






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