Government bans top Chinese Apps in India: Get best Indian alternatives here

Indian alternatives of Chinese Apps

Government bans top Chinese Apps in India: Get best Indian alternatives here

After the smash on Galwan, the Indian government banned 59 Chinese apps and encouraged people in India to use Indian apps just for making India autonomous. India always has been a major consumer market for China and thus has a significant contribution in boosting their economy.
Indian users are now taking the interests in Indian apps to promote their step for ‘Local to Vocal’. India is not deprived of good alternatives for Chinese apps like TikTok, CamScannner, Clash to King to UC Browsers.
This foremost decision taken from the Government’s side has given Indian local apps a colossal market to judge their efficacy and advancement. The immense support of intuitive developers for this ban is inspiring app users for using such apps created by Indians. These Indian app developers assure that user-data will remain relatively safe and secure within the country in comparison to previously used Chinese apps.
This has been done to bring a great revolution in India to make it self-dependent and extend the market for “made in India” products. Also, the government has been asked to the Flipkart, Amazon India, and the other retailers to add more labels to their goods. The reason behind curbing 59 Chinese apps was that these Chinese apps found to be indulged in some suspicious activities that were against the supremacy and integrity of India. Also, it was found unsafe from the defence and security point of view.
Here are few leading Chinese apps banned along with their best Indian alternatives-


Among all the banned Chinese apps, TikTok’s popularity in India was at the paramount level. The majority of TikTok users were from India sharing their short videos, dance steps and other contents.

Indian alternatives:

Bolo Indya

This Indian app is just opponent of other advertorial apps. This app was used for creating videos by users based on their knowledge, skills and interests. It allowed ten Indian languages in which video contents could be created and shared. It also allowed an option to earn money from the app as well.


This app is the next best alternative for the Tiktok Chinese app. In mere ten days, 30 lakh downloads were recorded. Once, an incredible record of 500,000 downloads in 72 hours was touched. Till now, there are already approx 1.1 crore downloads for Chingari on the Google Play store in ten Indian languages.


This Bengaluru based video-sharing application has achieved the top ten free Google play applications. The app has a rating of 4.7 stars. Its users can share, create, edit, and browse videos comfortably.


Being the most popular sharing app, ShareIt possess the highest speed for cross-platform transfer and free of cost online feeds. This app could be seen in almost everyone’s mobile phone in India.

Indian alternatives:


ShareChat is a regional social media platform of India created by Mohalla Tech Private Limited. It was specifically designed for making content-sharing dependable on various social-networking platforms. ShareChat is customized for working actively even on the worst connections.

Files by Google

This app helps in the effective management of different files. One best thing about this app is an offline facility to transfer files. It also assists in cleaning the space of your mobile’s storage.


LiveChat was used among the public as internet customer service software. It came along with the online chat facility, help desk, and web analytics capacities. Most companies were using this app just as a tool to connect and manage all customer-service and perform online sales activities. These activities were earlier done with different channels like email, social media ,and by using multiple tools.

Indian Alternatives:


It is a sort of mobile application that has brought significant changes in the way of working freelancing consultancy. It allows teachers, trainers, and businesses to launch their paid video sessions or giant group events flawlessly.


Airmeet is used for organizing the online events, big conferences, and for other interactions at the bigger level. Being user-friendly, it allows the audience to attend the event without downloading an app. It offers several other interesting features that make it better than other apps.


CamScanner was one of the most prevalent image scanners for mobile. It’s convenient scanning and sharing process for documents and photos on JPEG or PDF made it quite popular among the Indian audience.

 Indian Alternative:

Microsoft Office Lens App

It is a good alternative for CamScanner which is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. It allows similar features just like CamScanner.

Adobe Scan app

This app is another best alternative for CamScanner and offers some decent scanning features.

Kaagaz Scanner

This app developed by IITians just came into existence before ten days of Chinese app Ban. It is compatible with Android devices.


This app is available in the market since longer duration. Since few months, a rapid increase was felt in its download and the recent Chinese App ban allowed it to jump flawlessly in the Indian app market. It is a simple PDF document scanner app that works effectively as like CamScanner. The app has already crossed 1 million downloads and has 4.3 ratings on Google Playstore.

UC News

 The app is one of the popular news outlets of UC Web from Alibaba Alibaba Group. UC news is in integration with UC Browser. There are several budget phones which come along with preloaded UC Browser and UC News apps. But, these apps are under the list of Chinese apps banned by the Government recently.

Indian Alternatives:

These popular news apps can be easily replaced by Google chrome or Google news. These are the best alternatives for watching recent news and current affairs. The other great alternatives are-


Inshorts is a sort of news app that shortlist the recent news from various national, international sources and summarizes the same within crisp 60 words. It provides news in both English and Hindi.


This startup is based on Bengaluru and is established for providing local news, matrimony advertisements, classifieds, and other job listings. It is available in Tamil languages and Telgu for local mobile users.

Club Factory/ Shein

These were pretty popular apps for the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle among Indians. There are few best alternatives for such apps which will work exactly same as these-

Indian Alternatives:


It is another popular Indian online fashion company headquartered in Bengaluru. It is among popularly used apps for buying apparel. It is also known for its great lifestyle products.


AJIO is an app operated by Isha Ambani which works in collaboration with around 200 international and national brands. It is also known for selling private brands.


It is another lifestyle brand gaining popularity for its quirky clothing line.

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