Top 10 Tips To Help you Ace Cricket Betting

Cricket isn’t a sport but more of emotion for millions across the globe. Even in India, cricket enthusiasts find themselves glued to their television screens each time a match is on. As every match progresses, so does their anticipation to witness which team wins.

Over the decades, the popularity of this sport has increased substantially. It is this raving popularity that has given birth to numerous online betting platforms and matches betting practices.

While many match betters earn a considerable amount of money, they often miss out on the simple tricks that could garner them more money. Betting while being present on the grounds physically is illegal. However, online betting is legal and a great way to earn money. Here are 10 simple yet important tips to follow to earn more money from cricket matches-

#1 Don’t Neglect Pitch Reports

Many betters often make the mistake of neglecting pitch reports and betting impulsively. Studying and assessing the type of pitch the teams opt for before placing your bets is crucial. It gives you a better idea of the outcome.

#2 Big Names don’t Always Win

Betters often have the tendency to go with big names in the game. While it’s common sense to vouch for reputable teams, it is important to do your research before making the final call. Any team may emerge as a dark horse, so do the groundwork wisely.

#3 Do your Fact-Finding Carefully-

Efficient research is the key to success. Before placing your bets, know your players and go through the pitch reports. Also, ensure that you assess how each team player performs at different positions.

#4 Look out for the Weather Forecast

Weather plays a pivotal role in the trajectory of a game. Way before the match starts, go through the weather forecast of the location to get an idea of how the day will pan out. This will help you save a lot of time and money.

#5 Bet on Both Teams

While one may do everything under the sun to win a match, some things are not in our hands. Therefore, it’s wise to place bets on both teams. Betting practices in today’s day and age allow you to place your bet on both teams. To create a win-win situation, ensure that you select players from both teams. This will help you fight uncertainties during the game.

#6 Watch out for Who Wins the Toss

A great way of knowing who has better chances is by paying attention to what the winning captain chooses, i.e., batting or bowling. For example- If the winning captain chooses bowling after the toss, it may serve as a great chance of them winning.

#7 Be Careful of Online Frauds

While betting online, be various fraudulent websites that ask you to pay beforehand. Make sure you do your research and only start once you’ve found a reliable and certified platform.

#8 Don’t Put All Your Money on a Single Match

Putting all your allocated funds on a single match is never a good idea, even if you’re sure about who’s going to win. Limiting your investment to an extent is essential. Be tactful about how much you invest in each game, and be prepared to incur some losses in the way.

#9 Learn About the Ground Size

Apart from knowing about the pitch and the players, one must have knowledge of the ground size. For example- Smaller grounds allow batsmen to hit more boundaries. This will help you choose your players effectively and strategically.

#10 Read Books

Make sure you read books on cricket betting that offer a step-by-step guide to win a match. Some great books are- Sharp Sports Betting by Stanford Wong, Conquering Risk: Attacking Vegas and Wall Street by Elihu D. Feustel, etc.

All in all, one must remember that while cricket betting is a great way to earn money, it is no sure shot way to become wealthy. It requires a great deal of patience, practice, and skills. Despite the fact that cricket betting has money involved, it should be practiced for fun and entertainment.

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