Top 10 professional courses after 12

professional courses after 12

Top 10 professional courses after 12

  • Post 12th standard, the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) is one of the turning milestones in the lives of millions of students. Students are confronted with various academic choices. Colleges and universities across India offer a number of career choices to the students. Hence, taking a right decision at the onset of career growth is quite crucial. Children probably pursue their career in that stream where they aspire to take their career to a new phase of professional growth. Let us discuss about the wide range of courses offered by Indian colleges and universities for complete professional growth.


  • It remains one of the remarkable career oriented conventional professional course in India. AICTE states that each year approximately one million engineers graduate from various government universities, private colleges and polytechnics. An engineering course in India costs reasonable based on the institute or branch of engineering that one is opting for. So far, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) stands as one of the top colleges for engineering.


  • More than 55,000 students graduated as doctors in various streams such as Ayurveda, Allopathy, Homeopathy, Dentistry etc. The common medical course in India are MMBS, BHMS, BDS and DAMS. In India, the All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) stands as the top rated medical institutes in New Delhi. Also, psychiatric courses are offered by the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurological Sciences (NIMHANS).


  • It is one of the booming careers that one can pursue if they are interested in advertising, print, electronic and digital news media. This career path is also related to film production, due to which, there has been a corresponding rice in the number of students opting for journalism each year. The Hyderabad, Pune University, St. Xavier’s institute are some of the top rated universities excelling in journalism.


  • The 5 year Bachelor of Architecture (BArch) is an excellent course of professionalism in India. This career choice comes with multiple growth protection ad contains wide aspects of learning, designing and experience. Many engineers are found to study this course online or from private colleges informally. The NarsiMonjee College of Management in Mumbai is one of the finest Architectural Institutes in India.


  • In India, the demand for law students is quite charming. Somewhat about 4, 00,000 students graduate with a law degree every year as estimated by Grant Commission. The LLB is a 5 year course primarily offered at government colleges in India. Government Law Colleges throughout our country which are affiliated to state-run universities offer this LLB course.

Chartered Accountant

  • This is probably the best rated professional course for any student. The duration varies between 3-5 years depending upon the timespan taken to complete it. The CA course and its exam is administered by Institute of Chartered Accountants in India (ICAI). No other educational institute in India is authorized to give a CA qualification. Around 1, 00,000 students enroll for CA exams every year but only 3% of the lot actually secure and complete this highly complex course.


  • The branch of pharmacy is gaining huge mileage due to opening of several new and private healthcare facilities due to the current situation across the country. Around 25,000 students graduate each year in the BPharma course. Major state-run universities offer this course. India’s Food and Drug Administration has made it mandatory to higher qualified pharmacists as part of licensing policy.

Internet and web designing

  • Bachelor of Computer Science and Bachelor of Computer Management are 2 top IT related courses offered by various colleges and universities across our country. It is a typical 3 year course and our country ranks as the top destination for foreign companies looking to hire IT experts. There are various professional IT or web design courses in India.

Commercial Pilot

  • India’s aviation sector is a huge demanding professional industry due to which a booming demand for qualified commercial pilots, continues. It is a very lucrative profession that provides its students with the opportunities to see the world around. Mostly, children join the Indian Armed Forces for training. Annually, our country requires around 8000 commercial pilots for smooth functioning of airline operations. The Indian Air Force offers a number of pilots for India’s civil aviation. The Government Aviation training Institute is the only major flying school in India.


  • Owing to the current situation, India is in a high demand for nurses, paramedics and so on annually. BSc Nursing is an excellent course to study for those who possess extreme affection of caring for humans of all age groups. Every year, around 20,000 male and female nurses graduate from various medical and nursing colleges in India. The Maharashtra Nursing College and Government College of Nursing, Kerala are some of the better rated nursing study institutes in the country.

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