Capturing Beauty: The Top 10 Photographers redefining visual artistry

Top 10 Photographers

Photography is indeed simple, lucrative and inspiring. One can shoot a bunch of nature photos to capture models or anything at random. However, some photographers have come up with their extraordinary and emerging talents over time and their way of capturing has been indeed unique and captivating. They are sure to inspire their work and their photography skills reveal the depth and richness of their love towards their profession. Let us look into the life of a few of them who has re-defined photography with new colours of visual artistry:

Chris Round

His choice of a clever URL makes him stand out in the realm of fine art photography websites. He hails from Sydney, Australia. He has a creative focus on documenting the world within him and looking out for the surreal side of daily life and environments has made his creativity even more unique and stand out from the rest. The homepage of his online portfolio features a range of selected works; engaging viewers to take a quick look at his aesthetic.

Raul Belinchon

He is a Spanish photographer who has captured stories and spaces around the world. His shots tell a story and have a lot of mystery hidden within. His fine art portfolio features a variety of works, with distinct galleries for press coverage and commissions. He also happens to hold a grid-based image layout that allows for an overview of each photo project.

Jenny Fine

A professional photographer, Jenny is based in Alabama whose uniqueness is created from her photography-based work. Her work’s important themes are based on history and identity that have been exhibited throughout the United States and Europe. Through thorough descriptions and project-specific remarks, Fine’s website provides a wealth of information for her creations.

Mikael Owunna

He is both an artist and fine art photographer who creates his work by examining identity and describes on his website, imagining ‘new universes and realties for marginalized communities. Being a recipient of various photo awards and a former Fulbright scholar, Owunna is surely a young artist with exquisite talent and beautiful artistry. His website has simple and minimal content with a focus on photography.

Charmaine Poh

A photography artist based between Berlin and Singapore, Poh has his main focus on ‘memory, gender, youth and solitude in the Asian context. She mentions this on her website biodata. Her narrative portraiture in fine art photography is rather common. Her online portfolio showcases her work divided into different galleries, allowing visitors to explore each of her stories.

Matthew Bender

A photographer cum artist from Philadelphia, Matthew focuses on natural environments, with a recent project exploring the Hebrides in Scotland. His straightforward web gallery of fine art photographs features a text backdrop for further information and distinct galleries of photos for each project. His art of natural photography is authentic with a clear visual of liveliness.

Carolyn Young

The only photographer in the world who focuses on the intricate relationship of human beings with nature and draws accordingly, Carolyn is an Australian-based photographer. In her project Grassy Woodlands, she collaborated with an ecologist to explore nature through landscape and still-life photos. Her online portfolio designs allow visitors to click through her galleries of images one at a time for in-depth viewing.

Gabriella Sturchio

Her pen name is Riel and she is based in Maine and Austin. She works in sound, printmaking, fine art photography, and many other mediums. Her online portfolio houses a side menu bar that introduces the various aspects of her creativity for easy browsing. The portfolio is simple for views of all kinds to easily understand and scroll through.

Diana Matar

Fine art photographer Diana has won numerous awards for her major contribution to photography including the Saatchi Gallery and Tate Modern. Her work has themes mainly on violence, power, history and memory. Her online portfolio features the latest news on the work right on her homepage, letting visitors be aware of her ongoing work.

Christoph Seeberger

As a fine art photographer, with extraordinary visual talent to see through the core of things, he keeps his portfolio extremely simple, with minimal text and a deep focus on his imagery. The auto production and industrial spaces are key themes of his work. His recent famous photography is based on a series of studies of embassy buildings.

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