In India, there are a lot of motivational speakers. But we have compiled a list of India’s top ten motivational speakers. You will be able to get all the answers you need if you carefully peruse the blog below, which lists the top 10 motivational speakers in India. You may see the motivational videos they post on their Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram accounts. Let us begin our trip through India’s top ten motivational speakers.

Top 10 speakers for motivating in India in 2022

1. Dr Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra, the spokesperson, is regarded as a self-help movement mentor, although his speciality is Western medicine. By training, Chopra, a doctor and endocrinologist, had a lucrative career before attempting to combine holistic and Western traditions. Speaker Deepak Chopra is the author of numerous best-selling general health and wellness books. He greatly impacted many people through his thoughts, publications, and seminars. In 2022, he will be ranked first among the top ten motivational speakers in India.

2. Yogesh Chabaria

The Happier Way was founded by Yogesh Chabaria, the most well-known Indian motivational speaker. Yogesh is also a bestselling author and a seasoned businessman. He has motivated individuals from all walks of life to realize their full potential since he was a little child. Its seminars, courses, and manuals have helped professionals, entrepreneurs and business leaders from more than 100 nations.

3. Dr Vivek Bindra

Dr Vivek Bindra is a successful businessman, motivational speaker, and well-known business coach who is credited with developing the most sought-after executive development material and assisting individuals all over the globe in realizing their professional ambitions.
About 11 million people subscribe to his YouTube channel, which attests to his fame. The CEO of Bada Business is Vivek Bindra. He has perhaps authored 10 books on motivation. He is renowned for producing tools for leadership development that have benefited individuals all around the globe.

4. Sandeep Maheshwari

Sandeep Maheshwari is a speaker, business owner and photographer. He serves as the CEO of Photographs Bazaar, which has the biggest collection of images from India anywhere. The life narrative of motivational speaker Sandeep, raised in a middle-class household, is quite motivating. Sandeep Maheshwari, who was 26 years old, had several failing ventures. He believed that Indian models were being taken advantage of, so he did something different and started Photos Bazaar, which is home to the greatest collection of native images in the whole globe. He consistently ranks among the top 10 Indian motivational speakers. He consistently ranks among the top 10 Indian motivational speakers.

5. T S Madan

Among India’s leading motivational speakers, sales trainers, and life coaches, TS Madan has over 40 years of experience. He is a wise spirit with exceptional clarity of mind. He is intelligent, kind, and charming. A popular actor and media personality as well as a motivational speaker. Keynote speaker and life coach Madan is often asked to speak at different conferences. The instructional sessions are jam-packed with entertaining, witty, and instructive material.

6. Priya Kumar

The most well-known Indian motivational speaker is Priya Kumar. Twelve works, including self-help books and novels, are written by her. Her writing focuses mostly on inspiration and spirituality. In 2010, her novel License to Live received a Vodafone Crossword Book Award nomination.
She was introduced to seminars and workshops by Niranjan Patel, who also often interviews guests at events and seminars and uploads recordings to her YouTube account. Some of the largest brands, like Colors TV, Bacardi and Airtel, are among Priya’s clientele.

7. Shiv Khera

Indian author, motivational speaker, and activist Shiv Khera established the Bharatiya Rashtriya Samanta Party, the nation’s first foundation and a movement against Indian caste-based reservation.
Khera established the Country First Foundation, a group dedicated to a social activity that aims to ensure freedom through education and justice. In the 2004 Indian parliamentary elections, he began as an independent candidate from the South Delhi seat and “lost hard effort.” He consistently ranks among the top 10 Indian motivational speakers.

8. Simerjeet Singh

The audiences for Simarjeet were as varied as their life experiences. Simarjeet often highlights the value of a lesson you have already learned living a purpose-oriented life, whether he is encouraging self-realization among student groups or starting conversations about obstacles to company-wide growth. In addition to his home India, Simarjeet has performed as a motivational speaker for audiences in the USA, Dubai, the Middle East, UK and Asia-Pacific.

9. Dr Ujjwal Patni

Dr Ujjwal Patni is a renowned motivational speaker, accomplished business coach, and worldwide coach. He provided a free motivational film on life and business on the Ujjwal Patni programme, and it inspired one lakh people all around the globe. Facebook page, YouTube channel and mobile app all host this show. On the top 10 Indian motivational speakers list, Dr Ujjwal Patni is tough to forget.

10. Dr Sneh Desai

Sneh is a skilled, motivational coach who works with individuals of all ages, business professionals, executives, staff members, students, networkers, athletes, and anyone who desires success, happiness, serenity, and enduring personal growth. Through improved communication, spiritual awareness, and optimistic thinking, he assists individuals in changing their ideas and thoughts so that they may live more successfully and with less stress.

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