• In the bid to sharpen their business acumen, most entrepreneurs, industrialists, and corporate professionals seek the expert insights from business magazines on a timely basis. To help business-buffs pick the best read, we’ve enlisted the Top 10 Business Magazines in 2020.

#1 Harvard Business Review

  • Ideal for business professionals, the Harvard Business Review offers reliable and accurate information on the latest news, business developments and trends in the different sectors of business. It provides more than just mere academic research, and covers a plethora of business related, in-depth material suitable for business students, budding entrepreneurs, professors, and high-end professionals. Some of the frequently covered topics covered by this bi-monthly publication include- Management, negotiation skills, marketing, leadership, long-term strategies, etc.

#2 Forbes

  • Popularly known for their years and years of thorough, intrusive and investigative journalism, Forbes is a no-brainer on this list. The magazine offers information on an array of topics ranging from leadership to lifestyle to markets to innovation shakeups! It is arguably one of the most trusted and reliable business magazines in the market when it comes to updated news on business and finance. Recent articles include information on Global Stock Markets and how it can predict economic future post COVID-19.

#3 Entrepreneur

  • This magazine is perfect for budding entrepreneurs seeking valuable guidance on setting up their business. From managing new businesses to maximizing the efficiency of your business, Entrepreneur offers time-tested tips and advice on expanding your business.

#4 Bloomberg Businessweek

  • Whether it is stock advice, latest financial news, or updates on major business events, Bloomberg Businessweek offers an in-depth analysis on all business-related topics and trends. This American weekly business magazine helps entrepreneurs stay updated with up-to-the-minute financial happenings around the globe.

#5 Wired

  • Wired is a monthly magazine that offers information on the latest business tech developments.  It appeals a wide range of audience, right from a tech nerd to an everyday reader. Recent popular articles from the magazine include the untold story of Marcus Hutchins, “The Guy who saved the Internet”.

#6 Fortune

  • Fortune is one of the most trusted business magazines for investors. It offers in-depth and valuable investment guidance in a way which is understandable to individuals who aren’t financing professionals. The magazine is also famous for addressing relevant and tough questions, something that not many magazines do.

#7 The Economist

  • The Economist is one of the few no-nonsense business magazines that offers valuable and insightful financial news. It provides a global outlook on business, science and technology, long takes on financial topics and news. Many readers also apparently enjoy the sassy tone used by the magazine’s British editors.

#8 Money

  • If you are seeking advice on budgeting, investing and saving, this is the magazine for you. This magazine provides expert guidance on how to choose the perfect investment strategy as per your plans and aspirations. It features real individuals and their success stories, which proves the credibility of their financial advice.

#9 Inc.

  • This is yet another magazine perfect for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. Inc. provides an insightful take on relevant topics such as- Best places to work, how to wisely invest money, management, reports on the country’s most productive leaders, etc.

#10 Consumer Reports

  • Consumer Reports focuses on unbiased reviews on modern products which might be helpful for consumers as well as business professionals. It gives business professionals an insight on what the consumer expects and wants.


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