Timios: Finest Brand Offering Complete Nutrition for Kids of Every Age

Today children are more inclined towards packaged food. There are a lot of unhealthy options in the supermarket and one can’t escape those from a kid’s sneak-peak. Very limited healthy food options are available, or we can say packaged food for particular age group children. Trouble is faced by many parents in finding reliable, healthy, wholesome, and gluten-free snacks appropriate for a child’s health.
So, Timios came into the market offering a quality range of healthy food products. These products are suitable for children of all age groups. Timios products are composed of natural or organic constituents and free from preservatives.
Aswani Chaitanya, CEO and Co-Founder of Timios stated that the idea behind the brand was to produce products that are completely organic and intended to meet the nutritional needs of kids as per their age. Timios’ products are made with 100% natural ingredients containing low sugar and salt and they are age appropriate.

Timios Comprehensive Product Range

The company offers a range of nutritional items designed for kids. Timios products cover all age groups initiating from 6 months to 12 years. With 7 product categories, Timios offers finger food, porridge range, energy bars, munchies, biscuits, bites, breakfast cereal, and many more. Each of these items is designed in such a way that they deliver all the essential nutrition.

  • 6 Months+: Porridge Range
  • 9 Months-12 Months: Naturally dried fruit or veggies.
  • 12 Months-2 Years: Animal-shaped biscuits composed of natural ingredients, mini oats bites (soft and chewy).
  • Multi-grain munchies: Gluten-free natural munchies for kids more than 2 years in age.
  • Natural Raisins: Raisins with zero chemical treatment and sugar.
  • Cereal Crunchies: Prepared from whole grains and with the goodness of strawberries. Appropriate for kids above 2 years.
  • 4 years and above: Energy Bars: prepared from rolled oats, berries, dates, etc and good for kids above 4 years.
    In the future, the company is going to launch instant milk-based cereal for babies.

Aswani Chaitanya’s Enthralling Entrepreneurship Journey

Creating a mindset change in the parent’s mind was one of the biggest challenges. Parents have a general notion that all packaged food items are detrimental to kid’s health. And this is certainly not true. If natural or organic constituents are used in manufacturing these packaged foods, plus age suitable portion size is mentioned, such a packaged food can be categorized as a healthy snack. This does not disturb the kid’s scheduled meal times. Since Timios was founded, regular efforts are being made towards tackling this by generating the right messages to inform clients and parents to be aware of the nutrition labels.
Timios regularly checks parent’s feedback and constantly markets newer products to them. Clients get connected with the company’s products and identify themselves with them. And this assists in instilling healthy eating habits in their little ones from the very beginning.

How Timios stands out from other brands

The product packaging is too attractive to the little clients. Packaging being playful from the outside for the little ones packed with goodness inside. Timios has managed to build client’s trust in several forms. Many are repeat clients, referrals, and new clients. The company has managed not to deviate from the initial purpose of the brand, of providing complete nutrition for children of all ages.

Timios Marketing Initiatives

To cater to the increasing demands, the company has introduced D2C channels. This helps in reaching new categories of consumers and building communication with them. WhatsApp store increases the convenience, offering a smooth and seamless experience that would surely help the brand channels to get closer promptly.

The Brand’s Future Plans

Loads of exciting announcements are approaching. Recently, a new category of “Made to Order” Porridge range has been introduced for infants and toddlers. This new product line is accessible in 12 variants particularly for kids between 6 months to 2 years of age. This new product has been designed keeping the nutritional needs of children in mind.
In the next few months, the brand plans to launch a range of products for infants, schoolers, and lactating mothers as well.
Also, products such as teething sticks and rusks are in the pipeline.

Mr. Chaitanya’s Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

As a startup founder, one must always stick to his or her core proposal. The person can easily get carried away and can start deviating from his or her idea or product. At Timios, the complete focus was on the kids market as there is always a genuine requirement for a product like Timios. Execute just one thing, but see to it that you do it right. Keep things simple and organized.






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