Tim cook: The CEO of Apple Who Made Apple a Mega Brand

Tim cook The CEO of Apple

The credit of the revolution in technology goes to Apple, and because of it, the world has witnessed a dynamic rise in the development of electronic gadgets on a global scale. The restless determination and devotion continue to make the brand the first preference for many people. The rise of Apple has become possible because of its CEO – Tim Cook, who has been relentlessly serving the company since August 2011. Today he is probably the highest-paid CEO in the world and one of the best entrepreneurs in the world.

After a 12 year career in IBM, Tim started to work at Intelligent Electronics from where he shifted to Compaq Computer Corporation as its vice president. His career at these ventures was short-lived and life took a turning point as he joined Apple Inc. He stated that joining this big organization will always be the most significant discovery in his life. His story with Apple began in 1998 before which the company had already developed the iPod, iPhone, iPad, and the iMac.

While making a few comments at Auburn University in 2010, Tim stated that even after manufacturing those gadgets especially Mac, the company was downgraded without any hope for the future. This was the time when Tim took over the charge and led from the front. After he came on board as the vice president in less than a year, the corporation started to make noticeable profits with an extraordinary shift pertaining to the losses of the previous fiscal years. He took the sole responsibility for managing the worldwide marketing, operations, and sales of Apple alone.

Tim became an instrumental figure in the development of the Mackintosh division, continuing the development of supplier relationships. In 2011, Apple lost its founder Steve Jobs but that very year Apple came under the clutches of Tim Cook as the new CEO. After becoming the CEO, he also became a part of the corporation’s board of directors. Under his leadership, Apple made its debut in its big acquisition till date when Beats Music and Beats Electronics got incorporated into it in 2014. This was probably the best deal for Apply for having Beats’s co-founders join the company in executive roles.

In June 2014, the latest version of the Apple operating system was on air and was named OSX Yosemite. Later, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ launched with a larger screen and came with adding new features like Apple Pay and the iconic Burst Selfies. Then Tim announced the production of a wearable device – the Apple Watch to track fitness and health and was available in the markets in 2015. Subsequently, many new products like clips – an app the enabled the creation of short videos on social media and the iconic iPhone X launched by 2017. This created a huge buzz in the technology sector as the iPhone X had the feature of face recognition.

Under Tim’s entrepreneurship, the company successfully launched the Apple News App that gives access to users to articles from a huge variety of services. A mid-term election section was launched under Apple in 2018. These exquisite marketing strategies of Tim exceeded the company’s stocks by 60% within the 9 years of his joining. He was named in Forbes magazine’s World’s Most Powerful People. His excellent management strategy uplifted the company to new heights. Today, Apple’s sales and revenue have broken records because of Tim’s hard work and dedication. His accomplishments are an inspiration for many aspiring youngsters. He always focused on things that can be barriers to success rather than scaling one’s potential towards success.

Tim was always passionate about in a way to benefit humanity such that people admire him not for his name but for his work. His works in philanthropy and donating wealth to it is a great example of leadership. He is an impactful person who has developed the society of Apple and its technology giving it a new phase.

Rather than standing in complete contrast to the former Apple CEO – Steve Jobs, Cook preferred to adapt to some of his legendary existing practices and blended them uniquely with his own managerial style. Cook was always thoughtful of Apple’s employees and his tenure is characterized by focusing on the employee’s welfare rather than fostering the business. His extreme indicative style of democratic management, particularly among high-level employees by mutually consenting to their decision-making has acted significantly over the past 10 years. The iWatch is an example of this shift which shows Cook was less involved in the processes of product manufacturing or engineering but more focused on its goodwill to enhance the industries around.

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