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Thinkonic Software Pvt. Ltd.

Technology continues to take different industries by a storm of innovations. Indeed, technology is an indispensable part of our lifestyle and the world is syncing quite well with the brewing magnificent tech trends like UI/UX, advanced intelligence, and data analysis to name a few. But the IT Industry is also evolving by manifolds and is becoming competitive. Thinkonic is emerging as a versatile face with its agenda of creating substantial value for its consumers via well-scrutinized and simplistic tech solutions.

To elucidate Thinkonic’s inspiring legacy in detail, we invited the company’s co-founders Mr. Piyush Thacker and Ms. Snehal Thacker to have an interesting conversation with us. We had the opportunity of having Mr. Piyush Thacker on board with us. His words had a steer reflection of true perseverance and passion to change lives for the better. Join us as we walk you through the brand story of Thinkonic Software Private Limited under the special segment of “The 30 Most Trusted Brands to Watch in 2023.”

Laying the Foundation

Mr. Piyush Thacker began by narrating the inception tale of Thinkonic. Working as an individual in the IT Industry for more than a decade, he always had a passion to build an organization out of his experience and potential. He was inclined more toward problem-solving and finding out new ideas rather than being in the formulaic framework of the service industry. The main aim was to leverage technology on grounds of simplicity for solving problems on a large scale.
Just like all players in the start-up ecosystem, Thinkonic also encountered its own set of initial challenges. During the initial one to two years, Thinkonic didn’t have many references and people were quite skeptical of trusting the company’s agenda. But the moment an organization picks up the pace of creating substantial value for its consumer base, the differentiation is made! That’s what Thinkonic has continued doing all these years and has succeeded in establishing a legacy of finesses.

Phenomenal Service Portfolio

Thinkonic specializes in developing Web Development, Mobile Development, and other IT solutions that are meant to help brands in building a robust online presence and service portfolio. One of the company’s core strengths is staff augmentation and the development of inclusive custom applications. The team at Thinkonic assists clients on every aspect of their projects, whether it is for load testing, security testing, or usability testing. The team also brings immense expertise in MERN Stack, Microsoft as well as other open-source software. Acknowledged Cloud platforms like Amazon and Microsoft are used in and out to develop comprehensive solutions for Web Designing, UI/UX, Managing Cloud Infrastructure, Mobile Software, and Consultancy in DevOps.

Earning Customer’s Conviction Through Transparency

Mr. Piyush Thacker revealed that Thinkonic has garnered the trust of its consumers by following a value-based working system.
He adds, “The company is not just another software company in the industry doing business, billing the customer on an hourly basis or pitching numbers for that matter. We are a team of experienced and passionate people that believes in being possessive about customer satisfaction and happiness. Our team sits down with our clients to understand their product needs, examining the features that they’re looking for and what value it will bring to their business as well. I would say our USP is that we prefer value over a time-based monopoly. Our customers entrust us with the responsibility of giving them honest and relevant results and not building a product that is unfit as per the market trends. Even if a product fits best with their needs but does not hold any futurism as per the industry criteria, we give them honest feedback about the same. Many times, we also end up denying developing a feature that he/she may be adamant about but that’s not required by their end consumers. It is trust, efficiency, and authenticity in actions that bring more business leads and not the hyped marketing strategies. A hefty portion of our business leads purely comes from word-of-mouth and we are proud to hold this achievement on our shoulders.”

Deeply Entrenched in Value-Addition

Thinkonic has emerged as a brand that adheres to being deeply entrenched in value addition. Mr. Piyush further elaborated on this trait of Thinkonic and said, “Consumers have too many choices to choose from, but still there is a large segment of people who try a lot of brands but they stick to a few of them, based on the value they have got from the brands. In an arena where consumers are thoroughly aware of their expectations and preferences, it becomes the sole responsibility of brands to regard their customer’s expectations in a 360-degree approach. Whenever a consumer sees our brand, an immediate resonance with trust, confidentiality, and dedication is stamped in his/her mind. As I have mentioned, even though we are in the service industry, we are more vocal about adding value to our client’s businesses, lives, and growth. The flow of communication is also kept extremely transparent with the clients. Every feedback coming our way, be it from our consumers, stakeholders, or business associates, is understood and evaluated at an exceptional level. This helps us to improve the quality of our deliverables and continue growing by leaps and bounds. That’s how our brand Thinkonic has established strong alliances with its clients and a remarkable reputation in the industry as well.”

Plans to Speedily Expand in the Future

Thinkonic is an ebullient idea for the dynamic future awaiting us; it’s the vision behind the roadmap of extreme growth via technology. The near strategy for coming years is to build in-house, small yet self-sufficient teams to help businesses solve their tech-based problems with utmost ease. From a personal point of view, Mr. Piyush Thacker would like to be more present in other sectors of the industry and figure out things he needs to learn to upgrade his business intellect. From the professional perspective, he is thinking of growing Thinkonic’s adroit team to expand its footprints in other domains as well, specifically on the advanced Artificial Intelligence, IOT, and Mobile Development side.

From the Founder’s Desk

In the early entrepreneurship phases, many entrepreneurs would chase to get immediate and impressive rounds of funding. But this comes at the cost of diluting the equity share. Mr. Piyush Thacker advises all aspiring entrepreneurs to consider taking a loan, debt, or informal financial help from their acquaintances rather than giving away chunks of equity. Later in the journey, one will understand the importance of holding major equity as the company grows by manifolds.

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