The success story of Vandana Luthra- founder of VLCC

An Indian inspirational entrepreneur and known to the entire world as the co-founder of VLCC, Vandana Luthra has proved that no before or after marriage restrictions can stop determined women from success. VLCC Health care Ltd. sells wellness and beauty products and is currently dispensing in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe. She became the chairperson of the Beauty and Wellness Sector Skills Council (BWSSC) that is supported financially by the NSDC under Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship.
Vandana was born on 12th of July, 1956 in Delhi and completed her graduation from there itself. She wanted to visit various countries across the globe to gather knowledge and information regarding beauty and wellness products, related to skincare, fitness, food and nutrition. It was in 1989 when she found her own company after years of research and experience named VLCC as a Wellness centre. The company initially began in the Safdarjung Development Area in New Delhi. However, not the brand has an international face value.
Earlier, Vandana just aspired to boost health and fitness in India, but she desired to give beautiful hairstyles and she was keenly interested in experimenting with all the facials on her own mother’s face. She further acknowledged her confidence to make a revolution in the beauty industry in India and worldwide.
VLCC offers a catalogue of various wellness services such as laser treatment, hair transplanting, slimming, beauty and grooming and so on. It is also currently the most known and recognized wellness care organization in India. From more than 326 locations in 153 cities and across 13 countries this company has been working officially. It has employed more than 5000 people so far who are enriched with nutrition-related knowledge and experience and also belong to various fields of the medical profession. While some are cosmetics expert others are beauty professionals. Some manufacturing plants of VLCC have been set up recently in Haridwar India and Singapore.
The company is known to sell a wide range of beauty, hair care and body care products. These products are also marketed by 1 lakh outlets in our country and have got around 10,000 outlets across the Middle East and Africa. Under the leadership of Vandana, VLCC now provides a vocation training course named VLCC Institute of Beauty and Nutrition. She is an elected chairperson at BWSSC that has opened many skill centres for interested women to learn and acquire beauty skills.
Vandana is solely responsible to provide scholarships to underprivileged and physically impaired persons. She is known to be the VC of an NGO named Khushi that works on vocation training projects, education, midday meal schemes to around 3000 children and is also associated with the telemedicine centre. Two published books of Vandana after founding VLCC, based on wellness and fitness are:
  • A complete fitness program ISBN 978-8125906919, launched in 2011.
  • A book named, A Good Life ISBN 978-9351160113, published in 2013.
In 2013, she received India’s fourth-highest civilian honor Padma Shri award according to the Hindu, from our then President, Pranab Mukherjee and was also rewarded with the title of Enterprise Asia Women Entrepreneur of the year in 2010. From 2011 to 2015, she got listed in the list of 50 most influential women in business in India according to Fortune magazine’s annual.
In 1989, when people least cared about wellness and fitness, Vandana brought to this world the importance and necessity of it, which shows how challenging her journey was throughout. In those times, women couldn’t think of getting out and setting up something of their own. With lots of criticism, dominations and hindrances, she showed the weaker women sections of society that if one wishes to do something for goodwill, one should have the determination and wish to do it. Today, her success lies in the fact that she never wanted to be a brand face to achieve fame but wanted to make VLCC rather act like a beauty clinic, where she could work hours with other beauty experts and doctors and offer some innovative transformations to people in the world of beauty and fitness.

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