The 10 Best Educational Magazines in India

The 10 Best Educational Magazines in India

Educational magazines are the magazines that publish topics that focus on education, teaching, and the academic world. This educational magazine is full of resources that are useful for students, parents, teachers, etc. This includes subjects such as research, book reviews, subject complexities, topic explanations, lesson plans, teaching methodologies, etc. These magazines are mainly published with the aim of offering useful insights into teaching strategies, curriculum development, class management, and lesson plan creation. They also provide extremely useful study tips and career advice for students. The top educational magazines also publish articles that are based on educational policies, educational programs, and challenges. People like to read these educational magazines because they want to be informed regarding the latest updates related to the educational sector. They also have abundant information regarding classroom management, research, educational theories, teaching tools, and practical tips. There is also a good way to take advantage of the networking opportunities provided by such educational magazines. Below, we have created a list of the top 10 best educational magazines in India that are extremely well liked by their readers.

The Top 10 Best Educational Magazines

  1. India Today
  2. The Economist
  3. National Geographic Kids
  4. Magic Pot
  5. Outlook India
  6. Careers360
  7. Teacher Plus
  8. Pratiyogita Darpan English
  9. Competition Affairs
  10. Electronics for You

Educational MagazinesIndia Today

India Today was founded by Vidya Vilas Purie in December 1975. It is a weekly magazine that is widely circulated in India. It is on our list of the top 10 best educational magazines in India due to its in-depth analysis of global and local news, policies, issues, developments, and challenges. It is regarded as one of the best educational magazines due to its high standard of journalism. It is currently published by Living Media India Limited. and is published in five languages: English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam.

The EconomistEducational Magazines

The Economist is a weekly British magazine available both in physical and digital formats. It is a fine educational magazine available in India. It is very popular due to its article, which focuses on international businesses, technology, culture, global policies, current affairs, and the economy. It was first published in September 1843 by James Wilson.

Educational MagazinesNational Geographic Kids

The next magazine on our list of the top 10 best educational magazines is National Geographic Kids. It is a very popular kids magazine that was first published in September 1975. It releases 10 additions per year. Currently, it is published by national geographic partners. This educational magazine is published in various languages.

Magic PotEducational Magazines

Magic Pot is the next magazine on our list. Magic Pot is a weekly educational magazine designed for children. It focuses on improving children’s vocabulary, reading, and writing skills. It also packs up various activities, such as coloring, joining the dots, etc., to keep children more interested. The storytelling skills of this educational magazine have made it a very popular magazine for kids.

Educational MagazinesOutlook India

The next magazine on our list of the top 10 best educational magazines is Outlook India, which was first published in October 1995 and is currently owned by the Rajan Raheja Group. This magazine features content related to politics, sports, geopolitics, global and local news, current affairs, etc. It is a good read for individuals who look forward to becoming successful business owners.

Careers360Educational Magazines

The next educational magazine on our list is Career 360. It is a career counseling magazine with the main objective of helping students make a more informed choice regarding their career. It helps students identify the profession they wish to select. It is popular with its readers because it offers useful insights regarding professions, career jobs, etc.

Educational MagazinesTeacher Plus

Teacher Plus is the next magazine on our list of the top 10 best educational magazines in India. It is a monthly magazine that was first published in 1989. It contains articles that feature topics like classroom management, teaching methods, and extracurricular activities that are useful for educators. It focuses on topics such as how to teach, how to use different teaching methods, how to improve language skills, etc.

Pratiyogita Darpan EnglishEducational Magazines

The next popular educational magazine is Pratiyogita Darpan English. It is a very popular magazine for students who wish to give competitive exams such as state civil service, defense, MBA, banking, railway, SSB, UGC/NET, etc. It contains highly useful information that provides economic and political information, which is crucial for the students.

Educational MagazinesCompetition Affairs

The next educational magazine on our list is Competition Affair. This is an educational magazine that contains articles on business, science and technology, art, sports, and global policies. It also publishes various upcoming national and international events. This helps to create a lot of awareness. These magazines also feature articles related to mental ability, career guidance, general awareness, etc.

Electronics for You Educational Magazines

The final educational magazine on a list of the top 10 educational magazines is Electronics for You, first published in 1969. It is owned by the EFY Group. This is a magazine that mainly focuses on technology. Electronics for You is a monthly publication that features recent developments in the technological sector.

The above 10 educational magazines in India are quite popular due to their versatile content and highly useful insights.

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