TEAM SEEDS: An Innovative Game Changer for Hybrid Vegetable Seeds

A Crisp Overview of the Company’s Model and Services

Naresh Bajaj- The Founder and Managing Director of Team Seeds PVT. LTD. covenants a brand committed from the root level to manufacture avant-garde quality vegetable varieties with specialized characteristics. The hybrid vegetable seeds manufactured by the brand have supreme resistance to pests & disease, profoundly adaptable to diverse agro-climatic conditions, and breed with sustainable growth. The production yielded by these seeds has cemented the potency of balanced nutritional values. The enterprise adorns the hat of massive cultivation of vegetables and inventing fresh varieties of research-based exhibitions across India.
Built on the pedestal for research about scientific breeding, Team Seeds has showcased the dominant advantage in the production of Crucifera, Cucurbitaceae, and top-notch distinctions in Liliaceae and Solanaceae.
Aligning with the rapid increase in global vegetable markets as well as ecological trends, the brand caters to the demands in the diversification of vegetable planting via an international cooperation platform. Being a global wholesale vegetable seed breeder and producer, Team Seeds collaborates with a global network of seed distributors to transform the agricultural production of vegetables with minimum loss and maximum profits for the farmers and producers.

Agenda behind the Inception of Team Seeds

Naresh Bajaj explains that the brand’s foundation was laid back in 2010 with a mission to supply every customer with a promising and dedicated source of superb quality vegetable seeds. Through their hybrid seeds, they aim at creating more wealth for the growers.
Being an indispensable part of the vegetable industry chain they always adhere to operate among domestic research, global production and world-class advertising. They have bred and sold hybrids via self-financed breeding programs.
Their commitments in research and development have provided their customers the utility of technology infused in producing reliable seeds and adapted crop varieties.

Resilient Ideology and Current Areas of Research

Naresh Bajaj further continues to explain about the sigma rules behind the highest selection standards being incorporated by the expert breeders to establish a parallel world of quality products every farmer deserves. These are –

  • Enhancement of the breeding methods is done to curate the entire process of bringing positive changes in the seed industry. This is achieved by aligning with the standards of innovation and establishment.
  • Researching on vegetables like peppers, tomatoes etc is paving a way to promote to the progress of the breeding industry
  • The satisfaction of the customers is their utmost desire.

He implies that as for now, the company is working to invent modernistic hybrid seeds of-

  • Cauliflower
  • Watermelon
  • Hot Pepper
  • Tomato
  • Cucumber
  • Bitter Gourd
  • Okra
  • Ridge Gourd
  • Sponge Gourd

Quintessential Incorporation of R&D

The vision of driving sustainable growth via efficient class plant genetics is impossible to achieve without in depth R&D. The elaborative expertise in R&D has led to the varietal development in the seeds and qualified to meet the specific climatic and geographical needs of their customers, says Naresh Bajaj. With the application of numerous scientific quality checks, germination and purity tests, the brand constantly thinks out of the box to investigate the genetic diversity of new crops meeting the specific regional markets. Hence there is a continuous analysis made via consistent measurement and precision equipment.
The teams of field inspectors also implement their R&D algorithms in making thorough analyzing sessions to understand the vibrancy of parental characters used in the process of seed production and to educate the farmers the need to introduce hybrid seeds in their vegetable production.
Team Seeds’ investment in their Research and Development and creating exemplary germplasm with the knowledge is a pure reflection of their dedicated efforts. The research infrastructure comprises over 100 acres of land along with 20-multi location testing centers spread in various climatic regions of India. This helps them to understand the biotic and abiotic components of the climate.

The Table of Achievements

Talking about the numbers of hybrid seeds the brand has successfully produced more than 80 varieties of red and pink red tomatoes, over 20 types of cucurbits and watermelons amongst others. The brand has also distributed their hybrid seeds to more than 37 provinces and 150 municipalities to countries like India, Bangladesh, Middle East and Pakistan as well. Their unmatchable reputation has now etched its name on the minds of professional farmers and growers.
Birthing approximately 200 hectares hybrid seed breeding and production bases as per the International standards in North and South India, Team Seeds now owns the crown of being India’s pioneer vegetable seeds manufacturer. Conforming to the strict standards of the Indian Seed Act, the brand has also proved its mettle in keeping a vigilant eye on all processed and packed seeds to assure quality.

Iconic Collaborations

With utmost pride, Naresh Bajaj states that his company is the member of the many momentous institutions engaged in the industry of Seeds Production and Marketing Development.

The company has shook hands with multinationals and government research institutes like-

The Asia &Pacific Seed Association (APSA)
National Seed Association of India (NSAI)
Indian Institute of Horticultural Research (IIHR)

Heartfelt Message for the Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Naresh Bajaj conveys that a small seed has the capability to draw a captivating world map. A seed empowered with technology can create unlimited wealth for the growers. With modernity taking our lifestyle ahead it is equally important to stand with the mindset of sublime changes in the agricultural sector across the world as well. Their expansive strength lies in the brand’s morals and ethics. Their source of motivation comes from the persistent endeavor to assure that every seed produced under the shadow of expertise, brings nothing but an affirmative and propitious demeanor in the lives of vegetables producers across the world.


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