Country’s iconic tallest Ambedkar Statue scheduled for inauguration today:

Country’s iconic tallest Ambedkar Statue,

According to the Hindustan Times, the tallest Ambedkar Statue in the country ever built is scheduled for inauguration today. It is claimed as the ‘architect of the Indian Constitution’. K Chandrasekhar Rao, Telangana Chief Minister will unveil this 125-foot tall statue of Dr Ambedkar on the banks of  Hussainsagar, marking the auspicious event of the latter’s 132nd birth anniversary.

This iconic structure is going to set another landmark for the state, with its overall height of 175 feet, including a circular base of 50 feet height that resembles the edifice of the Indian Parliament. As recorded by an official from the chief minister’s office, the statue weighs 474 tonnes. About 360 tonnes of stainless steel was used for its building; especially the armature structure of the model and 114 tonnes of bronze were used for the casting of the statue. The statue was designed by renowned sculptors namely- Anil Ram Sutar of age 65 years and his father Ram Vanji Sutar 98 years from the Ram Sutar Art Creations in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. These popular sculptors are also known to have designed several monumental sculptures, including the world’s tallest statue- the Statue of Unity which is 597 feet of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in Gujarat.

The cost of today’s inaugural statue was estimated at INR 146.5 crore and the construction was taken up by KPC Projects Limited as per the agreement concluded on 3rd June 2021. There are three floors on which the statute’s pedestal is built with a total built-up area of 26,258 sq feet. There will be a museum inside the statute which has several articles and pictures symbolizing the life history of this famous man, Dr B. R. Ambedkar with a 100-seater auditorium for presenting audio-visuals of his life. Officials also recorded that a library will also be built in due course having a massive collection of books in this regard.

The area on which the statue is built is about 11 acres of land that have been beautified around further by the greenery of 2.93 acres and a serene landscape. There are two lifts for guests to use to get to the top of the pedestal at Ambedkar’s feet, and there is excellent parking facilities built to hold roughly 450 cars. The statue is situated adjacent to the state secretariat, which is again newly-built and also named after Ambedkar. This secretariat complex will be further inaugurated on 30th April 2023, as per the statement of the CMO official. In the inaugural meeting, it was determined that on the day of the inauguration, flower petals would be dropped from a helicopter onto the statue to pay floral respect to this well-known figure.

Ambedkar’s grandson Prakash Ambedkar is also invited to this grand scale event of Indian history, as the sole chief guest, officials said. The State Secretariat office is opposite the Buddha statue located in the Telangana Martyrs Memorial ground. It will inspire people every day and motivate the state administration of the nation. CM has instructed all other ministers and officials that the unveiling ceremony of this statue will be held on a grand scale and the entire state people must respond to celebrate this occasion in a big manner. The government will award a Padma Bhushan to the Sutars and honour them with dignity for their incredible creation.


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