Synergeze Consultants Pvt. Ltd. : Gunjan Choudhary Serial Entrepreneur Aiming To Accelerate Growth in India’s Logistics Industry

Synergeze Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

The 2020 pandemic transformed logistics, largely seen as a supporting service sector, into an essential one. In India, the year saw the industry’s growth graph ascend. According to reports, this market is expected to prosper at a CAGR of 10.7% between 2020-2024. Businesses boosting this growth are doing so by leveraging everything from cutting-edge technologies to cost-cutting strategies. And this is where GC – Gunjan Choudhary comes in.
A proponent of social capital and thought leadership, GC is the Founder and CEO of Pune-based Synergeze Consultants Pvt. Ltd. This serial entrepreneur is on a mission to accelerate growth in the logistics industry, where he has carved out a veteran career streamlining processes with an immaculate understanding of all things involved and an eternal quest to learn.
Let’s take a deeper look at GC’s company, experience, professional journey, and advice for new entrepreneurs.

Overview of the company

Synergeze Consultants Pvt. Ltd is an ITC-certified logistics and supply chain consultancy delivering pragmatic and innovative solutions in imports and exports (freight forwarding & customs clearance), multi-modal logistics, warehouse management, and packaging (material and support). Its services cover the entire gamut of end-to-end supply chain. The brand has a team of experienced consultants specializing in every aspect – strategy, improvement, outsourcing & recruitment, focusing on practical outcomes that add value, building revenues, and cost-cutting.
In just three years, GC’s brand has garnered success for its execution-based consulting, where it serves clients with a single-window approach that streamlines all their logistical problems. Through Synergeze Consultants, GC also provides advisory roles to young entrepreneurs, showing the way to optimize resources, increase efficiency and operate seamlessly.
Recently, the brand has started corporate training programs that restructure processes, operations & individual assessments and upskill employees at all organizational levels.

The brand’s inception story & offerings

During his two decades of experience in the corporate world, GC saw a huge gap between existing demand for optimization and services on offer. He witnessed how small-time importers and exporters (MSMEs) receive low-quality service for their operations. The challenges he found were:

  • Endless coordination with agencies for each shipment
  • Lack of cost optimization
  • Unwarranted costs in EXIM operations
  • Timely and assured delivery remains a question
  • Damage due to packaging-related issues during transit
  • IR issues in warehouse management
  • Attrition in logistics team leading to operational continuity issues
  • And so, Synergize Consultants was born with a unique offering of end-to-end execution-based consulting in EXIM operations management. The aim is to address the above problems and optimize the entire logistics process.

A journey of endless learning

Where most entrepreneurial voyages pass through challenging lanes, GC’s early-age habit of self-learning has helped him avoid many business pitfalls and progress towards success. His biggest takeaway has been learning the importance of social capital, networking, and business visibility. Where all budding entrepreneurs are advised to focus on equity and working capital, GC believes in social capital.
GC believes that allocating adequate time for work and personal life is essential, especially during this pandemic. Giving equal priority to each aspect enables him to maintain a healthy equilibrium.

A broad and diverse clientele

Within just three years, Synergeze Consultants has satisfied umpteen clients across the value chain of logistics and transport on projects that have involved the full range of capability areas. The brand’s advisory role in overall business planning has resulted in a fast-expanding clientele that includes renowned labels from many industry verticals – chemicals, toys, premium sunglasses, engineering goods, plastic products, electronics, machines, rubber products, and more.
Synergeze’s client list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Viram Group of companies, TranScent Enterprises, and Poornam Ecovision Foundation.

Keeping pace with changing market trends

GC’s rise from the bottom to the top of the corporate ladder combined with his stint at two automotive behemoths have equipped him with domain expertise and knowledge of major pain areas in logistics. Add to this his twenty years of service and you realize how it’s easy for him to navigate across the business landscape, engage the audience as a speaker on various forums, and network in a way that enriches his entrepreneurial capabilities. But that’s not all!
Synergeze Consultants engages in R&D activities and keeps abreast of the latest developments in technology, innovations, compliances & legalities, and new service domains. All this and more allows the company to stay ahead of the curve.

Ensuring Employee Satisfaction

Synergeze’s work ethos revolves around accountability with responsibility and continuous upskilling. Among its stakeholders, it values and promotes learning, enthusiasm, risk-taking, and perseverance. This ensures employee’s contentment and their active participation in the brand’s growth and achievement.

Accolades and altruism

In just a short time, Synergeze has achieved many milestones, including the following:

  • 200% jump in revenue in the second year of operations
  • Adjudged as top 10 Import Export Consultant in India for 2021 – Industry Outlook Magazine (April 21 edition)
  • Gunjan Choudhary was adjudged and featured in Business Connect July Edition under the CEO of the year 2021 Category.
  • Through his brand, the CEO has contributed immensely to many philanthropic causes. He has participated in numerous community-driven projects aimed at helping grassroots-level workers. Key projects where he’s involved are:
  • Mentor, Poornam Ecovision Foundation – A social enterprise involved in waste management, upcycling & recycling.
  • Director, Perspicere: The Revolving Perspectives Foundation – a non-profit led by him and Ms. Vinda Bal. The latter is a life coach, soft skills corporate trainer, and a mentor to GC.
  • Founder, Impower Network – a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate and enhance their image.
  • Commencing blogs & discussions on business insights, social awareness & impact, and unsung heroes of the global economy.

Motivation for aspiring entrepreneurs

Looking at business leaders giving up on their dreams, GC believes the onus lies in the multi-fold aspect of society. “We need to develop an inclusive model of entrepreneurship where the focus is on supporting at the early stages rather than worshipping later prosperity. We must start celebrating failures the way we celebrate success,” he says. The CEO urges all budding businessmen to practice patience and continue persevering with a positive attitude. In his view, the key to success in the logistics game is leadership, continuous learning, fast-paced re-alignment, and widening one’s domain expertise.

Plans for the future

Historically, logistics has been a fragmented, shifting industry heavily dependent upon materials demand and driven by GDP growth. But today, the era of competition is far gone; the new world, in GC’s view, is all about collaboration and abundance. “The future is all about adding relevance to supply chain services and adapting quickly to the ever-changing demands. To achieve this, we’re ensuring that all of our services comply with the highest quality standards.” The plan is to keep working with companies across the entire logistics value chain to navigate tougher challenges and to anticipate & develop pragmatic, winning strategies for tomorrow’s opportunities.
But what’s on the personal front? Well, having experienced intellectual returns transform into real-time financial gains, the logistics expert is keen on investing in personal branding and enhancing his skill sets. Together, the responsibility of leading four organizations towards progress and his fast-expanding network of influencers, domain experts, and thought leaders from across the globe are grooming him to battle on new fronts.
All in all, GC looks forward to the next five years, where he’ll be able to hone his entrepreneurial acumen and make a difference in the logistics industry and the lives of people around him.


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