Top 10 most successful small scale business idea in India

If you live in a rural or village area, business ideas can be hard to imagine. In remote communities, many markets which would be available in the big cities are not the same. India is certainly a ‘Land of Opportunities’. Why? Because 1) there are tremendous challenges in India (mainly in areas such as transport and agricultural infrastructure, medical, power generation & distribution, education, healthcare) and solving these challenges means business & economic growth, 2) Availability of skilled manpower, 3) Geographical proximity to markets in South East Asia & Middle East, 4) English is well understood and spoken in India. These groups face particular challenges too. Here are the government has been emphasizing the power of business and encouraging individuals to start their own business through their luring Startup India Scheme & Stand Up India Scheme. Here are some of the best 36 small business ideas in India that can be implemented to commence on their entrepreneurial journey.  Although you have an infinite number of directions to take as a contractor, in this year and the future, you will wish to invest in the founding of a small most profitable business in India.

1. products manufacturing and business opportunities

This is the great opportunity for new business entrepreneurs for starting following types of products and The processing of food products is a very lucrative and crucial small-scale idea that emerging entrepreneurs should explore. When considering the demand, resources, and raw materials of food-related business concepts, the expense of creating an enterprise are some considerations that should be taken into account. Food processing is very versatile and provides a broad range of business concepts for a small-scale production company. 
Bakery – This is one of the most popular ideas for small scale business ideas, which involves the manufacture of bread, broth, rusks, and even cakes, pastries, doughnuts, biscuits, and so on.
Chocolate Making – Chocolate, be it small or a great accomplishment, and great demand is the best way of celebration. Chocolates are also tremendous and demanded, so they’re a practical choice for small scale business ideas.
Oil making – Cooking oils are an essential part of any Indian household and food items cooked here are rarely. And it’s a great opportunity in small scale business and Cooking oils are also one of the exports and can be considered a manufacturing business.
Dairy and related products – Milk is regarded as an essential diet and is part of every Indian family’s daily diet, giving an insight into its enormous popularity and demand.

2.Tissue paper manufacturer

The demand for tissue papers is still strong in restaurants, hotels, small stalls or homes, and will not decrease in due course; at least until a safer and more comfortable alternative is made available. It is treated as excellent small profitable business ideas.
It looks so evident, okay! Consider how many tissues you consume when you consume your meal. You never look enough! You never look sufficient! The tissue paper is used for all cleaning purposes involving a liquid, not just during cooking.

 3.Drinking water plant business in India

It is both a significant business in India opportunity and a need for the citizens of the small towns and rural areas. This business in India needs medium commitment but still equally strong returns. It needs personnel, a lot of facilities, installation, and when supplied to the residents, water should be clean and purr. You might become a supplier of packaged drinking water to the people, which costs around 30 to 40 rupees a container(20 ltr).
Drinking water plant requirements .AOA and MOA of the business and Small scale industry registration certificate. ISI certification from Bureau of Indian Standards and Pollution control certificate from the local pollution board office


Blogging is the great opportunity in the modern age. One cannot overemphasize enough on how blogging is the number one way to start earning online with zero to low investment and unlimited earning potential. Here are the following besic need
Write consistent, high-quality content . Stick to your niche .Create SEO-friendly articles to increase traffic and Get paid via AdSense, promotions, and collaborations

5.Social media manager

 Social media is the great opportunity in present time period. And There are a few essential elements about social media managing that you need to understand, which can quickly be done via Google. Start managing social media handles for companies and individuals as your side hustle. Create engaging content for social media handles and updated with the latest social media trends. And Add relevant hashtags And Increase following and reach of the social media handles And Interact with the potential customers on DM

6.Online Course and tutor

Online courses and tutorials is the great opportunity in the time of covid-19 pandemic so Prepare an easy to comprehend and visually appealing online course in your particular niche, be it learning the basics of photography, how to write an essay for school, etc. and spread the word for its promotions .we can Create an informative online course using video, audio & comprehensible content and Promote online course via ads or affiliate marketing . Its main point is Gain passive income through subscribers.

7.Event Planner and management

Individuals holding experience in event planning through their volunteering experience or even if you have an active organization and communication skills, you can try your luck at event planning.

8.Travel Agency

If you hold the capabilities to plan the perfect vacation along with the best accommodation and services in the given budget, starting a travel agency can be a great business idea in India for you. travel industry in India has witnessed a boom in the past decade. Keeping to people’s changing habits and their desire for the ultimate ‘wanderlust’, the time is ripe for aspiring entrepreneurs to put their money where the map is.   Plan and curate travel packages according to customer needs and Fit customer needs within the budget and Book tickets and hotels for customer

9.Yoga Classes

Yoga classes is very big opportunity in a time of covid-19 pandemic if are you a yoga enthusiast? Collect your team of clients and teach yoga to them. It is not necessary to have a place to start your yoga classes. They can easily be carried out in public parks and gardens.

10.Paper small scale business ideas

For most industries, paper and its products form a crucial component, especially as packaging material for several products. The application to pack different items, ranging from car parts to feed, makes fast production of Corrugated boxes made of Kraft paper. 
  • Envelopes
  • Notebooks
  • Files
  • Handmade paper
  • Invitation cards
  • Paper cups

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