The success story of BYJU’S

In this fast pacing world of education and technology, with new things getting invented each day, the system of teaching is no longer a traditional one. Previously teachers used to teach in a class in a monotonous environment where whether each student could understand what is being taught wasn’t possible and even the teacher failed at times to make things clear individually to every student. Exactly, for this reason, the story of BYJU’S has come up and was designed by Byju Raveendran, its founder, to fill the gap of differences or miscommunication in understanding between students and teachers.
BYJU’S was not found in a day. Raveendran initially at his early age used to help his fellow friends prepare for CAT exam for which he appeared to test his skills and secured full marks. This further encouraged him to start teaching students for math exams. He started taking free math workshops that became very popular gradually. In 2009, he started keeping recorded videos of these workshops and was encouraged by his former students who graduated from IIMs to start BYJU’S classes. First ‘Think and Learn Pvt Lt’ began and then the official BYJU’S was launched as the most wanted Learning App for worldwide students. 
Byju’s is the most valued world’s ed-tech company where education is perfectly blended with technology to help students from any age group and belonging to whatsoever standard understand and learn their subjects and topics well. Currently, Raveendran is India’s youngest billionaire with a net worth of $3.05 billion as per Forbes. The company’s headquartered in Bangalore and was founded in 2011. Its official website is
BYJU’S is a content learning program or an app simply meant for students to learn, know their chapters, find the syllabus, acquire new educational skills, communicate with their teachers and so on. It also forms a base of parent-teacher communication as well since the app is registered under the parent’s name and ID. As schools are being locked in this pandemic situation, this app has made content on its learning free for all students. It has witnessed tremendous growth and currently holds an account of 57 million registered students with over 3.5 million paid subscribers.
BYJU’S has raised a new round of funding and the company has raised money from the first-ever female-founded VC firm “BOND”, co-founded by Mary Meeker. Its founding partner has baked industry pioneers such as Spotify, Uber, Square and so on. This partnership will make students learning environment better and also demonstrate the rising global interest in the field of education.
The success of BYJU’S is more clearly understood by its current valuation at $1.05 billion. Thus funding has also helped this program to become the second most valued start-up from India. On August 2020, BYJU’S has acquired ed-tech start-up WhiteHat Jr. for $300 million that offers online classes to school going students in India and the U.S. It also supplies coding programs loved by kids and under the leadership of WhiteHat BYJU’S has achieved phenomenal growth in India and Us in a short period.
In Sep 2020, BYJU’S has acquired LablnApp, a start-up that provides students with the opportunity of lab-like simulations especially for science on a mobile app, for an undisclosed value. This acquisition in turn widens the growth story of BYJU’S in this global pandemic situation. This also benefits India’s low-income families’ with an added benefit to making their child study under an advanced tech field. BYJU’S is an online tutoring and coaching firm that runs on a freemium model. Its parent company is ‘Think and Learn Pvt Ltd.’ it mainly aims to provide coaching through online video lectures for students from 1 to 12th standard and also helps in entrance exam preparations like IIT-JEE, NEET, CAT, GRE, and GMAT.
The learning app that was launched in 2015 is used by millions of students around the world today. It makes them self-independent. Since then, it has been a perfect mix of advanced learning, proven pedagogical methods, world-class teachers and personalized learning. The company asks students to submit their details on its website and offers them a 15 days trial period ends which they have to buy courses from BYJU’s to access the further content. The company also provides feedback to the child’s parents. It also offers classroom coaching in Gurgaon, Noida, and some other places.

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