Success Stories of Four Small Town Entrepreneurs who inspired Aspiring Businessmen

Success Stories of Four Small Town Entrepreneurs who inspired Aspiring Businessmen

  • Most people come from a small town with nothing but with their talent and skills. These big cities promise for providing essential elements that help in converting their dream to reality and ultimately achieve a better life. The small town entrepreneurs realize that they need better resources and a sustainable environment to make sure that they can share their dreams and ambitions with the world, and believe in the theory that everything is possible if you have sheer will to accomplish it. 
  • The hallmarks of success of entrepreneurs from small towns lie in their hunger for success, inspiration, diligence, and persistence. Life in small-town may be simpler, gentler, and stick to the basic roots. Usually, people from small-town live in the real world and know the problems prevailing in the society with the close watch and prospective solutions. Over the decades, it has been seen that several successful entrepreneurs come out from the small town places have created a benchmark in the business world.
  • Here are some inspiring journeys of these entrepreneurs from a small town, including key takeaways along with the ups and downs of each journey.

The Fintech Disruptor From Himachal Pradesh

  • Hailing from Nahan, a small town in Himachal Pradesh, Manavjeet Singh has proved that no boundaries can stop you if you aspire of dreaming big and turn it into reality. Rubique, the Fintech disruptor founded by Manavjeet is presently operational in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune, and Hyderabad. It has generated over 27,000 applications so far, has processed loans worth over 310 crores and more than 8,000 credit card setups since inception. The startup is now looking forward to winning over more financial institutions in the country, keeping the key element of ‘convenience’ as its core.
  • Manavjeet Singh transferred to Mumbai with a passionate dream of owning a “contessa” made him to work with several brands like CITI, HDFC Bank, Reliance Capital, and Yes Bank. Manavjeet came with his life’s mantra “Think big, dream big”.
  • Manavjeet said, “Ever since my journey started from Himachal Pradesh, I always wanted to make it big. Now, after working for almost 25 years in the corporate field, I realized that to disrupt the market practices and implement new ideas, it is required to pay attention to developing products thatare suited to the needs of the consumer. And that’s how my entrepreneurial journey started”.

Brewing Startup in Siliguri

  • It’s very likely that if you are born in Siliguri, a small town in Darjeeling district, then you are doing something related to tea. KaushalDugar, came back to his hometown to tap this opportunity, and today he is turning the small young green leaf into a delicious drink.
  • KaushalDugar said, “I came back to Siliguri and decided to work for my older brother who runs a tea export business. Working at Siliguri showed me the other side to the business, from what I had seen with my father – I saw the infrastructure involved to transfer the tea from gardens to the consumer. I was surprised at how dated the whole thing was and in these challenges, I saw a great opportunity for a change”. 
  • Investors such as JAFCO Asia, Accel Partners, Keystone Group LP, and Dragoneer Investment Group are behind this startup. Besides, they have so far shipped over 35 million cups’ worth of tea to customers in over 94 different countries.

From UP To UPTU via AI

  • Atul Rai is the founder of Staqu which is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) startup working in the image understanding domain, bypassing the need for human inference to describe images. In the words of Atul Rai, “The world is full of distractions, hence, set the right goal, plan the road-map, concentrate and work hard towards it. There is nobody who can stop you just because you are from a small town. You need to just throw yourself in the direction of your dreams, work hard, work hard, and work hard! Believe me, it works”.
  • Atul Rai comes from a small village in Azamgarh, U.P., and has managed to associate with companies like Paytm, Yepme, Roposo, Tradeindia, etc. within 6 months of launching Staqu. The startup is also working with some of the top OEMs in India including Fashion eCom, Karbonn, which recently launched Fashion Eye, based on Staqu’s AI and other brands like Panasonic, Lava, and Micromax.

Expanding Bihar’s Reputation

  • Long before it became the buzzword, Pranjal Prashar realized the immense power of social media. It can either ‘Make it or Break it’. Due to his love to solve problems, he focused on tackling the ‘Break It power’ of social media. He sought not only to harness but to profitably leverage this uncontrolled and unabashed power of social media also. He builds the solution for positive online reputation management of the players in the hospitality industry. And thus his idea of REPUP took shape.
  • Despite belonging to a working middle-class family in Bihar, Prashar’s dream did not hesitate to take a fly. Currently, he is looking to bring 500 hotels onboard RepUp.
  • Prashar said, “We introduced our first product “Piquor” in 2013, a brand advocacy platform for hospitality businesses. We decided to build something which is based on our data and inputs from clients and deliver a holistic picture of online reputation which will help the clients improve the customer experience. Many businesses were already getting serious about online reviews and comments. Some of the restaurants were running out of business because of blogs and social posts. This innovative solution was needed and there was a white space so we decided to jump in”.

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