The Man Who Turned His Experiences into Success; Michael Dell

Michael Dell

The Man Who Turned His Experiences into Success; Michael Dell

  • A remarkable American entrepreneur, author and the founder as well as the CEO of Dell Inc. is Michael Dell. He always wanted to do things in life that can make a man succeed, not something one likes.
  • Born on February 23rd 1965 in Texas, Michael was inspired by two things; firstly, his parents and secondly was business. He had an immense knack towards computers and the stock market. He completed his schooling from Herod Elementary School in Houston, Texas.
  • From an early age, Michael started to collect money to invest in precious metal and stock business. When he was 12, he dealt with a male-order trading business for baseball cards and stamps earning $2000. He got his first computer, Apple when he was 14 and started savouring his knack of computers through it. He also learned some precious selling strategies by working as a part-time marketing executive for the Houston Post while studying at school.
  • In about a year after passing out from his school, he had already earned $18,000. At the University of Texas in 1984, he started his own computer company “PCs Ltd”. He then started to assemble computers, selling them with a one-year free service warranty. He took the biggest decision of life of quitting his studies to put his entire mind into business and selling PCs and its peripherals. Later on, he renamed his company as Dell Computer Corporation.
  • By 1992, Michael’s company came within the top 500 companies and at the age of 27, he was the youngest known CEO to all. Four years after that he began to sell computers online, launching a server which altogether increased his growth in a very short time and made him the world’s largest PC manufacturer.
  • Although his position was taken over by Kevin B. Rollins in 2004. However, Michael’s succeeding nature gained him back his position as the President and CEO of the company. A detailed biography on how he found Dell and made it what it is today is present in his autobiographical book, “Direct from Dell: Strategies That Revolutionized Industry” in 1999.
  • Presently, Dell Computer Corporation, better known to the world as Dell Inc. is a business that offers PCs and other computer-related components along with home entertainment devices.
  • Along with Susan Dell in 1999, Dell founded the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, contributing $530 million for development of urban communities in both the USA and India by 2010. Additional to this, he also donated $65 million to the Dell Pediatric Research Institute, the Michael and Susan Dell Center for Advancement of Healthy Living and to the Dell Children’s Medical Center.
  • Michael was also honoured with the title of “Top CEO in American Business” in 1989 when he was just 24. In 2002, Dell was awarded an Honourary Doctorate in Economic Science by the University of Limerick for his generous investment in Ireland and educational initiatives for local communities.
  • He was also honoured with the “CEO of the Year” by Financial World, Industry Week and Chief Executives Magazines.

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