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In today’s dynamic business and financial landscape, organizations are in constant search of growth. The ultimate turnaround is towards reliable advisory services that specialize in astute understanding of stocks and commodities. It is also mandatory for advisory services to maintain transparency. Transparent advisory services not only foster credibility but also play an imperative role in achieving sustainable business growth. There have been numerous unregistered and unrecognized individuals by the SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) who are delivering advisory across the nation in a malicious and unethical manner that ends up at the cost of people’s money and time. Such vile actions make users lose faith in advisory services, as it requires impeccable knowledge to get around stocks and commodities. To tap into this market gap and advising customer to leverage stocks and commodities to the fullest, Mr. Santhosh Kumar V laid the foundation of Streetgains to serve retail traders, provide support in their trading activities, and ensure good research results for them. Today, Streetgains stands as one of the eminent research firms in the advisory industry, creating several benchmarks of excellence.
Streetgains holds major expertise in Stock and Commodity Market Research and categorizes investors and traders based on trading segments like the NSE, BSE, and MCX. The customer base consists predominantly of independent retail traders. The team at Streetgains prioritizes understanding their needs and providing tailored solutions to enhance their trading experience.
This was just a glimpse of the firm, which we are sure has captivated our readers’ intellect. To delve deep into the company’s journey and know about its inception, vision, values, norms of the work culture, and a lot more, the editorial team of Prime Insights interacted with Mr. Santosh Kumar V, Founder and CEO of Streetgains. We also got the opportunity to witness his take on the prevailing discrepancies that have been around the current Indian stock market scenario. The dignitary also shed light on how Streetgains has continued to tackle this ever-growing bottleneck problem since its inception. We are elated to feature the brand story of Streetgains under the exclusive listing of “The 25 Most Innovative Companies to Watch in 2023” on our platform.

Overcoming Initial Business Hurdles

When asked about the flair of challenges that Mr. Santosh Kumar V had to encounter while establishing their position in the industry, the dignitary elucidated, “In the initial stages, our company faced several significant challenges. One of the primary obstacles was navigating the transition from an unorganized sector to an organized market. This required extensive efforts to streamline processes and adhere to regulatory requirements. Additionally, we noticed that most people tended to follow trade and market trends through social media platforms like Instagram, making it crucial for us to establish a strong online presence to reach our target audience effectively. Moreover, the lack of initial technology, resources, and infrastructure presented hurdles that demanded innovative solutions and strategic partnerships to overcome and establish a strong foundation for our company’s growth.”

Building Trust from the Ground Level

It is evident that Indian retail traders find themselves mired in existing traditional research service providers. There are a bunch of unregistered research firms in the country, with their business names changing day by day. Traders and Investors are constantly shifting from one research firm to another. Such stressful and cumbersome situations are making it difficult for traders and investors to build faith in the existing research providers.
Since the trader is bound to the timeframe (Service expiry) of his or her opted services irrespective of profitable trades, they end up paying hefty amounts in search of the best advisory services. These are short-lived and don’t promise long-term growth. Many times, these unethical players refrain from taking responsibility for their clients’ losses. Hence, irrespective of success or failure, traders and investors have suffered from stop-loss calls with high research fees.
To address this issue, Streetgains has diligently taken on the responsibility to reach the entire nation with a “Credit Based Research” system. In other words, it means “Pay Us only When You Make Profit”. This agenda has helped Streetgains solidify their industry rapport, build unshakeable alliances with clients, and cater to thousands of happy customers.

Transparency, Integrity, and Authenticity are Kept at the core.

As a company, Streetgains has witnessed a notable shift in consumer trust towards brands. In this era of heightened skepticism, consumers are increasingly demanding transparency, accountability, and a strong commitment to ethical practices. Building trust through open communication, reliable services, and genuine engagement has become crucial for brands to gain and maintain consumer confidence. Streetgains has always been peculiar about the ideology mentioned. As an acknowledged firm, the team understands that customers may initially approach them with a degree of hesitation before trusting Streetgains’s services. However, through an absolute, unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional services, the team has managed to continually bring positive results and prove their mettle. “Our dedication to customer satisfaction remains at the forefront of our operations, and as a result, we have witnessed a prominent transformation in customer sentiment over time. Building trust is a fundamental aspect of our company’s ethos, and we continue to strive for transparency, reliability, and genuine engagement to establish long-lasting relationships with our valued clientele,” says Mr. Santosh Kumar V.

Stamping a Mark of Differentiation
Streetgains distinguishes itself in the advisory landscape through its exceptional commitment to thorough research, unwavering transparency, tailored client solutions, fostering financial literacy, and agile adaptation to market changes. Founded by Mr. Santhosh Kumar V, the company’s unique approach empowers clients with accurate insights, personalized guidance, and the knowledge needed to navigate the financial landscape confidently. Streetgains’ mark of differentiation lies in its dedication to excellence, transparency, and innovation, making it a standout player in the dynamic world of financial advisory services.

Mapping the Future Prospectus

To enhance the sophistication of its research efforts, Streetgains will be implementing various strategies and introducing technological advancements in its services. Firstly, the company will introduce learning courses to upskill its research teams, equipping them with the latest methodologies and domain-specific knowledge to tackle complex challenges effectively. Secondly, Streetgains will be integrating cutting-edge AI technologies into its research processes, leveraging advanced data analytics. These combined efforts will elevate the quality and impact of the company’s research services, enabling it to stay at the forefront and deliver meaningful results to its stakeholders in the future.

Words from the Founder’s Desk

With an intent to push our global readership panel to adapt a positive thinking process towards entrepreneurialism, we asked Mr. Santosh Kumar V to share some words about the same, to which he says, “My entrepreneurial journey has been marked by challenges and successes. Through perseverance, honesty, and adaptation, I’ve grown and learned, turning obstacles into opportunities for growth. What started back in 2016 as a bootstrapped startup is now a company that has the responsibility of securing the trust and growth of more than 266,000+ customers. This milestone couldn’t have been achieved without the cohesive support of our workforce, our company’s work values, and the belief of our stakeholders. Hence, my word to all the young minds and aspiring entrepreneurs would be to never stop embracing their ambitions and to fearlessly walk on every challenging road that takes them closer to their dreams. Remember that no dream is too big to achieve! I would also like to highlight that, amidst this rapidly changing world, you must stay agile and adaptable. All ears to embrace innovations, value diversity, and seek opportunities for growth. Stay true to yourself rather than choosing a corrupt path for success.

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