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To fabricate a worthwhile and intelligent HRMS platform where HR processes become spontaneous for employees and operating managers, the viscid workforce of Stratemis Global Service is in the quest to take the lead. Our editorial team had Mr. Pratyush Chatterjee – Co-Founder and Vice President of Stratemis HR Technologies Pvt. Ltd., on board to have a detailed conversation about his years-long entrepreneurial journey.
Giving a quick introduction about the luminary, Mr. Pratyush Chatterjee holds an engineering background and began his professional career in 1999. With his dedication and urge to do something extraordinary, he joined Wipro in 2001 and soon graduated to take the leadership role before joining Quatrro Global Services in 2011. In 2018, he was looking to venture into a product-based company. He wanted to leverage his indomitable expertise in simplifying tangled HR problems. He had that intensity in the vision of accelerating the Operations and Timeline-centric deployment of the product. A phenomenal leader with more than 22 years of experience in executing massive programs par excellence, Mr. Chatterjee has so much knowledge, work ethic, and inspiration to pass on to today’s entrepreneurs.

Prime Insights: Please tell us something about your company and its inception story.

Mr. Pratyush Chatterjee: There are two sides to a coin in the corporate system. The first one is professional and another one is personal. When personal aspiration meets professional aspiration, then the outcomes become surreal. Great leaders have the mindset to implement this concoction of personal and professional aspirations for the betterment of society. I and Mr. Siddharth Das are blessed to be an integral part of this company. We do come from closely related Process Mapped Business Units and when we joined the board of Stratemis, we had already affirmed ourselves to turn a vision into a successful mission. The vision was, “If we can automate HR Operations for a 4500-odd employee workforce, then there are chances of replicating this success by extending our services to many other firms in the market.” With that smooth blend of expertise in HR and Operation Domain, the track of glory was laid. Our interest was approved by our respected Chairman and Executive Director, Mr. Raj Dutta. All these events joined the whole string of our aspirations and resulted in our passionately built Stratemis HR Technologies. Stratemis is the software made to automate end-to-end HR operations by HR for HR.

Prime Insights: What were the challenges you faced during the initial chapters of entrepreneurship?

Mr. Pratyush Chatterjee: Getting clients was a challenging task for sure! We were struggling to get things done for early innovators back in 2019. Our first customer was a large glass manufacturing company followed by a pioneer steel manufacturing company and the journey picked its speed thereafter. Today, we have stamped our footprints across 14 industries across 20 major states of India. We also enjoy a measurable presence in Africa, and Southeast Asia. We are unstoppable when it comes to expanding more in the same regions.

Prime Insights: How have you managed to keep an astute balance between your personal and professional lives?

Mr. Pratyush Chatterjee: As I mentioned above, professional and personal goals go hand and hand, here at Stratemis. So, pivotal challenges of work-life balance are quite an out-of-the-box concept. Our families know how we got into this and how conscious our efforts have been to make Stratemis what it is today. Our families are extremely proud of our efforts in helping fellow HR and various employees across different companies to enhance their work-life balance.

Prime Insights: How do you keep up with the variable market trends of your industry?

Mr. Pratyush Chatterjee: Our product is complete in itself. It is a “Do It Yourself Product.” Every company that is in the league to stabilize after successfully materializing an idea or to grow after achieving a desirable amount of stability requires automation. Today the real race is about having that innovative edge and incorporating automation to change the dynamics of organizational processes and Stratemis has been the utmost choice of many for the same. Our Stratemis play a significant role in enabling those processes using technology at its best.

Prime Insights: How do Research and Development play an important role in your company’s business model?

Mr. Pratyush Chatterjee: Research and Development is an indispensable part of our organization. Our one product is named after it, “Idea Management” where companies can encourage employees to discuss their unique thoughts and ideas. These ideas are further evaluated by a team or panel to amalgamate them with research and take it toward the logical end. We spend quality time on this and ensure that all our existing and future products are 100% built in-house with patented algorithms. It is also crucial for making our employees future-ready as it gives them opportunities to exercise their minds and potential.

Prime Insights: How essential is it for a company to ensure its employees’ content? What are your plans to implement the same?

Mr. Pratyush Chatterjee: Employees have these four phases they go through

  • Learning the skills
  • Adjusting to the company’s work culture
  • Unlearn and relearn ways of working to incorporate the value chain
  • The last one is leveling up their skills for the future.

For the proper enrichment of the employees, it is necessary to support these phases. If this is executed properly then after some time employees don’t need to be monitored as they adapt themselves to working strategically for their own as well as for the company’s benefit.

Prime Insights: What does the company hold for the future?

Mr. Pratyush Chatterjee: For the future, our priority will be to guarantee that our services are capable of catering to a diverse workforce working across diverse locations. However, our foremost priority is our analytics. Analytics are important for us to curate prescriptive measures to avoid falling down the gaps that otherwise can be handled through data.

Prime Insights: What are the milestones and achievements the company is proud of?

Mr. Pratyush Chatterjee: We are proceeding towards a global organizational model wherein Stratemis has built a productive and intelligent HRMS platform that brings together all constituents- Employees, HR, Managers, and Operation Managers to a single and intuitive operating environment. We are setting up our milestone to offer an avant-garde and AI-driven modular HRMS framework.

Prime Insights: What is your message to the Prime Insights Readers?

Mr. Pratyush Chatterjee: A value-driven leader always knows the essence of their employees and believes in their ideas. They must build an employee-centric company. They should be valued first as humans and then as resources. With whole integrity, our company stands true to this ideology. With Stratemis, leaders can take care of their employees so that employees can work for the needs of their customers.

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