50 Best inovative Startups You Need to Watch Out for in 2020

50 Best inovative Startups

 50 Best innovative  Startups You Need to Watch Out for in 2020

  • Start-ups in India are affected badly due to business intrusions occurred after Covid-19 pandemic. Research has been made Nasscom through its survey that around ninety per cent of the start-ups are facing losses in their revenues.
  • The awfully affected sections of businesses are early and mid-stage businesses. Nasscom revealed that around 60% of all B2C start-ups are near to closure. Two months of entire lockdown resulted in colossal losses for the early stage businesses. 
  • To safeguard the startup operations and growth curve, harmonized aids from the side of significant stakeholders is required at the moment. The Government is suggested to provide easy access to the working capital, reliable compliance procedures as well as fiscal policy and also adequate assistance in the funding as well.
  • The servicing categories like healthcare and edtech are expected to make surplus use of technology like artificial intelligence, blockchain and IoT this year. Start-ups are finding innovative ways for their survival at this critical moment of pandemic.
  • Year 2019 was lavish for the start-ups to begin with. This year, start-ups got their momentous involvement with abundant companies in their related fields. It will be quite inspiring to know about synchronization of business trends with the previous year. Tech-start-ups were the foremost businesses with the optimum performances. These trends were ultimately responsible for the massive figure of revolutions coming each day into existence.
  • Following sectors were the mainstream in year 2019:
  • Big Data
  • Edge Computing
  • Voice Recognition
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Many businesses would be more tech-savvy now and will try to work in synchronization with tech associations thereafter combining above technologies innovatively to offer real solutions for numerous business problems.  
  • Business trends are bending towards emerging technologies in the year 2020. Most prevailing ones are remote healthcare, retail distribution and supply chain, learning and education methodologies, content consumption behaviour and workspace as service etc.
  • Best Startups You Need to Watch Out for in 2020
  • As per Forbes, here is a list of best startups to watch out for in year 2020 are as follows-
  • Allbirds-Manufactures most comfortable shoes with the finest quality natural materials like sugarcane, ZQ merino wool, eucalyptus tree.
  • Chime-American based neobanking company offering financial services via mobile phones that too without overdraft and maintenance bank fees.
  • Petal-Petal Visa credit card is the best available starter credit card in the market.
  • Verkada-It manages the camera reliably and allows remote access for footage.
  • Dispatch-It is the only software platform that lets enterprises to explore reliable service provider networks to attain world-class customer experiences.
  • Dave-Dave is a digital banking service that works for overdraft protection by offering loan to individual accounts.
  • Lemonade-Lemonade insurance company is American based company that offers home insurance policies for home apartments. It possess it’s headquarter at New York.
  • Curology- It offers impactful and customized skincare formulas.
  • Policy Genius- Compares quote and allows to shop online for appropriate policy for life, home, auto and disability.
  •  Homee- It provides twenty-four hours ready to work professionals in about 30 minutes for home maintenance.
  •  Brex-Corporate cards particularly customized for life science companies, e-commerce and startups.
  • SheerID- It is an identity marketing company that identifies the customer communities.
  • Acorns-It helps in investing your spare change automatically.
  • Organifi-It offer products that helps in living healthy and energetic lifestyle.
  • Snowflake-It is a cloud-based data warehousing startup.
  • Dataiku-It is a platform for self-service analytics and operationalization for machine learning models at production.
  • Orchad Homes-It helps you to find perfect home.
  • com-It provides affordable and premium quality wine at United States.
  • CameoIt is American video-sharing website.
  • XFL-It is professional American football league with eight teams.
  • Liffoff-It is a leading mobile app marketing and retargeting platform.
  • Capacity- It is an AI powered supporting automation platform that empowering teams and customers.
  • Poshmark-It is social commerce marketplace for purchase and sale of clothing in United States.
  • National House Check-It’s accurate and objectoive house inspections makes house purchase hassle-free and painless.
  • Koddi-Kodi’s award winning technology amplifies and unifies customer-engagement.
  • The Athletic- It provides in-depth local and national sports coverage.
  • Candid-It provides clear aligner treatment with remote monitoring by orthodontists.
  • Hey Tutor-It provides private tutoring services in more than 250 subjects.
  • Seezle-It allows customers to shop today and make four payments without interests within four weeks.
  • Devoted Health-It provides Medicare advantage plans that makes for your better health and makes it affordable and easier.
  • Highspot-It delivers most advanced sales enablement tools and software to improve marketing effectiveness.
  • Smart Acess-It is a personal finance technology company having its headquarter at New York.
  • Udemy-It is an Amercian online learning platform for professional students and adults.
  • Gladly-It is the best in class customer service technology platform.
  • Gitlab- It is the leading digital library.
  • Epic Children-Best learning device for kids. It offers amazing kids books and videos.
  • Miro-Team collaboration whiteboard for distributed teams that is scalable, secure, cross device and enterprise friendly.
  • Ironclad-It automate and streamline all your agreements. Mange your contracts with speed, remote collaboration and data at your fingerprints.
  • Ridgeline International-It stabs for rapid integration of technology for its exclusive clients.
  • Bambee-It provides written HR policies, compliance audits, employees’ handbooks and much more.
  • Unite Us-It is an outcome focused technology company that builds coordinated care networks for health and socials service providers.
  • Industrious- It works for redefining the workplace experience.
  • Nuro-Its aim is to escalate the benefits of robotics in daily life.
  • Expel-It creates space for you to do what you love to do.
  • Joveo-It is an advertising platform that delivers most authentic talent at fast pace to RPOs, staffing firm, ad agencies and other employers as well.
  • Defined Crowd-It provides leverage machine technology and human intelligence to source, structure and enrich the high quality training data.
  • Patreon-It is United States based membership platform that provides business tools and creators to run subscription content service.
  • Aurora Solar –It helps solar companies to grow faster by offering latest technology.
  • Duolingo-It online learning for more than thirty languages.
  • Bestow-It provides instant life insurance online with upto $1M coverage. It has complete online process that too with instant decisions.

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