SpaceX ready to launch world’s tallest rocket, Starship, for test flight: Starship Rocket launch live updates


According to the most recent updates reported in The Times of India, the 400-foot moon and Mars rocket sits on the launch pad in South Texas as engineers get it ready for a test journey around the Earth.

The design of the Starship is made to be entirely reusable that is when it returns to Earth, it will be able to survive re-entry but has to land soft entry in one piece. Starship will land vertically unlike NASA’s retired space shuttles, launched previously. Previously, no such rocket boosters have so many engines as in Starship. Its lower section will propel the upper part of this super heavy spaceship vehicle so that it can easily orbit. It has 33 of SpaceX’s powerful Raptor engines sticking out of its bottom. This will enable the vehicle to generate 16 million pounds of thrust at full throttle, far more than the Saturn V which escorted the Apollo astronauts to the moon.

It is the highest rocket ever constructed, standing at 394 feet, or 90 feet taller than the Statue of Liberty, pedestal included. The launch can hit a slight postponement as the entire engineering team is crucially working on its launch and are being pretty careful about all its activities. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has said that if anything or any slight activity is proven wrong, then many things can get damaged. He has therefore given the Monday launch modest expectations and warned that it might be postponed for additional technical reasons. Regarding this problem, there was a live stream on SpaceX’s own YouTube channel.

Between 9:20 AM and 10:20 AM SpaceX has scheduled its flight as per Eastern Time. In India, the time will be between 6:50 PM and 8 PM. From its launch base called Starbase, it will be launched close to the Gulf of Mexico. Super Heavy Booster and Starship that will carry it to orbit are scheduled to be loaded with propellants early on Monday morning as per US time from a SpaceX test site, outside the city of Brownsville in Texas. Musk also added on Sunday night during an audio discussion with Twitter users that they are dying to get this launch ahead straight. Starship, the new SpaceX rocket is way more powerful than any other vehicle that has travelled to space before. In the southwest portion of Texas, this vehicle is currently situated adjacent to a 480-foot launch tower.

The Starship orbital launch is the culmination of several years of technical tests and regulatory work. The company has repeatedly focused on the experimental nature of its launch. Yet there are delays in development and FAA approval pushed back the timeline. Just 15 minutes before its launch, the company announced a ‘scrub’, postponing the launch for at least 48 hours. It has been designed to carry cargo and people beyond Earth. NASA awarded SpaceX a contract worth about $3 billion two years ago to deploy Starship as a crewed lunar lander. As part of NASA’s Artemis moon programme, Starship would be used to ferry astronauts to the lunar surface from the agency’s SLS rocket and Orion Capsule. There is an expected 48 hours delay in its launched and the date has been fixed to coming Wednesday.

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