Solid Performers CRM: Top 10 Best CRM Providers for Small & MediumScale Business

Solid Performers CRM

Inspiration behind Starting Solid Performers CRM

During previous businesses, many of our clientswere looking out for a CRM Software to manage their sales team and overall business. But, everything looked too costly and the customization features were very less in those CRM. Also, since we were also into software development, we thought of providing a CRM at a much affordable price with World Class Features and Standards and can be customized according to any business requirement easily. Hence, the Solid Performers took birth.

Overcoming Initial Challenges in Business

During the initial years, there were some challenges in front of Solid Performers. One of the major challenge is to provide customization based on a different industry. Besides, making those customizations in a DIY (Do it yourself) was another big challenge that we faced. This is because it should not be difficult for the clients when they try to make changes on their own.

Solid Performers CRM Brand defining “trust” in the market

Solid Performers CRM is an ISO 27001: 2013 certified company for Information / Data Security and Maintenance. Also, their complete cloud infrastructure is running in AWS with multiple security measures for data safety and security. Since the clients using the CRM are primarily in need of these features, they build trust with their clients. Also, they strive to provide 99.9% Server uptime and are following that standard till today.

How Solid Performers CRM is Unique In Terms Of Value It Offers

Solid Performers CRM products and services are equated with high performance and a very high standard of service. Their CRM is very easy to work with and it can be customized according to any business requirement in less than 1 hour. It can be integrated into multiple platforms like Websites, Landing Pages, Facebook Ads, Justdial, Sulekha, Indiamart, Google Contacts, Google Calendar, etc., and all the data collected from these various sources can be captured and processed easily with the help of their CRM. They possess the tools to convert a Lead / Enquiry into your Client.

Solid Performers Offerings And Services

Solid Performers CRM offers a variety of services to its clients. Their Primary Product is the Cloud-Based SAAS CRM Solution with features includes Lead/ Enquiry Management, Client Management, Vendor Management, Proposal Management, Invoice Management, Project Management, PO Management and many other add on modules. Their CRM serves not just like a Pre Sales CRM but also a Post Sales CRM which can handle your clients and leads under one platform.

Why Customers Should Trust Solid Performers CRM
Customers are going to trust Solid Performers and store all their business-related data in their CRM. So, it is their basic necessity to get clarity on safety measures provided for their data, so that it will not be exploited by others. Once Solid Performers clarify this, then automatically the trust is not only built but they also get their peace of mind for reliability.

How Well The Client is Connected With The Solid Performers CRM Brand

For Solid Performers, it is all about providing an efficient & easy to use Cloud-based CRM with high-end customizations and maintaining a very minimal or zero downtime of the service. This helps clients to rely on them without hesitation. They get connected closely with their clients and try to understand the problem that they are trying to overcome as they strive to provide a solution for effectively managing their business and not just selling software.

Meaning of Customer For Solid Performers CRM

Solid Performers CRM treat their customers as their core team members as they not only use the product but also provide them with valuable feedbacks & any new features that need to be implemented which will help not only them but also the entire community of users who are using their products. Their reliability is very high and this increases their expectation from the company and Slid Performers CRM is here to support them in all instances.

What Can We Expect From Solid Performers CRM In Terms Of Any New Categories Or Changes This Year

With regards to changes in the products, Solid Performers CRM are implementing multiple integrations with their system, so that it will benefit the entire client community. For example -they have integrated their Calendar system to Google Calendar for 2 way data sync which will reduce the effort of managing 2 separate calendars for the users.

First Thoughts That Enters Consumer’s mind When They See Solid Performers CRM

The first thought in the minds of the consumers when they see Solid Performers CRM would be – A CRM which is very easy to Use and Manage.

What Can We Expect From Solid Performers CRM In Future

Solid Performers CRM is working on 100+ Third-Party Integrations by the end of 2020. This will take their brand to a completely new level and their customers can manage everything from the CRM itself.

Journey as an Entrepreneur

Saravanan P describes his journey a great one and he never doubted one bit on his abilities as an entrepreneur.

What Do You Hope To Accomplish Within Next Few Years

According to Saravanan P, he is focusing on establishing Solid Performers Brand globally with their presence in minimum 10+ countries.

Saravanan P Advice For Young Entrepreneurs

Start Young as you will get more time to explore as there won’t be any big commitment towards your career & family. Also, never go for investment until you are sure that you will succeed in the business 100%. And, to get 100% confident, you should prove yourself to others within a short period.

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