Social Media- a key in sales promotion

Social Media

Social media has been playing a tremendous role in promoting business and trade all around the globe by connecting people across the world. It’s a driver for sales business. However, to steer up any startup business or widen the sales prospect, choosing appropriate social media is very necessary. Also, one must scrutinize well in any social media platforms before investing.

Let’s find out how social media can be used to boost sales promotion:

Choose the Social Media Channel used by your followers:

Driving sales is a challenging task and should begin with choosing the social media channel that is targeted by the maximum number of people or customers. Concentrate on a few platforms without wasting money on building up your resources. One must make a demographic target analysis and dig into a customer’s profile to find common characteristics of a target audience. Once any entrepreneur knows who buys their products/services, it becomes handy to know which platform to use. Facebook is one such popular social media that targets ad brings closer those customers who are interested in buying products or taking services as per their needs. Also focusing on Instagram and Snapchat can fetch better results.

Don’t exaggerate your content unnecessarily but make it concrete:

Prioritize quality over quantity as social media users focus on the same. Mediocre content doesn’t fetch appreciation. Rather than creating a series of run-of-the-mill posts, create small but unique and strong content with the best quality that attracts people around. Do not make it sound plushy but considering popular social media channels focus on the key aspects of buying and selling. Make your products visible with clear descriptions and benefits so that they can engage people and generate a valuable response. Create real-life images and situations, post videos including tips about your products, and share images of prospects with your products.

Make buying easy for all kinds of people:

Pinterest in 2014 introduced buyable pins which are related to search results and also in enterprise profiles. Before they were only available to selected retailers but now almost everyone can take advantage of them. Thus, Pinterest makes a powerhouse of social e-commerce. The prolonged shelf life of buyable pins creates attractive aesthetics and combines actionable and aspirational pins to maximize reach, revenue and stimulation of repeated purchases. Customers can purchase products without leaving Pinterest making shopping hassle-free. Buyable pins have an “add to bag” feature which helps customers to add their shipping along with payment details without shifting to another platform. This increases conversions instantly.

Create shoppable posts in Instagram, Facebook, and such social media:

Creating shoppable tags or posts in such social media channels as mentioned in havoc generates huge productive responses. Business gets tagged physically along with its products and services boosting the e-commerce platform. Even brands with less traffic can reach a higher sales scale using this technique. When any person clicks on these tags or visits such posts, they get to know details of the product along with rice, shipping charges, estimated delivery, and additional information. Having an engaged list of people in the social media channels who are shopaholic is highly desirable but converting those leads into frequent and repeated buyers is much more welcoming. However, one has to make sure that their business profile or selling posts/tags are connected well with the necessary information and explain why visitors shall choose them among the rest.

LinkedIn uses generating brand awareness:

Using this can make your business establish strategic partnerships, generate leads and build awareness. It also helps to create a branded group that lets your business connect to a business board with your industry. It also creates a chance to create a community around your expertise, services/ products. And provides excellent visibility for your business making your logo visible on each customer’s profile. Group owners post various videos and images displaying their products and let allow instant notifications on them to generate responses on a spontaneous basis. Members must be active enough to encourage their growth by commenting on such posts. Do not keep unwanted people on your list who only create chaos rather than buying or showing interest. Be frank with your other group members and also let them post updates and articles to benefit other group members.

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