small business ideas in Indian pharmaceutical industry

small business ideas in Indian pharmaceutical industry 

The pharmaceutical Business is one of the most profitable and growing businesses throughout the world. And Being one of the highest growing industries in the healthcare sector, here are the pharmaceutical industry comes with so many new opportunities for people who wish to enter into this segment. If you want to start your business into pharmaceutical industry, we are providing here top business Ideas in pharmaceutical industry and how you can start business in pharmaceutical industry. How ever the main common factor affects is like Arranging a huge investment for starting pharmaceutical business is main problem faced by young entrepreneurs that have experienced in pharmaceutical sector and want to start own pharmaceutical business. During the time of covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries proved to be the most important ones across the world and India’s position as the largest provider of generic drugs globally was reconstructed in the global pharmaceuticals sector as various developed nations demanded possible cure drugs for the pandemic from India.
we talk about pharmaceutical manufacturing, marketing, distribution, retailing etc. But these types of works require lot of investment to start with. And the Pharmaceutical sector is regulated and one requires obtaining a particular license to start business in pharmaceutical industry. There is expected to be a better growth in domestic sales would which depends on the ability of companies to align their product portfolio towards chronic therapies for rapidly increasing diseases such as cardiovascular, anti-diabetes, anti-depressants and anti-cancers of disease.


  • Marketing and Distribution:

If we taking about marketing point of view if one has a passion for marketing along with pharmacy, well then marketing and distribution of the medicines is the most preferable business opportunity in the Indian pharma industry. If we think  As a marketer, you could earn income by selling and distributing medicines manufactured by pharmaceutical companies to hospitals and pharmacies. And then You could connect with a single medicine manufacturing company or work as an independent marketer connected with different companies.
  • Online Pharmacy

To save the rental cost of the pharmacy, you could start off with an online pharmacy. When I  talk to online point of view in marketing business today is an online business, so online pharmacy is also a profitable business idea as it is a great option. According to the research about this strategy this is mainly because of the challenges that are being faced by physical pharmacies, further giving impetus to their online counterparts. And about some Citing experts, the report highlighted that e-pharmacies are likely to solve the problems which traditional pharmacies may not be able to and for this, a large-scale of online pharma space is required which in turn needs huge investments or consolidation.
In India, the pharmaceutical market is fragmented with over 8 lakh pharmacies and online set-ups. They all work on three main business models including marketplace, franchise-led hybrid (offline/online) along with inventory-led hybrid (offline/online), the report said. This could be a lucrative business opportunity as it cut downs the additional cost of the rent.
  • Mobile Pharmacy and Consultancy Services

Mobile pharmacy and consultancy services both are the great business carrier options in this field,  If you are an expert in the field of medicine, then you could start your own consultancy services. Most common types of pharmacy consultancy businesses includes pharmaceutical export consultant, business development consultant, design consultant, regulatory affairs consultant etc.
As a consultant, you could help medical experts by advising them on different kinds of drugs, their side effects and could help with providing required prescriptions for specific cases too.
The concept of mobile pharmacy is very fresh in the industry. This could be a beneficial opportunity for those who want to kick-start their career.
A lot of people are unable to get to a pharmacy because of several health issues. A mobile pharmacy is a pharmacy service that delivers drugs to people to their doorstep like any other deliverable service.
  • Pharmaceutical Training and Educational Business:

Pharmaceutical training is most important factor in this industry. Trainers in pharmaceutical industry provide training to the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, medical device and clinical professionals related to their key jobs, skill, duties and responsibilities. And here Few types of training are sales force training, product training, Pharmaceuticals, Biopharmaceuticals, Regulatory Affairs, Clinical, Business Strategy, Manufacturing, R&D, Medical Device, Life Sciences training etc. 
  • Pharma Franchise Distribution Business:

Pharma Franchise Business is also a great business opportunity in small business and is come under least investment pharmaceutical businesses type. First of all we have a basic knowledge about this industry and one must have sales experience in pharmaceutical industry. And Having relationship with medical professional is one of the key aspect for becoming successful in pharma franchise business.

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